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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: leap42 - minimum server pattern has become too minimum
On Fri, 2015-10-23 at 20:01 -0300, Claudio Freire wrote:
SUSE Firewall is nice for what it can do... but installing /
configuring it on every single VM instance in your network is mind
numbing and means you do your job in a way to extort money from
employer - and not to do a good job.

Ok, you don't like working with SUSE firewall, then don't talk about

Sorry, that's a misinterpretation.. I think SWFW2 is a great addition -
but not a mandatory one on every setup you can possibly do.

But regardless of preference, firewall by default -> no firewall by
default, is a change that can bite a lot of people unaware. Hence my
suggestion to put it on the release notes.

I sort of recall that for many releases SFW was installed - but not
activated.. I'd have to dig up release info for that though.. Memory
might serve wrong :)

if 'installing' is all we need - then... - I guess you know where I'm

Or how often did I read in the forum on the first hint of problem:
disable the firewall...

Together with the FW, most users should probably have something like
fwzs installed - especially for mobile users... but that is way beyond
the sope of a minimal base install (which might be a better name for
the pattern - as others pointed out 'server' is way too generic and in
fact does not mean anything: a server only needs a network protocol
stack (nowadays we consider TCP/IP as the norm) - which is about all it
needs to be called a 'server')

So - renaming "Minimum Server" to "Minimal base install" would be a way
to actually tell people what it does.

And to make it complete: we have those different "Server" patterens in

  | dhcp_dns_server      | DHCP and DNS Server                 | 
  | directory_server     | Directory Server (LDAP)             | 
  | file_server          | File Server                         | 
  | gateway_server       | Internet Gateway                    | 
  | kvm_server           | KVM Host Server                     | 
  | lamp_server          | Web and LAMP Server                 | 
  | mail_server          | Mail and News Server                | 
  | misc_server          | Miscellaneous Server                | 
  | print_server         | Print Server                        | 
  | xen_server           | Xen Virtual Machine Host Server     | 

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