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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20160811 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:

=== Details ===

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-systemd-sleep-plugin
grub2-x86_64-efi grub2-x86_64-xen

- grub.default: Empty GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, the value will be fully
taken from YaST settings. (bsc#989803)
- Add patches from Roberto Sassu <rsassu@xxxxxxx>
- Fix grub2-10_linux-avoid-multi-device-root-kernel-argument.patch,
device path is not tested if GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID="true"
- added grub2-fix-multi-device-root-kernel-argument.patch
- grub2-zipl-setup: avoid multi-device root= kernel argument
* added grub2-zipl-setup-fix-btrfs-multipledev.patch
- Add SUSE_REMOVE_LINUX_ROOT_PARAM configuration option
to /etc/default/grub, to remove root= and rootflags= from the
kernel command line in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg and /boot/zipl/config
- added grub2-suse-remove-linux-root-param.patch
- Support HTTP Boot IPv4 and IPv6 (fate#320129)
* 0001-misc-fix-invalid-character-recongition-in-strto-l.patch
* 0002-net-read-bracketed-ipv6-addrs-and-port-numbers.patch
* 0003-bootp-New-net_bootp6-command.patch
* 0004-efinet-UEFI-IPv6-PXE-support.patch
* 0005-grub.texi-Add-net_bootp6-doument.patch
* 0006-bootp-Add-processing-DHCPACK-packet-from-HTTP-Boot.patch
* 0007-efinet-Setting-network-from-UEFI-device-path.patch
* 0008-efinet-Setting-DNS-server-from-UEFI-protocol.patch
- Fix heap corruption after dns lookup
* 0001-dns-fix-buffer-overflow-for-data-addresses-in-recv_h.patch
- fix filelist for s390x
- Fix grub2-editenv error on encrypted lvm installation (bsc#981621)
* modified grub2-btrfs-workaround-grub2-once.patch
- Add missing closing bracket in ''.
- Fix snapshot booting on s390x (bsc#955115)
* modified
- Fallback to old subvol name scheme to support old snapshot config
* added grub2-btrfs-07-subvol-fallback.patch
- update grub2-once with patch from Björn Voigt - skip comments in
/etc/sysconfig/bootloader (boo#963610)
- Make sure all systemd unit files are passed to %service_ macros.
- Add patch to free memory on exit in efi environments (bsc#980739)
* grub2-efi-Free-malloc-regions-on-exit.patch
- Remove xen-devel from BuildRequires
required headers are included in grub-2.0.2
- Add support for "t" hotkey to switch to text mode (bsc#976836)
* added grub2-SUSE-Add-the-t-hotkey.patch
- Add support for hidden menu entries (bsc#976836)
* added grub2-Add-hidden-menu-entries.patch
- Correct show user defined comments in menu for snapshots (bsc#956698)
* modified
- Fix GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID to be ignore and also fallback kernel device
won't be used if fs uuid not detected (bsc#971867)
* added 0001-10_linux-Fix-grouping-of-tests-for-GRUB_DEVICE.patch
* added 0002-20_linux_xen-fix-test-for-GRUB_DEVICE.patch
- new upstream version 2.02~beta3
* highlights of user visible changes not yet present in openSUSE package
- arm-uboot now generates position independent self relocating image, so
single binary should run on all supported systems
- loader for Xen on aarch64. grub-mkconfig support was not in time for
beta3 yet.
- improved ZFS support (extensible_dataset, large_blocks, embedded_data,
hole_birth features)
- support for IPv6 Router Advertisements
- support for persistent memory (we do not overwrite it and pass correct
information to OS)
- try to display more specific icons for os-prober generated menu entries
- grub-install detects EFI bit size and selects correct platform (x86_64-efi
or i386-efi) independent of OS bit size; needs kernel 4.0 or higher.
- LVM RAID1 support
- xnu loader fixes which should make OS X menu entry generated by os-prober
work again
- key modifiers (Ctrl-X etc) should work on EFI too
- ... and lot of fixes over entire tree
* rediff
- rename-grub-info-file-to-grub2.patch
- use-grub2-as-a-package-name.patch
- grub2-GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_RECOVERY-for-recovery-mode.patch
- grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch
- grub2-efi-HP-workaround.patch
- grub2-secureboot-chainloader.patch
- grub2-s390x-02-kexec-module-added-to-emu.patch
- grub2-s390x-04-grub2-install.patch
- grub2-s390x-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch
- grub2-efi-xen-chainload.patch
- grub2-mkconfig-aarch64.patch
- grub2-btrfs-04-grub2-install.patch
- grub2-ppc64-cas-reboot-support.patch
- 0002-Add-Virtual-LAN-support.patch
* fix grub2-secureboot-add-linuxefi.patch - use grub_memset and
grub_memcpy instead of memset and memcpy (caused errors due to
compiler warning)
* drop upstream patches
- 0001-grub-core-kern-efi-efi.c-Ensure-that-the-result-star.patch
- 0001-look-for-DejaVu-also-in-usr-share-fonts-truetype.patch
- 0001-efidisk-move-device-path-helpers-in-core-for-efinet.patch
- 0002-efinet-skip-virtual-IPv4-and-IPv6-devices-when-enume.patch
- 0003-efinet-open-Simple-Network-Protocol-exclusively.patch
- 0001-efinet-Check-for-immediate-completition.patch
- 0001-efinet-enable-hardware-filters-when-opening-interfac.patch
- grub2-xen-legacy-config-device-name.patch
- grub2-getroot-support-NVMe-device-names.patch
- grub2-netboot-hang.patch
- grub2-btrfs-fix-incorrect-address-reference.patch
- aarch64-reloc.patch
- grub2-glibc-2.20.patch (related code dropped upstream)
- grub2-Initialized-initrd_ctx-so-we-don-t-free-a-random-poi.patch
- grub2-btrfs-fix-get_root-key-comparison-failures-due-to-en.patch
- grub2-getroot-fix-get-btrfs-fs-prefix-big-endian.patch
- grub2-ppc64-qemu.patch
- grub2-xfs-Add-helper-for-inode-size.patch
- grub2-xfs-Fix-termination-loop-for-directory-iteration.patch
- grub2-xfs-Convert-inode-numbers-to-cpu-endianity-immediate.patch
- grub2-xfs-V5-filesystem-format-support.patch
- 0001-Add-bootargs-parser-for-open-firmware.patch
- grub2-arm64-set-correct-length.patch
- grub2-arm64-setjmp-Add-missing-license-macro.patch
- grub2-arm64-efinet-handle-get_status-on-buggy-firmware-properly.patch
- 0001-unix-password-Fix-file-descriptor-leak.patch
- 0002-linux-getroot-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
- 0003-util-grub-mount-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
- 0004-linux-ofpath-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
- 0005-grub-fstest-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
- ppc64le.patch
- libgcc-prereq.patch
- libgcc.patch
- 0001-Fix-security-issue-when-reading-username-and-passwor.patch
- 0001-menu-fix-line-count-calculation-for-long-lines.patch
- grub2-arm64-Reduce-timer-event-frequency-by-10.patch
- 0001-unix-do-not-close-stdin-in-grub_passwd_get.patch
- 0001-grub-core-kern-i386-tsc.c-calibrate_tsc-Ensure-that.patch
- 0002-i386-tsc-Fix-unused-function-warning-on-xen.patch
- 0003-acpi-do-not-skip-BIOS-scan-if-EBDA-length-is-zero.patch
- 0004-tsc-Use-alternative-delay-sources-whenever-appropria.patch
- 0005-i386-fix-TSC-calibration-using-PIT.patch
- biendian.patch
- ppc64_opt.patch
* drop workarounds for gdb_grub and grub.chrp, they are now installed under
fixed name
* do not patch docs/, it is regenerated anyway
- Make mkconfig search for zImage on arm
* grub2-mkconfig-arm.patch
- Add support to directly pass an EFI FDT table to a kernel on 32bit arm
* 0001-arm64-Move-firmware-fdt-search-into-global-function.patch
* 0002-arm-efi-Use-fdt-from-firmware-when-available.patch
- Add config option to set efi xen loader command line option (bsc#957383)
* added grub2-efi-xen-cmdline.patch
- Drop ppc64le patches. Build stage1 as BE for Power
Droped patches:
- grub2-ppc64le-01-Add-Little-Endian-support-for-Power64-to-the-build.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-02-Build-grub-as-O1-until-we-add-savegpr-and-restgpr-ro.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-03-disable-creation-of-vsx-and-altivec-instructions.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-04-powerpc64-LE-s-linker-knows-how-to-handle-the-undefi.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-05-grub-install-can-now-recognize-and-install-a-LE-grub.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-06-set-the-ABI-version-to-0x02-in-the-e_flag-of-the-PPC.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-07-Add-IEEE1275_ADDR-helper.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-08-Fix-some-more-warnings-when-casting.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-09-Add-powerpc64-types.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-10-powerpc64-is-not-necessarily-BigEndian-anymore.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-11-Fix-warnings-when-building-powerpc-linux-loader-64bi.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-12-GRUB_ELF_R_PPC_-processing-is-applicable-only-for-32.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-13-Fix-powerpc-setjmp-longjmp-64bit-issues.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-14-Add-powerpc64-ieee1275-trampoline.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-15-Add-64bit-support-to-powerpc-startup-code.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-16-Add-grub_dl_find_section_addr.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-17-Add-ppc64-relocations.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-18-ppc64-doesn-t-need-libgcc-routines.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-19-Use-FUNC_START-FUNC_END-for-powerpc-function-definit.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-20-.TOC.-symbol-is-special-in-ppc64le-.-It-maps-to-the-.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-21-the-.toc-section-in-powerpc64le-modules-are-sometime.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-22-all-parameter-to-firmware-calls-should-to-be-BigEndi.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-fix-64bit-trampoline-in-dyn-linker.patch
- grub2-ppc64le-timeout.patch
- grub2-ppc64-build-ppc64-32bit.patch
- Added patches:
- biendian.patch
- grub2-ppc64-cas-reboot-support.patch
- libgcc-prereq.patch
- libgcc.patch
- ppc64_opt.patch
- ppc64le.patch
- Backport upstream patches for HyperV gen2 TSC timer calbration without
RTC (bsc#904647)
* added 0001-grub-core-kern-i386-tsc.c-calibrate_tsc-Ensure-that.patch
* added 0002-i386-tsc-Fix-unused-function-warning-on-xen.patch
* added 0003-acpi-do-not-skip-BIOS-scan-if-EBDA-length-is-zero.patch
* added 0004-tsc-Use-alternative-delay-sources-whenever-appropria.patch
* added 0005-i386-fix-TSC-calibration-using-PIT.patch
- Add 0001-menu-fix-line-count-calculation-for-long-lines.patch (bsc#943585)
- grub2-xen-pv-firmware.cfg: fix hd boot (boo#926795)
- Add 0001-Fix-security-issue-when-reading-username-and-passwor.patch
Fix for CVE-2015-8370 [boo#956631]
- Update grub2-efi-xen-chainload.patch - fix copying of Linux kernel
and initrd to ESP (boo#958193)
- Rename grub2-xen.cfg to grub2-xen-pv-firmware.cfg (boo#926795)
- grub2-xen.cfg: to handle grub1 menu.lst in PV guest (boo#926795)
- Expand list of grub.cfg search path in PV Xen guest for systems
installed to btrfs snapshot. (bsc#946148) (bsc#952539)
* modified grub2-xen.cfg
- drop grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch (bsc#774666)
- Add 0001-unix-do-not-close-stdin-in-grub_passwd_get.patch
Fix reading password by grub2-mkpasswd-pbdk2 without controlling
tty, e.g. when called from Xfce menu (boo#954519)
- Modify to re-enable en@quot catalog
(boo#953022). Other autogenerated catalogs still fail to build due
to missing C.UTF-8 locale.
- Allow to execute menuentry unrestricted as default (fate#318574)
* added grub2-menu-unrestricted.patch
- Add missing quoting for linuxefi (bsc#951962)
* modified grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi.patch
* refreshed grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
- Include custom.cfg into the files scanned by grub2-once.
Allows to chose manually added entries as well (FATE#319632).
- Upstream patches for fixing file descriptor leakage (bsc#943784)
* added 0001-unix-password-Fix-file-descriptor-leak.patch
* added 0002-linux-getroot-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
* added 0003-util-grub-mount-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
* added 0004-linux-ofpath-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
* added 0005-grub-fstest-fix-descriptor-leak.patch
- Do not force ro option in linuxefi patch (bsc#948555)
* modified grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi.patch
* refrehed grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
- add 0001-efinet-Check-for-immediate-completition.patch,
- Set default GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR from /etc/os-release if it is empty
or not set by user (bsc#942519)
* added grub2-default-distributor.patch
* modified grub.default
- add systemd-sleep-plugin subpackage (bsc#941758)
- evaluate the menu entry's title string by printf
* modified grub2-once
* added
- fix for 'rollback' hint (bsc#901487)
* modified grub2-btrfs-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch:
- Replace 12.1 with 12 SP1 for the list of snapshots (bsc#934252)
* modified
- Fix btrfs subvol detection on BigEndian systems (bsc#933541)
* modified grub2-btrfs-06-subvol-mount.patch
- Fix grub2-mkrelpath outputs wrong path on BigEndian system
* added grub2-getroot-fix-get-btrfs-fs-prefix-big-endian.patch
- If we have a post entry and the description field is empty, we should use the
"Pre" number and add that description to the post entry. (fate#317972)
- Show user defined comments in grub2 menu for snapshots (fate#318101)
* modified
- add 0001-grub-core-kern-efi-efi.c-Ensure-that-the-result-star.patch
make sure firmware path starts with '/' (boo#902982)
- Fix btrfs patch on BigEndian systems (bsc#933541)
* modified grub2-btrfs-01-add-ability-to-boot-from-subvolumes.patch
* modified grub2-btrfs-06-subvol-mount.patch
- Fix license for setjmp module
* added grub2-arm64-setjmp-Add-missing-license-macro.patch
- Fix install into snapper controlled btrfs subvolume and can't
load grub modules from separate subvolume (fate#318392)
* added grub2-btrfs-06-subvol-mount.patch
* use absolute subvol name
- also Recommends mtools for grub2-mkrescue (used to create EFI
boot image) in addition to libburnia-tools.
- Support booting opensuse installer as PV DomU (boo#926795)
* added grub2-xen.cfg for tracking default pvgrub2 xen configs rather than
generating it from spec file
* grub2-xen.cfg: from Olaf Hering <ohering@xxxxxxxx>
- replace grub2-efinet-reopen-SNP-protocol-for-exclusive-use-by-grub.patch
with upstream version:
* 0001-efidisk-move-device-path-helpers-in-core-for-efinet.patch
* 0002-efinet-skip-virtual-IPv4-and-IPv6-devices-when-enume.patch
* 0003-efinet-open-Simple-Network-Protocol-exclusively.patch
Fixes EFI network boot in some QEMU configurations.
- fix grub2-mkconfig-aarch64.patch: fix arch detection broken
by malformed patch rediffing
- Cleanup patch not applied
* remove grub2-enable-theme-for-terminal-window.patch
* grub2.rpmlintrc: remove addFilter("patch-not-applied")
- Merge changes from SLE12
- Do not pass root= when root is on nfs (bnc#894374)
* modified grub2-pass-corret-root-for-nfsroot.patch
* modified grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
* modified grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi.patch
- Fix xen pvops kernel not appear on menu (bnc#895286)
* modified grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch
- Workaround grub2-once (bnc#892358)
* added grub2-btrfs-workaround-grub2-once.patch
* added grub2-once.service
* modified grub2-once
- Fix busy-loop and hang while network booting (bnc#870613)
* added grub2-netboot-hang.patch
- Add warning in grubenv file about editing it directly (bnc#887008)
* added grub2-editenv-add-warning-message.patch
- Fix broken graphics with efifb on QEMU/KVM and nomodeset (bnc#884558)
* added grub2-efi-disable-video-cirrus-and-bochus.patch
- Disable video support on Power (bnc#877142)
* added grub2-ppc64le-disable-video.patch
- Track occupied memory so it can be released on exit (bnc#885026)
* added grub2-ppc64le-memory-map.patch
- Fix grub.xen config searching path on boot partition (bnc#884828)
- Add linux16 and initrd16 to grub.xen (bnc#884830)
* added grub2-xen-linux16.patch
- VLAN tag support (fate#315753)
* added 0001-Add-bootargs-parser-for-open-firmware.patch
* added 0002-Add-Virtual-LAN-support.patch
- Use chainloader to boot xen.efi under UEFI (bnc#871857)
* added grub2-efi-xen-chainload.patch
- Use device part of chainloader target, if present (bnc#871857)
* added grub2-efi-chainloader-root.patch
- Create only hypervisor pointed by /boot/xen.gz symlink (bnc#877040)
* modified grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch
- Fix xen and native entries differ in grub.cfg (bnc#872014)
* modified grub2-linux.patch
- Fix install error on ddf md device (bnc#872360)
* added grub2-getroot-treat-mdadm-ddf-as-simple-device.patch
- Fix booting from NVMe device (bnc#873132)
* added grub2-getroot-support-NVMe-device-names.patch
- Document peculiarities of s390 terminals
* added README.ibm3215
- Grub2 for System z (fate#314213)
* added grub2-s390x-02-kexec-module-added-to-emu.patch
* added grub2-s390x-03-output-7-bit-ascii.patch
* added grub2-s390x-04-grub2-install.patch
* added grub2-s390x-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch
- grub2-arm64-set-correct-length.patch: arm64: set correct length of
device path end entry
- grub2-efi-HP-workaround.patch:
* try to read config from all-uppercase prefix as last resort.
(bnc#872503) (boo#902982)
- add luks, gcry_rijndael, gcry_sha1 to signed EFI image to support
LUKS partition in default setup (boo#917427)
- enable i386-xen (boo#891043)
- Downgrade os-prober dependency to Recommends (boo#898610)
- cleanup grub-snapshot.cfg not referring
to any snapshot (boo#909359)
- Require efibootmgr also on i586
- Require efibootmgr also on aarch64
- fix use of printf without format string; fix
- grub2-arm64-Reduce-timer-event-frequency-by-10.patch: fix periodic timer
on arm64
- enable 32bit arm targets for uboot and efi
- Replace 'echo -e' command in script to
'printf' command. '-e' option of 'echo' command may be
unsupported in some POSIX-complete shells.
- fix bashism in post script
- grub2.spec: Fix conditional construct which wasn't supported by
older versions of rpmbuild (caused error message
"parseExpressionBoolean returns -1".)
- fix errors when boot is btrfs with Windows partition scheme. The
first partition is created on cylinder boundary that can't offer
enough room for core.img and also the installation has to be in
logical paritition which made MBR the only location to install.
* add grub2-setup-try-fs-embed-if-mbr-gap-too-small.patch
- packaging 20_memtest86+ and 20_ppc_terminfo in corresponing grubarch
- Add '80_suse_btrfs_snapshot' required to show btrfs snapshots inside
of the boot menu.
- fix btrfs on big endian systems (ppc/ppc64)
* add grub2-btrfs-fix-get_root-key-comparison-failures-due-to-en.patch
- update translations
- fix possible access to uninitialized pointer in linux loader
* add grub2-Initialized-initrd_ctx-so-we-don-t-free-a-random-poi.patch
* drop superceded
- fix grub.xen not able to handle legacy menu.lst hdX names (bnc#863821)
* add grub2-xen-legacy-config-device-name.patch from arvidjaar
- fix the performance of grub2 uefi pxe is bad (bnc#871555)
* add grub2-efinet-reopen-SNP-protocol-for-exclusive-use-by-grub.patch
- grub2-mkconfig-aarch64.patch: Look for Image-* instead of vmlinuz-* on
- add grub2-glibc-2.20.patch - fix build with glibc 2.20+
(use _DEFAULT_SOURCE to avoid warning)
- fix xen pvops kernel not appear on menu (bnc#895286)
* refresh grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch
- fix extraneous comma in printf shell command (bnc#895884)
* refresh grub2-btrfs-04-grub2-install.patch
- aarch64-reloc.patch: replace with upstream solution
- remove unused patch, which's supersceded by new snapper rollback
support patches
* 0001-script-provide-overridable-root-by-subvol.patch
* 0002-script-create-menus-for-btrfs-snapshot.patch
- fix openqa boot error on separate boot partition
* refresh grub2-btrfs-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch
- update snapper plugin for rollback support
* refresh
- snapper rollback support patches.
- rename patch
* 0002-btrfs-add-ability-to-boot-from-subvolumes.patch to
* 0004-btrfs-export-subvolume-envvars.patch to
- added patches
* grub2-btrfs-03-follow_default.patch
* grub2-btrfs-04-grub2-install.patch
* grub2-btrfs-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch
- remove patch
* 0003-cmdline-add-envvar-loader_cmdline_append.patch
- grub2-btrfs-fix-incorrect-address-reference.patch
* Fix incorrect address reference in GRUB_BTRFS_EXTENT_REGULAR
range check (bnc#869748)
- grub2-vbe-blacklist-preferred-1440x900x32.patch
* Blacklist preferred resolution 1440x900x32 which is broken on
many Thinkpads (bnc#888727)
- Enable building on aarch64
- aarch64-reloc.patch: support R_AARCH64_PREL32 relocation
- Build host tools with RPM_OPT_FLAGS
- Fix the 64-bit trampoline code in dynamic linker (bnc#890999)
- Prefer a higher resolution in efi_gop driver if the mode taking
over is too small like 640x480 (bnc#887972):
- Fix ppc64le build by fixing
- xfs V5 superblock support (bnc#880166 bnc#883942)
- added patches:
* grub2-xfs-Add-helper-for-inode-size.patch
* grub2-xfs-Fix-termination-loop-for-directory-iteration.patch
* grub2-xfs-Convert-inode-numbers-to-cpu-endianity-immediate.patch
* grub2-xfs-V5-filesystem-format-support.patch
- grub2: use stat instead of udevadm for partition lookup (bnc#883635)
* Added grub2-use-stat-instead-of-udevadm-for-partition-lookup.patch
- Fix sorting of RC kernels to be older than first regular of the
series. Fixes bnc#827531.
- added patches:
* grub2-use-rpmsort-for-version-sorting.patch
- Build GRUB2 for ppc64le as LittleEndian and 64bit
- Fix timeout issue on ppc64le (bnc#869166)
- Add powerpc-utils requires to grub2-powerpc-ieee1275
- added patches:
* grub2-ppc64-build-ppc64-32bit.patch
* grub2-ppc64-qemu.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-01-Add-Little-Endian-support-for-Power64-to-the-build.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-02-Build-grub-as-O1-until-we-add-savegpr-and-restgpr-ro.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-03-disable-creation-of-vsx-and-altivec-instructions.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-04-powerpc64-LE-s-linker-knows-how-to-handle-the-undefi.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-05-grub-install-can-now-recognize-and-install-a-LE-grub.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-06-set-the-ABI-version-to-0x02-in-the-e_flag-of-the-PPC.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-07-Add-IEEE1275_ADDR-helper.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-08-Fix-some-more-warnings-when-casting.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-09-Add-powerpc64-types.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-10-powerpc64-is-not-necessarily-BigEndian-anymore.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-11-Fix-warnings-when-building-powerpc-linux-loader-64bi.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-12-GRUB_ELF_R_PPC_-processing-is-applicable-only-for-32.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-13-Fix-powerpc-setjmp-longjmp-64bit-issues.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-14-Add-powerpc64-ieee1275-trampoline.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-15-Add-64bit-support-to-powerpc-startup-code.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-16-Add-grub_dl_find_section_addr.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-17-Add-ppc64-relocations.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-18-ppc64-doesn-t-need-libgcc-routines.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-19-Use-FUNC_START-FUNC_END-for-powerpc-function-definit.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-20-.TOC.-symbol-is-special-in-ppc64le-.-It-maps-to-the-.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-21-the-.toc-section-in-powerpc64le-modules-are-sometime.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-22-all-parameter-to-firmware-calls-should-to-be-BigEndi.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-23-grub-segfaults-if-initrd-is-specified-before-specify.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-timeout.patch
- removed patches:
* grub2-powerpc-libgcc.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-core-bigendian.patch
* grub2-ppc64le-platform.patch
- add grub2-x86_64-xen subpackage (bnc#863821)
- rename grub2.chrp back into grub.chrp, otherwise it is not found by
grub tools
- replace grub2-use-DejaVuSansMono-for-starfield-theme.patch with
grub2-use-Unifont-for-starfield-theme-terminal.patch - use Unifont
font for terminal window
- grub2-snapper-plugin: fix important snapshots are not marked as such
in grub2 menu, also display the snapshot entries in the format
"important distribution version (kernel_version, timestamp, pre/post)"
- refresh grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch (bnc#859361)
* prevent 10_linux from booting xen kernel without pv_opt support
on systems other than xen PV domU guest
* prevent from setting up nested virt running from
Xen domU
- refresh grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch
* adjust accordingly
- updating grub2-once
- added --list switch.
- improved --help and error handling.
- add Supplements: packageand(snapper:grub2) in grub2-snapper-plugin
to install it while both snapper and grub2 are installed
- add (fate#316232)
* grub2's snapper plugin for advanced btrfs snapshot menu management
* package as grub2-snapper-plugin.noarch
- refresh 0002-script-create-menus-for-btrfs-snapshot.patch
* when booting btrfs snapshots disabled, deleting snapshot master config
if it's not customized
- Enable grub2 for PowerPC LE (ppc64le)
- Add ppc64le to exclusive arches
- Don't require gcc-32bit (PowerLE don't have 32bit toolchain)
- added patches:
* grub2-powerpc-libgcc.patch
Provide 32bit libgcc functions for PowerLE
* grub2-ppc64le-core-bigendian.patch
Build grub kernel and images as BE on ppc64le (BL is BE there)
* grub2-ppc64le-platform.patch
Enable ppc64le platform
- Add changes to allow build for s390x arch: added
- refresh 0002-script-create-menus-for-btrfs-snapshot.patch
* Fix bootable snapshots not found while root is on Btrfs subvolume
* Create missing slave config in /.snapshots/<num>/
* Prefix with SUSE_ for related options
- refresh 0001-script-provide-overridable-root-by-subvol.patch
* Introduce $boot_prefix for setting prefix on seeking other /boot
- refresh 0002-script-create-menus-for-btrfs-snapshot.patch
* Support existing snapshots by creating their missing slave configs.
* Temporarily default to disable this feature until receiving more
tests from QA.
submenu for listing snapshots rather than the default one.
- package autoiso.cfg and osdetect.cfg as documentation
- add 0001-look-for-DejaVu-also-in-usr-share-fonts-truetype.patch -
fix configure test for DejaVu font
- add dejavu-fonts to BR (needed to build starfield theme)
- package starfield theme as grub2-branding-upstream
- add grub2-use-DejaVuSansMono-for-starfield-theme.patch - use fixed width
font for starfield theme
- clarify that grub2 subpackage contains only user space tools
- add new patches for booting btrfs snapshot (fate#316522) (fate#316232)
* 0001-script-provide-overridable-root-by-subvol.patch
* 0002-script-create-menus-for-btrfs-snapshot.patch
- update to grub-2.02 beta2
* drop upstream patches
- grub2-fix-unquoted-string-in-class.patch (different)
- grub2-cdpath.patch (modified)
- grub2-fix-parsing-of-short-LVM-PV-names.patch
- grub2-fix-descriptor-leak-in-grub_util_is_imsm.patch
- grub2-install-opt-skip-fs-probe.patch (file it patched no more exists,
functionality included upstream)
- grub2-fix-x86_64-efi-startup-stack-alignment.patch
- grub2-fix-x86_64-efi-callwrap-stack-alignment.patch
- 0001-Fix-build-with-FreeType-2.5.1.patch
* rediff
- grub2-linux.patch
- use-grub2-as-a-package-name.patch (do not patch generated configure)
- grub2-GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_RECOVERY-for-recovery-mode.patch
- (upstream added
explicit exclusion for en_* language only; I do not see reason to stop
with error in this case for any language).
- not-display-menu-when-boot-once.patch
- grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
- grub2-pass-corret-root-for-nfsroot.patch
- 0002-btrfs-add-ability-to-boot-from-subvolumes.patch
- grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch
- grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch
- grub2-secureboot-add-linuxefi.patch
- grub2-secureboot-no-insmod-on-sb.patch
- rename-grub-info-file-to-grub2.patch
* drop and, they are now generated
during build
* call ./ again now when it does not need autogen anymore; drop
autoreconf call, it is called by
* drop 0001-btrfs-rename-skip_default-to-follow_default.patch - is not
needed anymore due to upstream changes
* package /usr/bin/grub2-file, /usr/bin/grub2-syslinux2cfg and
* use grub-install --no-bootsector instead of --grub-setup=/bin/true
in postinstall script
- add new patches for booting btrfs snapshot (fate#316522) (fate#316232)
* 0001-btrfs-rename-skip_default-to-follow_default.patch
* 0002-btrfs-add-ability-to-boot-from-subvolumes.patch
* 0003-cmdline-add-envvar-loader_cmdline_append.patch
* 0004-btrfs-export-subvolume-envvars.patch
- add patch 0001-Fix-build-with-FreeType-2.5.1.patch - fix build with
freetype2 >= 2.5.1 (backport from fd0df6d098b1e6a4f60275c48a3ec88d15ba1fbb)
- reset executable bits on *module, *.exec and *.image files. They are not
- add grub2-fix-x86_64-efi-startup-stack-alignment.patch and
grub2-fix-x86_64-efi-callwrap-stack-alignment.patch: fix the
stack alignment of x86_64 efi. (bnc#841426)
- use new update-bootloader option --reinit to install and update
bootloader config
- refresh grub2-secureboot-no-insmod-on-sb.patch to fobid module
loading completely.
- replace openSUSE UEFI certificate with new 2048 bit certificate.
- add grub2-fix-parsing-of-short-LVM-PV-names.patch - fix PV detection in
grub-probe when PV name is less than 10 charaters
- add grub2-fix-descriptor-leak-in-grub_util_is_imsm.patch - fix decriptor
leak which later caused LVM warnings during grub-probe invocation
- remove --enable-grub-emu-usb - it is not needed on physical platform
- refresh grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch: In domU we
have to add xen kernel to config. (bnc#825528)
- updated existent translations and include new ones
(es, lt, pt_BR, sl, tr)
- update to current upstream trunk rev 5042
* drop upstream patches
- grub2-correct-font-path.patch
- grub2-fix-mo-not-copied-to-grubdir-locale.patch
- grub2-fix-build-error-on-flex-2.5.37.patch
- grub2-quote-messages-in-grub.cfg.patch
- 30_os-prober_UEFI_support.patch
- grub2-fix-enumeration-of-extended-partition.patch
- grub2-add-device-to-os_prober-linux-menuentry.patch
- grub2-fix-tftp-endianness.patch
- efidisk-ahci-workaround
- grub2-grub-mount-return-failure-if-FUSE-failed.patch
* rediff
- rename-grub-info-file-to-grub2.patch
- grub2-linux.patch
- use-grub2-as-a-package-name.patch
- grub2-iterate-and-hook-for-extended-partition.patch
- grub2-secureboot-add-linuxefi.patch
- grub2-secureboot-no-insmod-on-sb.patch
- grub2-secureboot-chainloader.patch
* add
+ disable rsync in so it can be used during RPM build
+ disable auto-generated catalogs, they fail at the moment due to
missing C.UTF-8 locale
* update and
* grub2-mknetdir is now in /usr/bin
* generate po/LINGUAS for message catalogs using distributed
* remove po/stamp-po during setup to trigger message catalogs rebuild
* package bootinfo.txt on PPC (used by grub2-mkrescue)
- BuildRequires: help2man to generate man pages and package them too
- add grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi-in-os-prober.patch (bnc#810912)
* use linuxefi in 30_os-prober if secure boot is enabled
- update rename-grub-info-file-to-grub2.patch
* do not rename docs/grub2.texi here, do it in %%prep (we do it there
conditionally already). It simplifies patch refreshing using quilt
which does not support file rename.
- refresh grub2-secureboot-chainloader.patch: Fix wrongly aligned
buffer address (bnc#811608)
- package Secure Boot CA file as /usr/lib64/efi/grub.der which
could be used to verify signed image from build server
- add openSUSE-UEFI-CA-Certificate.crt, openSUSE Secure Boot CA
- add SLES-UEFI-CA-Certificate.crt, SUSE Linux Enterprise Secure
Boot CA
- extraconfigure macro is not defined on ppc
- corretly set chainloaded image device handle in secure boot mode (bnc#809038)
- remove all compatible links in grub2-efi as now all concerned
utilities are fixed
- superseding grub2-efi by grub2-x86_64-efi and grub2-i386-efi on
x86_64 and ix86 respectively
- make grub2-x86_64-efi and grub2-i386-efi providing grub2-efi
capability to not break package dependency
- handle upgrade from 12.2 by preseving grubenv and custom.cfg to
new directory /boot/grub2, rename /boot/grub2-efi to
/boot/grub2-efi.rpmsave to avoid confusion.
- move post scripts into corresponding subpackages to ensure they are
run after updated binaries are installed. Currently it may happen
that update-bootlader picks up old binaries.
- move requires for perl-Bootloader to target subpackages. Make sure
efi requires minimal version that supports /boot/grub2.
- add requires(post) to force order of installation: grub2 => grub2-arch
=> grub2-efi
- split efi post in two parts. One that updates configuration and is part
of grub2-efiarch and second that migrates settings and is part of
grub2-efi. Only custom.cfg and grubenv may need migration.
is not relevant for EFI and new grub.cfg had been created at this point.
- add grub2-fix-tftp-endianness.patch from upstream (bnc#808582)
- add efinet and tftp to grub.efi (bnc#808582)
- convert spec file to UTF-8
- add lvm to grub.efi (bnc#807989)
- add loadenv to grub.efi (bnc#807992)
- grub2-grub-mount-return-failure-if-FUSE-failed.patch - return error
if fuse_main failed (bnc#802983)
- Fix build for SLES 11.
Fix up bogus items from the previous merge:
- efi_libdir = _libdir = /usr/lib
- package /usr/lib/grub2 dir only once
- move grub.efi to /usr/lib/grub2/%{grubefiarch}/
- create a symlink so that scripts can find it there.
- merge internal+external BS changes into superset spec file,
remove obsolete dependencies
- merge SLES+openSUSE patches, restrict "grub-efi" to 12.2
- add efidisk-ahci-workaround (bnc#794674)
- fix unquoted-string-in-class.patch (bnc#788322)
- adapt to pesign-obs-integration changes
- grub.efi signing on build server.
- switch to out of source / subdir build
- sync from SLE-11 SP3 to date
- set empty prefix to grub.efi for looking up in current directory
- grub2-cdpath.patch: fix the grub.cfg not found when booting from
optical disk
- put grub.efi in grub2's source module directory
- create links in system's efi directory to grub.efi
- arvidjaar: do not overwrite device path in grub2-cdpath.patch
- remove obsolete reference to /boot/grub2-efi and /usr/sbin/grub2-efi
from grub2-once
- add GRUB_SAVEDFAULT description to /etc/default/grub
- set empty prefix to grub.efi for looking up in current directory
- remove grubcd.efi, as grub.efi can now be used for cdrom booting
- add fat module to grubcd
- explicitly set empty prefix to get grub to set $prefix to the currrent
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485)
- add grub2-secureboot-chainloader.patch, which expands the efi
chainloader to be able to verify images via shim lock protocol.
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485).
- update for cdrom boot support.
- grub2-cdpath.patch: fix the grub.cfg not found when booting from
optical disk.
- grubcd.efi: the efi image used for optial disk booting, with
reduced size and $prefix set to /EFI/BOOT.
- add grub2-fix-unquoted-string-in-class.patch (bnc#788322)
- add grub2-add-device-to-os_prober-linux-menuentry.patch (bnc#796919)
- add patch grub2-fix-enumeration-of-extended-partition.patch to
fix enumeration of extended partitions with non-standard EBR (bnc#779534)
- add support for chainloading another UEFI bootloader to
30_os-prober (bnc#775610)
- put 32-bit grub2 modules to /usr/lib/grub2
- put 64-bit grub2 modules to /usr/lib64/grub2 (x86_64-efi)
- put grub.efi to /usr/lib64/efi(x86_64) or /usr/lib/efi(i586)
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485)
- add grub2-secureboot-chainloader.patch, which expands the efi
chainloader to be able to verify images via shim lock protocol.
- replace %{sles_version} by %{suse_version}
- use correct product name
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485)
- added secureboot patches which introduces new linuxefi module
that is able to perform verifying signed images via exported
protocol from shim. The insmod command will not function if
secure boot enabled (as all modules should built in grub.efi
and signed).
- grub2-secureboot-add-linuxefi.patch
- grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi.patch
- grub2-secureboot-no-insmod-on-sb.patch
- grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
- : support building linuxefi module
- Make grub.efi image that is with all relevant modules incorporated
and signed, it will be the second stage to the shim loader which
will verified it when secureboot enabled.
- Make grub.efi's path to align with shim loader's default loader
lookup path.
- The changes has been verified not affecting any factory instalation,
but will allow us to run & test secure boot setup manually with shim.
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485)
- In SLE-11 SP3, don't include any other architecture binaries
except EFI, so we split packages by architecture binaries to
meet the requirement.
- grub2 : common utilties and config etc
- grub2-efi : provide compatibilty to grub2-efi package
- grub2-i386-pc : binaries for x86 legacy pc firmware
- grub2-i386-efi : binaries for ia32 EFI firmware
- grub2-x86_64-efi : binaries for x86_64 firmware
- grub2-powerpc-ieee1275: binaries for powerpc open firmware
- update grub2-quote-messages-in-grub.cfg.patch to use upstream commit
- quote localized "Loading ..." messages in grub.cfg (bnc#790195)
- We really only need makeinfo, so require that one where it exists.
- ship a Secure Boot UEFI compatible bootloader (fate#314485)
- Secure boot support in installer DVD (fate#314489)
- prime support for package on SLE-11 (SP3)
- remove buildrequire to libuse and ncurses 32-bit devel packages
as they are needed by grub-emu which we don't support
- remove buildrequire to freetype2-devel-32bit as it's not need
by grub2-mkfont and others
- buildrequire to xz instead of lzma
- buildrequire to texinfo instead of makeinfo
- remove buildrequire to autogen as it's not available in SLE-11
- add generated by autogen
- run autoreconf -vi instead of ./
- For SLE-11 remove buildrequire to gnu-unifont as it's not
yet available. Also do not package pf fonts created from it.
- workaround SLE-11 patch utility not rename file for us
- add -fno-inline-functions-called-once to CFLAGS to fix build
error on gcc 4.3.x
- not require os-prober for SLE-11, as package not yet ready
- grub2-efi now depends on exact grub2 version
- build grub2-efi with standard "grub2" prefix (bnc#782891)
- remove use-grub2-efi-as-a-package-name.patch
- migrate settings from /boot/grub2-efi to /boot/grub2 in efi post
- provide some compatibility links grub2-efi-xxx for perl-Bootloader
- workaround for /boot/grub2-efi linkk and /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
missing on update from older versions
- add grub2-fix-build-error-on-flex-2.5.37.patch
- modify patch grub2-iterate-and-hook-for-extended-partition.patch to
ignore extended partitions other then primary (bnc#785341)
- refresh
with the correct fix in upstream bugzilla #35880 by Colin Watson
- (bnc#771393)
- add 20_memtest86+ (bnc#780622)
- Fix un-bootable grub2 testing entry in grub's menu.lst (bnc#779370)
- Not add new grub2 testing entry if it's not found in menu.lst
- Update grub2 stuff and config if there's grub2 entry in menu.lst
- Check for current bootloader as update-bootloader acts on it
- add grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch (bnc#774666)
- add grub2-pass-corret-root-for-nfsroot.patch (bnc#774548)
- disable grub2-enable-theme-for-terminal-window.patch to use
default black background due to current background has poor
contrast to the font color (bnc#776244).
- rename grub2once to grub2-once
- add grub2once (bnc#771587)
- add not-display-menu-when-boot-once.patch
- Fix build with missing gets declaration (glibc 2.16)
- Add grub2-enable-theme-for-terminal-window.patch (bnc#770107)
- add grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch (bnc#757895)
- add grub2-fix-error-terminal-gfxterm-isn-t-found.patch
- add grub2-fix-mo-not-copied-to-grubdir-locale.patch
- We only need makeinfo, not texinfo for building.
- fix build by adding texinfo to buildrequires.
- grub2-GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_RECOVERY-for-recovery-mode.patch. We
don't run in sigle user mode for recovery, instead use different
set kernel command line options which could be specified by this
- add use-grub2-efi-as-a-package-name.patch (bnc#769916)
- Add configuration support for serial terminal consoles. This will
set the maximum screen size so that text is not overwritten.
- don't enable grub-emu-usb on ppc ppc641
- update to 2.0 final
* see ChangeLog for changes
- enable xz/lzma support for image file generation
- update to 2.0 beta6, a snapshot from today
* see ChangeLog for changes
- do not package grub.cfg, as it's generated at runtime and the
presence of it would confuse pygrub (bnc#768063)
- fix build error on 12.1 caused by autogen aborts because of
absence of guile package
- grub2-automake-1-11-2.patch : fix grub2 build error on newer
autotools (automake >= 1.11.2)
- call ./
- grub2-probe-disk-mountby.patch : fix grub2-probe fails on
probing mount-by devices under /dev/disk/by-(id|uuid|path).
- Add Requires to os-prober as script depends on it for probing
foreign os (bnc#753229)
- Mark %config(noreplace) to /etc/default/grub (bnc#753246)
- Fix build with gcc 4.7 (needs -fno-strict-aliasing for zfs code).
- Fix error in installation to extended partition (bnc#750897)
add grub2-iterate-and-hook-for-extended-partition.patch
add grub2-install-opt-skip-fs-probe.patch
- Added BuildRequires for gnu-unifont in order to create the
necessary fonts for a graphical boot menu.
- fixed typos in grub2.spec
- platforms without efi should not specify exclusion of it
- set --target=%{_target_plaform) explicitly to %configure in case
it wouldn't do that for us implicitly
- when making x86_64-efi image not use i386 target build and keep
use of x86_64. otherwise it would have error "invalid ELF header"
- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
- remove doubly packaged files
- remove INSTALL from docs
- handle duplicate bindir files
- make efi exclusion more complete
- efibootmgr only exists on x86-64 and ia64.
- Add requires from efi subpackage to main package (bnc#72596)
- update it and pl translations
- cleanup spec file
* don't package efi files to non-efi package
- Fix directory ownership.
- Build an efi subpackage [bnc#713595].
- enable ppc build
- patch unused-but-set-variable
- Create submenu for all besides primary Linux kernels.
- Only run preun section during package install but not during
- Update README.openSUSE
- update translations
- update to 1.99 final
* See NEWS file for changes
- fix build with gcc 4.6
- build in parallel (fixed finally in 1.99)
- add translations from translations project
- update to 1.99-rc2
* See NEWS file for changes
- fix vanishing of /boot/grub2/* if /boot/grub/
doesn't exist
- add missing " in the default file; add "fi" to grub2-linux.patch
- repack gz to bz2 (0.5M saving)
- Do not output vmlinux if vmlinuz of same version exists.
- Update default grub file.
- Add patch grub-1.98-follow-dev-mapper-symlinks.patch from Fedora
for grub2-probe to detect lvm devices correctly
- add gettext "requires"
- Fix build on x86-64.
- Don't build parallel.
- Update to grub 1.98 including:
* Multiboot on EFI support.
* Saved default menu entry support, with new utilities `grub-reboot' and
* Encrypted password support, with a new utility `grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2'.
* `grub-mkfloppy' removed; use `grub-mkrescue' to create floppy images.
- Update to grub 1.97.2:
* Fix a few 4 GiB limits.
* Fix license problems with a few BSD headers.
* Lots of misc bugfixes.
- Fix requires.
- Mark /etc/default/grub as config file.
- Mark root partition rw
- New package grub2.

==== pcre ====
Subpackages: libpcre1 libpcre1-32bit libpcre16-0 libpcrecpp0 libpcreposix0
pcre-devel pcre-doc pcre-tools

- record minor vulnerabilities fixed in 8.39

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