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Re: [opensuse-factory] Flash Player dropped from Tumbleweed and Leap 42.1
On 10/26/2015 12:40 PM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
Uzair Shamim schrieb:
As Marguerite mentioned below, you can use freshplayerplugin if you want
to use flash on firefox, its basically a wrapper for the chrome PPAPI
pepper flash. If anything its better than using the horribly legacy
11.x.x NPAPI version as pepper flash is up to date in more than security
patches (19.x.x).

It has more featu5res, but not more security patches. 11.2.x for Linux
has patches for all known security issues that affect it ported back
from the standard release series, at least from what I hear. But yes,
you need Flash 19 to get the new feature of Firefox 42 and higher to be
shown tabs that produce audio and be able to mute them.

Can you confirm that both freshplayerplugin *and* the actual
Pepper-Flash it uses are available as packages for Tumbleweed?


According to Adobe, freshplayerplugin/pepper-flash is at the latest

I have tested it on *Leap* and I can play youtube videos fine. If there
is a particular site you are concerned about I can test it if you
provide a link (or you can just install the plugin and try it yourself).

WRT packages, at least on Leap, freshplayerplugin is in the OSS repo but
you will need some way to get the actual pepper-flash plugin.

Seeing as there is no packman repo yet (at least I cannot find it!) you
can try using one of the other distro repos but I cannot comment on how
"good" that is. Just for the purpose of testing I added the TW repo to
see if I could get the plugin to load and it works. However I have
removed it now and plan to wait until there is a packman repo for Leap.

PS: For TW...



Uzair Shamim
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