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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20160108 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Packages changed:
ImageMagick ( ->
NetworkManager (1.0.6 -> 1.0.10)
NetworkManager-gnome (1.0.6 -> 1.0.10)
NetworkManager-openconnect (1.0.2 -> 1.0.8)
NetworkManager-openvpn (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
NetworkManager-pptp (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
NetworkManager-vpnc (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
busybox (1.23.2 -> 1.24.1)
cpupower (3.13 -> 3.19)
docbook-xsl-stylesheets (1.78.1+svn9743 -> 1.79.0)
docbook5-xsl-stylesheets (1.78.1 -> 1.79.0)
doxygen (1.8.10 -> 1.8.11)
git (2.6.4 -> 2.7.0)
lftp (4.6.4 -> 4.6.5)
lightdm (1.15.0 -> 1.17.3)
open-isns (0.90 -> 0.95)
python-cryptography (1.1.1 -> 1.1.2)
python3-numpy (1.10.2 -> 1.10.4)
rrdtool (1.5.4 -> 1.5.5)
shotwell (0.22.0 -> 0.22.0+git.20160103)
virt-manager (1.2.1 -> 1.3.2)
xen (4.6.0_04 -> 4.6.0_06)
yast2-dhcp-server (3.1.7 -> 3.1.8)
yast2-kdump (3.1.34 -> 3.1.35)

=== Details ===

==== ImageMagick ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-doc ImageMagick-extra
libMagick++-6_Q16-6 libMagickCore-6_Q16-2 libMagickWand-6_Q16-2 perl-PerlMagick

- Update to 6.9.3-0:
* Don't break on euro-style numbers.
* 16-bit pnm images have a max value of 65535.
* Fixed compile error when POSIX threads are not defined.
* Fixed memory leak when reading incorrect PSD files.
* Enhance PDF to properly handle unicode titles.
* Fix memory leak in icon coder.

==== NetworkManager ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.0.10)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-devel libnm-glib-vpn1 libnm-glib4 libnm-util2
libnm0 typelib-1_0-NM-1_0 typelib-1_0-NMClient-1_0

- Add nm-ppp-manager-clear-ppp_watch_id.patch and
nm-update-ip_iface-only-if-IP-interface-exists.patch: Patches
from upstream git cherrypicked to stable branch from master.- Add
NetworkManager-openvpn-route-configuration.patch: Fix routes
not being applied when connecting to openVPN.- Add explicit
pkgconfig(libteam) BuildRequires: force team
connection support.- Update to version 1.0.10:
+ Added support for handling VPN secrets to nmtui and nmcli agent.
+ Fixed a regression that caused NetworkManager to ignore
external deletion of a device with master.
+ Fixed glitches with older versions of glib (prior to 2.36.0).
+ Fixed build with most recent versions of libsoup.
+ Fixed busy retry loop on non-transient errors from
+ Improvements to testing infrastructure.
+ Updated translations.- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ MTU indicated by a VPN gateway is now properly applied.
+ Fixed MSS setting when MTU changes.
+ The default route is properly restored on device disconnect.
+ Build with older toolchains has been fixed.
+ The team devices can now properly be enslaved to bridges.
+ Failed DHCP attempts for assumed connections are now retried
after a timeout.
+ Default wired connection is now created after udev registers
the device.
+ Support for Bluetooth DUN devices with Bluez 5 has been fixed.
+ The ipv6.ignore-auto-dns property is now properly honored
making it possible to override automatically obtained name
+ Invalid permanent MAC adddresses as reported by some devices
are now ignored.
+ Device links reported by more recent versions of Linux kernel
that reside in different network namespaces are no longer
confused with links in the namespace NetworkManager runs in.
+ MAC address changes of VLANs enslaved to a bond are now
properly propagated to the master device.
+ Fixed error handling for teaming devices with invalid
+ Wi-Fi AP list is now updated correctly after AP mode has been
+ Management of a device is not attempted until the device has
been registered with udev.
+ The error handling for VPN secret agents is now significantly
more robust.
+ Detection of s390 CTC devices now works properly.
+ A GATEWAY property in /etc/sysconfig/network now no longer
affects non-static connections.
+ Added support for IPv6-only VPN connections.
+ The systemd service now uses HUP signal to reload
+ Change VLAN default flags to set REORDER_HDR for new
+ nmtui is now able to ignore automatically configured routes.
+ Numerous bash shell autocompletion fixes for nmcli.
+ Allow setting IPv6 and PPP settings for GSM and CDMA
connections via nmcli.
+ Added support for adding ADSL connections in nmcli.
+ Numerous crash fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase NetworkManager-geoclue-interaction.patch.

==== NetworkManager-gnome ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.0.10)
Subpackages: libnm-gtk0 typelib-1_0-NMGtk-1_0

- Update to version 1.0.10:
+ Bluetooth page in connection editor is now populated with
available Bluetooth devices.
+ Fix a possible agent crash when cancelling the secrets request.
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase nm-applet-private-connection.patch.- Split nm-connection-editor into a
separate package
(NetworkManager-connection-editor), which is then recommended by
NetworkManager-gnome and NetworkManager-appindicator. The VPN
plugins should then require connection editor, as that's what
they're actually extending. As a result,
NetworkManager-appindicator users would receive the option to
install those plugins without conflicts.- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ Added hotspot support to the editor.
+ Password widgets now emits a signal for secret flag changes.
+ The connection validation errors are now communicated in a
+ The editor is now able to edit the VLAN flags.
+ Several bug fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase nm-applet-probe-radius-server-cert.patch.

==== NetworkManager-openconnect ====
Version update (1.0.2 -> 1.0.8)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome

- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ Updated translations.

==== NetworkManager-openvpn ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome

- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ Fix operations in IPv6-only configurations.
+ Add support for importing configurations with inline
+ Do not require password if user chose not to store it.
+ Cosmetic UI fixes.
+ Updated translations.

==== NetworkManager-pptp ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-pptp-gnome

- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ Updated translations.

==== NetworkManager-vpnc ====
Version update (1.0.6 -> 1.0.8)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome

- Update to version 1.0.8:
+ Updated translations.

==== b43-fwcutter ====

- Update downloaded firmware from version 666.2 to version 784.2. This
release adds firmware for a number of newer devices. Not all of these
are supported by b43, but with this change, the firmware will be
available when any are supported. As Broadcom does not release details
of the changes in their firmware, it is not known what enhancements have
been made to the firmware for older devices.

==== busybox ====
Version update (1.23.2 -> 1.24.1)

- Update to version 1.24.1
* for a full list of changes see
- Refresh busybox.install.patch

==== cpupower ====
Version update (3.13 -> 3.19)
Subpackages: libcpupower0

- Drop dead link.
- Fix Obsoletes statement, cpufrequtils package versions were
greater than cpupower package versions so we must obsolete all
versions of cpufrequtils.- Make sources also build against 13.1 and older by
asm-index.h which is included in linux-glibc-devel in newer
* Add turbostat_set_asm_header_fixed.patch- Update cpupower and turbostat to
latest git kernel HEAD version
this currently is 3.19-rc6, but it is expected that there are no
changes anymore and the version gets named 3.19 already.
The patches are already included mainline and get removed from osc:

==== curl ====
Subpackages: libcurl-devel libcurl4

- Fix path to curl in to unbreak _curl completion
* curl-fix-zsh-completion.patch

==== docbook-xsl-stylesheets ====
Version update (1.78.1+svn9743 -> 1.79.0)

- Update download urls- Update to version 1.79.0, see
for details (Mostly bugfix release)
- Remove obsolete patches
* docbook-xsl-stylesheets-epub3-base.dir.patch
* docbook-xsl-stylesheets-manpages-other-r9847.patch
- Perform a spec-cleaner on the spec file

==== docbook5-xsl-stylesheets ====
Version update (1.78.1 -> 1.79.0)

- Update download url- Update to version 1.79.0
* Support for most elements in the DocBook Publishers schema extension.
* Support for some FOP 1.1 improvements.
* Many bug fixes.

==== doxygen ====
Version update (1.8.10 -> 1.8.11)

- Update to 1.8.11
See changelog at
- Update patch vhdlparser-no-return.patch
- Remove patch doxygen-no-shared-libs.patch which is included
in upstream

==== git ====
Version update (2.6.4 -> 2.7.0)
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- git 2.7.0:
* UI, Workflows & Features updates
* new subcommands, parameters and configuration options
* performance improvements and code clean-ups
* remove upstreamed patches:
0004-gitk-Add-accelerator-to-German-locale.patch- git 2.6.5:
* Update "git subtree" (in contrib/) so that it can take
whitespaces in the pathnames, not only in the in-tree pathname
but the name of the directory that the repository is in.
* "git p4" used to import Perforce CLs that touch only paths
outside the client spec as empty commits. It has been
corrected to ignorethem instead, with a new configuration
git-p4.keepEmptyCommits as a backward compatibility knob.
* Improve error reporting when SMTP TLS fails.
* "git symbolic-ref" forgot to report a failure with its exit
* History traversal with "git log --source" that starts with an
annotated tag failed to report the tag as "source", due to an
old regression in the command line parser back in v2.2 days.

==== gstreamer-plugins-bad ====
Subpackages: libgstadaptivedemux-1_0-0 libgstbadbase-1_0-0 libgstbadvideo-1_0-0
libgstbasecamerabinsrc-1_0-0 libgstcodecparsers-1_0-0 libgstgl-1_0-0
libgstmpegts-1_0-0 libgstphotography-1_0-0 libgsturidownloader-1_0-0

- Fix build for Leap 42.1.

==== kernel-source ====
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

- Driver for IBM System i/p VNIC protocol.
- Update config files: CONFIG_IBMVNIC=m
- commit eae9134- KEYS: Fix race between read and revoke (bnc#958951,
- commit 1c9407b

==== lftp ====
Version update (4.6.4 -> 4.6.5)

- lftp 4.6.5:
* sftp: fixed handling of out-of-order replies.
* fixed futex_wait issue in SIGCHLD handler.
* ftp: fixed ls freezing with unstable server connection.
* torrent: show more correct ETA on the status line.
* fixed gnutls priority string.
* mirror: fixed excessive stack usage on large directories.
* documented some hard to fix bugs.
* improved man page on open command and cmd:prompt setting.
* translations updated (zh_TW).

==== lightdm ====
Version update (1.15.0 -> 1.17.3)
Subpackages: liblightdm-gobject-1-0 lightdm-lang

- fix boo#960924
- modify lightdm-sysconfig-support.patch to use new Seat sematics- update to
- refresh patches:
* Don't enable the hardware cursor in Unity System Compositor anymore.
Unity 8 now correctly provides its own cursor and other shells should too
* Handle XDMCP Request packet with no addresses.
* Don't start LightDM if the XDMCP server is configured with a key that
doesn't exist.
* Add IP addresses to XDMCP log messages.
* Refactor XDMCP error handling.
* Add more XDMCP tests.
* Add a backup-logs option that can be used to disable existing logging
files having a .old suffix added to them.
LC_IDENTIFICATION variables to the list of inherited locale variables.
* Implement XDMCP ForwardQuery.
* Fix small memory leak in XDMCP logging code.
* Disable log backups - this interferes with logrotate.
* Support using libaudit to generate audit events.
* Handle trailing whitespace on boolean values in configuration.
* Update example configuration to more correctly match allowed options.
* Fix unnecessary X server from being launched when locking seats.
* Check the version of the X server we are running so we correctly pass
- listen tcp when required.
* Allow reading /proc/<PID>/net/dev from within a guest session.
* Allow guest sessions to write in /{,var/}run/screen folder.
* Update guest-session AppArmor profile to be suitable for openSUSE.
* Fix apparmor profiles for running Chromium in guest sessions.
* Fix configure failing without Vala installed.
* Update default configuration better explaining the seat configuration name
matching and dropping references to the obsolete [SeatDefaults] section
* Drop Xorg option -sharevts. It's no longer required for non-seat0 X
servers since xorg-server release 1.16.
* Support Wayland sessions.
* Implement autologin-session option.
* Generate Vala bindings from GIR instead of manually writing them. This
fixes some small bugs in both the Vala and GIR bindings.
* Don't remove autotools generated files in distclean.
* Fix default X server command set to XMir in 1.15.0.
* Internally merge the [SeatDefaults] and [Seat:*] sections together. The
previous method meant configuration snippets using a mix of old and new
naming would not correctly override eachother.
* Use IP address of XDMCP requests to contact X server if available.
* Add an option for XDMCP and VNC servers to only listen on one address.
* Fix configuration file warnings so they go to the log, not stderr.
* Warn if deprecated options logind-load-seats or xdg-seat are in
* Improve IP addresses in XDMCP log messages.
* Fix typo in dm-tool man page.

==== netcfg ====

- Repack services.bz2 with latest from upstream and adjust the script
to not add all the names+emails at the bottom bnc#959693

==== open-isns ====
Version update (0.90 -> 0.95)

- Updated COPYING and README files for updated GNU license, adding:
open-isns-Update-GPL-license-information.patch- Updated spec file to install
hdrs and library file- Also must install isns_config.5, added upstream patch:
open-isns-open-isns-Install-isns_config.5.patch- Initial creation of Build
Service project, using version
0.95 of open-isns from

==== polkit-default-privs ====

- polkit-default-privs: adding libvirt action ids (bsc#959297)

==== python-cryptography ====
Version update (1.1.1 -> 1.1.2)

- update to 1.1.2:
* Fixed a SIGBUS crash with the OS X wheels caused by redefinition of a
* Fixed a runtime error ``undefined symbol EC_GFp_nistp224_method`` that
occurred with some OpenSSL installations.
* Updated Windows and OS X wheels to be compiled against OpenSSL 1.0.2e.

==== python3-numpy ====
Version update (1.10.2 -> 1.10.4)

- update to version 1.10.4:
* see
* There is no 1.10.3 due to packaging issues.

==== rrdtool ====
Version update (1.5.4 -> 1.5.5)

- Update to 1.5.5
* fix JSON output in xport with legend and gprint blocks
* fix parse_time mutex unlocking in the error case
* don't crash on invalid variable names in CDEF
* add mutex locking in rrdc_fetch
* fix buffer overflow in rrd_restore
* shorten test precision to 7 digits ...
* never exit from a library function
* buffer overflow in rrd_restore.c fixed #669
- Added rrdtool-1.5.4-lua-5.2.patch: lua >= 5.2 uses lua_callk

==== shotwell ====
Version update (0.22.0 -> 0.22.0+git.20160103)
Subpackages: shotwell-lang

- Update to version 0.22.0+git.20160103 (based on source service):
+ Port to webkit2gtk-4.0.
+ Don't pack webview into a scrolled window.
+ Have all soup sessions validate TLS certificates.
+ facebook: Don't disable XSS auditor.
+ Updated translations.
- Replace pkgconfig(webkitgtk-3.0) BuildRequires with
pkgconfig(webkit2gtk-4.0), following upstreams port to WebKit2.

==== strigi ====

- Use properly ffmpeg deps and build with factory provided one

==== virt-manager ====
Version update (1.2.1 -> 1.3.2)
Subpackages: virt-install virt-manager-common

- Drop including gschemas.compiled and icon-theme.cache.
virt-manager.spec- Update to 1.3.2 upstream bugfix release
* Fix dependency issues with vte (bz #1290262)
- Dropped
-Fix boo#959049
Namespace Vte not available for version 2.91- Update to 1.3.1 release
upstream bugfix
* Fix command line API on RHEL7 pygobject
- Dropped
- Fix boo#958094
Error starting Virtual Machine Manager: new_sync() takes exactly
7 arguments (6 given)
- redone patch 104 virtman-load-stored-uris.patch- Update to virt-manager 1.3.0
* Git hosting moved to
* Switch translation infrastructure from transifex to
* Add dogtail UI tests and infrastructure
* Improved support for s390x kvm (Kevin Zhao)
* virt-install and virt-manager now remove created disk images if VM install
startup fails
* Replace urlgrabber usage with requests and urllib2
* virt-install: add ?network virtualport support for openvswitch (Daniel P.
* virt-install: support multiple ?security labels
* virt-install: support ?features kvm_hidden=on|off (Pavel Hrdina)
* virt-install: add ?features pmu=on|off
* virt-install: add ?features pvspinlock=on|off (Abhijeet Kasurde)
* virt-install: add ?events on_lockfailure=on|off (Abhijeet Kasurde)
* virt-install: add ?network link_state=up|down
* virt-install: add ?vcpu placement=static|auto
- Dropped

==== xen ====
Version update (4.6.0_04 -> 4.6.0_06)
Subpackages: xen-doc-html xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- bsc#960093 - VUL-0: CVE-2015-8615: xen: x86: unintentional
logging upon guest changing callback method (XSA-169)

==== yast2-dhcp-server ====
Version update (3.1.7 -> 3.1.8)

- Fixed crash when dhcp-server is not installed (bsc#959730)
- 3.1.8

==== yast2-kdump ====
Version update (3.1.34 -> 3.1.35)

- Alert the user when trying to configure a Xen DomU system, which
does not support kdump (bsc#952253)
- 3.1.35

Packages removed:

Packages added:
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