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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Leap 42.1] [LUKS password at boot]

On Saturday 2015-10-31 12:16, 0x90 wrote:

I tried different (usb) keyboards in different usb ports (now every
possible usb slot tested). [...] But now there is indeed a scary
issue: I installed 13.2 and NOW there is also a problem with
entering the password. BUT: in 13.2 I am able to enter the
password, when replugging keyboard and hitting some keys.

Something similar occurrs to me on an oldish IBM xServer 330
(or some related model). Once the USB keyboard is in Full HID
mode (rather than the compat mode used during grub), the USB *chip*
goes haywire after some seconds, leading to kernel messages
similar to

irq 19: nobody cared [no driver registered this irq]
deactivating device suchandsuch

And then it deactivates the USB chip. Replugging does not fix it,
but reloading the USB kernel modules does - again, for some
unspecified random amount of seconds only, repeating the issue.
The only reliable way of doing local input on that machine is via
a serial cable (and then remote once ssh is up).
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