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Re: [opensuse-factory] Perl Net::DBus and org.freedesktop.login1
  • From: mh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Michael Hirmke)
  • Date: 25 May 2016 10:24:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <DeY$>
Hi Andrei,

- I only can take delay locks. Whenever I try to take a *blocking* lock,
nothing happens, as if it is completely ignored. I don't get any
error message, though.
When using *delay* locks and the maximum inhibition time has been
exceeded, I get
"systemd-logind: Delay lock is active (UID <uid>/<user>, PID
<pid>/dbus_logind) but inhibitor timeout is reached."
So it seems to work in this case, but why not with blocking locks?

One possible reason is that blocking is privileged by default, so you
must be root or have working policykit infrastructure. Or you need to
explicitly allow those calls for your user without authentication (I
think it is possible in D-Bus).

good point - I'll check this.

- I am not able to close the file descriptor in the pre block of the
signal handler. Whenever I try, I get an error, that the descriptor
is closed.
When I try to take the lock again in the post block of the signal
handler, I get a second entry in the inhibitor list with the same
contents. After a few sleep/resume cycles the entries get more and

My hunch is that you need to use different D-Bus connections for
listening to signals and for managing locks. You seem to be reusing it,
at least initially.

I suggest you ask this in systemd-devel, the question is just fine for
this list.

Ok. I'll try that, too.
The last time, though, I got a really rude answer from Lennart, so I
tried to avoid that list 8-<

Thx for your answer.

Michael Hirmke
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