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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Re: Plasma 5.3 as default (was Re: Tumbleweed - Review of the week (2015/18))
On 16/10/15 06:05, Wolfgang Bauer wrote:
Am Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015, 12:15:07 schrieben Sie:
Am Montag, 4. Mai 2015, 22:10:51 schrieb Robert Kaiser:
Sounds like I need to look out for a different distro or desktop
environment then. Is there a good alternative that still supports KDE4,
or is there a desktop environment that supports session restore and a
system tray that can cope with Hexchat and Vidyo properly?
You can e.g. run "wmsystemtray" inside Plasma5 for old-style system tray
icons, as suggested by Martin Graesslin (one of the main KWin developers)
An openSUSE package is available here:
Maybe this should be added to Factory/Tumbleweed?

Another option would be "icewmtray" which is even installed by default.

But as Plasma's system tray is just a plasmoid like any other, one could of
course also write an additional system tray plasmoid that supports XEmbed
icons, or even port the old KDE4 one to Plasma5.
Even if it is not part of Plasma5 itself, it would be easy to install it and
add it to the panel in addition to or even instead of the standard one.
Just a heads up, another "solution" is available now meanwhile:

In short, that's a "daemon" that converts old-style XEmbed system tray icons
to the new system on the fly.

It probably will be part of Plasma 5.5, but it's already available as package
in Tumbleweed and Leap RC1 (and also in KDE:Frameworks5).
So you can install it *now*, the package is called "xembed-sni-proxy".

If you install it, it will be started by default on login and all your old-
style systray icons should be back even in Plasma5... ;-)

Thank you, Wolfgang, for this information about 'xembed-sni-proxy'! Information which brightened my day by a factor of x to the power of n! :-)

This, together with installing 'oxygen5-style', as mentioned by someone whom I don't remember, makes 'Leap of Faith' finally worth looking at :-) .

But now for the BIG question: do you know of any "blog", whatever, which will give 'Masta-Plasma' to have a different wallpaper for different desktops just like in KDE4? Now THAT would make 'Masta Plasma' really nice :-) .


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