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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Leap 42.1] Found a .doc document that LilbreOffice fails to render correctly. From the administration.
On 2015-10-24 21:45, Martin Pluskal wrote:
Dne 24.10.2015 v 20:59 Carlos E. R. napsal(a):

I however see significant difference between you messages and those sent
by richard, and that is meaningful content.

And I see his as aggressive and not constructive.

Also, let me mention that
while board has described what kind of behavior is seen as problematic,
and what you should change/improve, you reply with ridiculous
accusations of richad or board hating you.

Others agreed with me in private.

That I post many posts, yes. It means that I'm trying, testing, Leap,
and I'm actively requesting for comments on it. This is the proper
list for those posts.
No; to quote description of this ml "Discussions about the development
of the next openSUSE version.". Your ill placed bugreports, mostly about
tiny problems do not belong here. While others are sometimes doing this
as well (and honestly I am not excited about it), in your case there is
also issue of excess.

Well, that's your opinion, not the consensus.

Most posters on the main opensuse list posting about Leap are told to go

Furthermore, you managed (again) to reply only to part of comments you

I just trim quotes of paragraphs I'm not going to answer for whatever
reason. That's correct netiquette.

so lets bring once again other part: lots of your posts are
not related to any issues but are just derailing discussion, adding
unnecessary information ("me too" and similar).

I'm sorry that you think that way.

Posts such as mine are typical in the main opensuse mail list, by many
people. People having an active part in development must get used to
people posting in the factory mail list instead, at least during
development phase, creating a lot of traffic and chit-chat.
Who are you to tell others what they must do or get used to? While board
was elected by members of community who gave you such mandate? Have you
considered that community members are volunteers and might just decide
to ignore this ml instead or even stop contributing?

Mandate? It is just fact. I'm not trying to be list police.

It has being so on all release cycles, this is no different.

Please take this opportunity to make it unnecessary, I don't know
about you, but I'm getting tired of these long discussions, and
I'm pretty sure everyone is getting fed up of reading them.

I'm really tired of this bickshedding. It is impacting my health, and
I did not cause it :-(
I am not sure if this is funny, ironic or just sad, but you apparently
fail to realize that you are bikeshedding all the time, and even after
being confronted about such behavior you accuse other of same instead.

It is a fact. I did not cause it.

Furthermore I would like to state my full support to whatever action
will be done by openSUSE board.

Others don't. But not many will say it in public.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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