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Re: [opensuse-factory] Networkmanager keeps asking for passwd
Am 29.05.2016 um 21:16 schrieb Jogchum Reitsma:

I installed Tumbleweed snapshot20160520 on our laptop, as a fresh
install, but with the existing /home dir's. Beforehand it ran 42.1,
which I had to re-install or upgrade.

Somehow I'm unable to reach websites. The (wifi)-network is running, I
can ping external addresses (e.g., which I set up as first
nameserver), but I cannot access websites. Not as normal user, not as
root (destination host is unreachable).

Firewall is disabled, and using our phones I do get access, so it
doesn't seem a router problem to me.

I tried both networkmanager and wicked. Networkmanager keeps on asking
for the password of the router, wicked gives a working wifi-connection,
but no access to url's.

Using that laptop, with webaccess, is crucial to my wife's work, so I'm
rather desperate to get it up...

Anyone an idea?

Regards, Jogchum


it seems to me, that dns is not working.
To check this, try for example "host" in a terminal window.
Interesting files:

/etc/resolv.conf --> should contain your nameserver
/etc/nsswitch.conf --> Try to remove "mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return]"
from the "hosts" line.


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