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Re: [opensuse-factory] Workstation randomly freezing!
On Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:45:31 +0200,
Darin Perusich wrote:

Hello All,

I have a brand new HP Z240 workstation running Leap and it randomly
freezes, becomes fully unresponsive, both locally and over the
network, and I'm forced to power cycle the system. This has been
happening multiple time a day with no rime or reason, sometimes it's
sitting idle after a reboot, reading email, whatever. The most
frustrating part about it is there's never anything in the logs to
indicate a reason for this.

It's the default installation, BTRFS partitioning scheme, XFS for
/home, KDE5, nothing crazy at all.

I've installed and configured kdump with the hope it will be able to
provide some insight after the next occurrence, but given there are no
kernel crash messages in the logs it's hard to say whether it will
help. I guess time will tell.

Does anyone have any thoughts further debugging this type of an issue?

It's a Skylake system, right? Skylake graphics is weakly supported by
Leap kernel. Try the latest kernel in OBS Kernel:openSUSE-42.1 repo,
at least. I guess 4.1.20 was released in the update repo recently,
too, so this should be OK, too.

Also, it might be safer to disable intel_idle and intel_pstate
drivers, e.g. pass options
intel_idle.max_cstate=0 intel_pstate=disable

In anyway, feel free to open the bug report. Don't forget to attach
the output of "hwinfo --all" and the kernel messages (dmesg output)
for a while after a fresh boot.

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