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[opensuse-factory] [RFH] Anyone wiling to give systemd v232 a try ?

Newest version of systemd v232 has been integrated and is mostly ready
to land in Factory. It can be found here:

We already gave it some testing internally and it also ran over the
weekend on my own laptop (which is still alive): so far, so good :)

However my setup is quite boring without any fancy configs (LVM, DM,
encryption, ...). So in case some of you want to give it a shot,
you're more than welcome.

However please note that it's still "experimental" material (or rather
call it a release candidate, which is probably a more appropriate
wording) so make sure to test it on a testing/spare system only...

A couple things that might be worth to be noted:

- Make sure to use the latest version of dracut first. It should
include the following change:

* Tue Nov 08 2016 daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx
- systemd-initrd: Add
Cherry-pick to get systemd v230 into factory (bsc1009089)
* add

- For those who rely on wicked: systemd is now making sure that local
users are logged out before the network is shut down when the
system goes down (commit 8c856804780681e). The consequence of this
is that user can log in only after the is activated.

But for some reasons, wicked takes a while to do so (~15 secs), so
you'll see a long delay before being able to log in.

For now I don't know why wicked takes so long time, maybe that was
already reported or discussed in the past...

- The service that flushes the journal during boot looks to be
stucked when the debug logs are enabled. I'll try to debug this but
that shouldn't affect you for regular boot.

- Here I could have noted a faster boot: 2 secs less spents in
userspace :)

Thanks !
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