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Re: [opensuse-factory] About JRE 1.8 [Was: Focusing on OpenJDK - Sun/Oracle JDK will not be in 12.1 (fwd)]
Am 23.10.2015 um 20:02 schrieb Carlos E. R.:
On 2015-10-23 10:29, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
Hello Carlos,

Unfortunately, you managed to make your message almost unreadable:

Andrei had no problem with it, and posted the correct hints for me to
find the answer.

* starting with "i have a dobt about this"

No, I wrote: "I have a doubt about this.". I didn't make those
spelling errors you say I did. I just verified it.

I was certainly not wanting to imply that you did spell wrong :-)

* quoting ***lots*** of text without quoting marks,

It was wrapped between cut marks:

Yes, but in the end, it is work for me to find the end of that block and
then find out what the actual question was.

Obviously Andrei was more willing to do that kind of work. I wasn't :-)


Notice that the email was in fact a "forward", as the subject says
(wording added by the mail client program).

In that case, a top post with the question in front, like

"We did drop SUN JDK (see mail forward) 3 years ago, can we possibly
reinstate it because.... $URL1 $URL2 ?"

would have been the way to make things easier to read.
And it would have implicitly answered the "why is he digging this three
year old mails out again?" questions, among others.

The last thing being your in-line PGP signature which, for some
reason, enigmail cannot handle (probably because the mail is
altered by the mailing list software) and which makes reading your
content even more a pain.

It was generated by Alpine, and the signature verifies.
My enigmail has no problem with it, so it must be an issue on your
side. Sorry about it, but not my fault.

Well, i personally question the usefulness of signed mails in
mailinglist, but that's certainly a matter of preference.

And with the imported key, it does not look quite as ugly as before.

But what I wanted to express:

* make it easy for people to get your message, and they might be much
more likely to help you.

I am getting about 500 emails on an average day from openSUSE mailing
lists alone, not counting the upstream projects I'm subscribed.
Obviously I'm not going to read them all. For example in this list, I'm
ignoring all threads that are about KDE. Or when people are doing
experiments with strange combinations of repositories or with binary
only drivers. Many of the other mails, I only read the first few lines,
and the more interesting those are (or the easier it is for me to
understand the problem of the sender), the more likely it is, that I'm
going to read the whole mail or even the whole thread. And then if I'm
able to, I might even try to help :-)

Now in this case, there is nothing I can do to help, so it does not
really matter.

In the your previous mail (the reply to Ken), I suddenly noticed that
this reply's content should have been in the first mail, because it
nicely summarized the issue, and I thought I'd tell you so you know why
sometimes people are not answering :-)

Best regards,
Stefan Seyfried

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -- Richard Feynman
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