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Re: [opensuse-factory] handling COC violations
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On 2015-10-24 23:05, Felix Miata wrote:
Martin Pluskal composed on 2015-10-24 21:45 (UTC+0200): ...
That I post many posts, yes. It means that I'm trying, testing,
Leap, and I'm actively requesting for comments on it. This is
the proper list for those posts.

No; to quote description of this ml "Discussions about the
development of the next openSUSE version."...

That description moved out of sync with reality with the advent of
Tumbleweed. It de facto serves two purposes now. If moderators
don't want discussion of TW usage here, it needs to be made clear
exactly where it does belong, and posts on whatever list _is_
appropriate that suggest otherwise need appropriate attention. TW
usage posters on the opensuse en list are routinely pointed here as
the (more) appropriate forum.

Right. And do not forget that "Leap RC" is the next development
version. Mails asking questions or pointing at possible problems (and
then finding out they are not) are included in that definition
"discussions about the development of the next openSUSE version".

This ml became sort of cesspool recently, due to absolute lack
of moderation.

Or was it because its purpose morphed to include a large volume of
non-developers? To maintain the historical SNR, either a new list
directed to TW users should have been created, or competent steps
should have been instituted to ensure widespread knowledge that
this was not where TW usage posts belong.

Very possibly.

But if developers will be separated from mere users, I don't think
that is good for Linux... they will not hear what people think about
what they do. Isolation in ivory tower metaphor comes to mind.

I think that developers have to learn to live together with plain
users and tolerate our clumsiness. ;-)

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Carlos E. R.
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