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[opensuse-factory] MusicBrainz 2 support
Dear openSUSE Hackers,

While going through the fallouts of gcc 6 building, I stumbled across

  MusicBrainz 2.1.5 (libmusicbrainz)

which we still carry in Tumbleweed.

We have this version together with libmusicbrainz4 (4.0.3) and
libmusicbrainz5 (5.1.0, latest version).

libmusicbrainz4 is likely already removable - as nothing depends on it

it looks a bit worse with libmusicbrainz 2.1.5 though: we have plenty
of stuff linking it, even though the webservice has been deprecated
back in 2011 ( is a very nice provider: the service is
still replying valid data though)

When looking at stuff relying on libmusicbrainz (2.1.5), the following
seem to be the apps somebody has to decide upon if it's acceptable to
drop that musicbrainz support - or port it (together with the
respective upstreams) to version 5.

osc whatdependson openSUSE:Factory libmusicbrainz standard x86_64
libmusicbrainz :
   gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad (MB support dropped in SR)
   gstreamer-plugins-bad      (bogus dependency - fixed SR on the way)
   juk                        (indirect via libtunepimp)
   k3b                        (via kccd using MB5, direct using MB2)
     It depends if it uses 'track lookup' or 'disk lookup' !
   kde3-amarok                (via tunepimp)
   kdemultimedia3             (no support for newer libs)
   kid3                       (via tunepimp)
   libakode                   (seems bogus - no check for musicbrainz)
   libtunepimp                (no support for newer API, support not

This gives us the following options:
  * Keep musicbrainz 2 as a valid API in TW. This requires somebody to
fix it to build with GCC 6
  * Drop libmusicbrainz, and, as a consequence, libtunepimp. Things
depending on it either 'lose the support' or have to be ported to
MusicBrainz5 (which uses the non-deprecated webservice).

Any other options you see? What do you all think about this topic? And
what do the respective maintainers of the involved packages think?

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