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[opensuse-factory] A plan to move firefox to gtk3-based builds for Tumbleweed
Dear Tumbleweeders,

As you might (or not!) be aware that upstream for firefox, the default
browser on openSUSE, will be moving to gtk3 based builds by default [1]
with the release of version 46.0. As of the beta-testing upstream deems
their gtk3 builds to be stable enough for public consumption. However,
a few bugs do persist yet [2,3] and many of them have cropped up since
the launch of gtk3 3.20.x.

For openSUSE Tumbleweed, which already has gtk3 3.20.2, we have to plan
for how we should do this migration [0]. Since, firefox is an
application with major user reach and also the default browser on
openSUSE TW, this question is likely answered by playing it safe. In
other words, we would probably be best served to see the fallout from
upstream's switch, which will likely lead to much bug-reporting and
fixing from those who do use the upstream binaries, and then make the
switch for our openSUSE:Factory MozillaFirefox package when some of the
dust has settled. It seems most of the gtk3 3.20 related issues are
going to be fixed by upstream only for their v48 release (Aug, 2016)
and that seems to me to be the best time we should make the switch to
building our OSS firefox packages against gtk3 too.

In the meanwhile, for the brave folks who want to give gtk3-based
firefox a try, I have set up a repository [4] where these are
available. Packages here will be kept in sync with those in the
mozilla:Factory repository (which is the devel prj for firefox related
pkgs in openSUSE:Factory), so you will be receiving all security
updates at least as quickly as they land in your OSS repo (likely
somewhat earlier) and the only difference will be the gtk3 base of
firefox available from this repo. Really, it wouldn't be that foolhardy
to give these packages a whirl. That is if you can live with minor
rendering issues, etc. (I have been seeing some since making the switch
myself). If you do volunteer, please report bugs and make suggestions
as you encounter issues.

The situation has been also wikified:

Any suggestions, comments and/or discussion welcome. Thank you very
much for bearing with my rather long email. Also, a big shout out to
Wolfgang, openSUSE's go to guy for all things Mozilla :)

[0] Leap 42.1, older openSUSE releases will stay on gtk2. This
discussion only pertains to TW users.

Atri Bhattacharya
Fri 15 Apr 00:31:11 CEST 2016

Sent from openSUSE Tumbleweed (20160411) (x86_64) on my laptop.
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