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Re: [opensuse-factory] ANNOUNCE: transactional updates for Tumbleweed
21.01.2017 19:55, Thorsten Kukuk пишет:
On Sat, Jan 21, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

21.01.2017 16:46, Thorsten Kukuk пишет:
4. RPM, which installs directories or data into directories, which
are subvolumes, needs to be adjusted. This will not work.

Why? Solaris Live Update supports it for ages. It builds environment
that includes any arbitrary filesystem (you define). So it's not "this
will not work" but "this is not implemented".

How does Solaris Live Update merge a Postgresql7 database with a
Postgresql8 database, for example?

It does not because it is out of its scope. What it does is install
packages. If data that is managed by package binaries is incompatible
with new version of binaries, you cannot convert it during package
installation anyway - this has to be deferred until some later point in
time when new binary is run for the first time.

I read your quoted statement as "package cannot contain files from
different subvolumes/filesystems". Now, *that* I cannot agree with -
nothing prevents you from cloning these subvolumes, building new version
of boot environment that includes all these clones and switching to it
on reboot. Whether this is feasible in each particular case, is separate

Would be really interesting to
know ...


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