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[opensuse-factory] Whither %systemd_requires, begone?
When using `zypper -R /blah` to install into an empty or near-empty
directory for the sake of erecting a chroot and/or running a Linux
container, extra packages like systemd get installed even though they
are not required for normal operation. You can in fact rpm -e it again
after the zypper run. So let's not install systemd in the first place.
All of that can be read at .

There are now some people who terribly insist that they must add
%systemd_reqiures to every .service file shipping package. Like . So now we at an impassé.

About *all* of our packages also depend on the presence of the
"filesystem" package, yet there is no rpm require tag for that anywhere.
Therefore, 980389 suggested, in a note bene, to preinstall systemd
through these same means as aaa_base/filesystem rather than through
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