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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: leap42 - minimum server pattern has become too minimum
Claudio Freire wrote:
I decided to get off my lazy ass, and check:

Thu Jun 11 14:01:32 UTC 2015 - lnussel@xxxxxxx

- tweak minimal pattern to make it smaller again:
* omit kernel. In theory YaST will add it for real installations.
* don't install yast anymore. Should work in theory
* remove adjtimex, hopefully not used anymore
* remove SuSEfirewall2, needs full perl which is huge
* remove eject, ntfs-3g and ntp, sysfsutils not really needed
* remove release-notes-openSUSE, pulls in perl
* remove vim, needs full perl :-(
* require zypper instead of software stack pattern to avoid
additional recommends
* blacklist perl, python-base and binutils to avoid recommended packages
pulling them in

The kernel thing is a bug, then, if not installed on real (or virtual
but kernel-needing) installations.

I guess I'll check that.

There's a pattern for yast too, so those wanting yast could simply
pick both (minimal+yast)

This all makes perfect sense to me.

I don't really like removing SuSEfirewall2. The rationale, avoiding
perl, seems to be the motive.

And I like Perl to be removable. :-)

But a firewall is quite an important part of any installation
really, I would consider an installation, even if minimal, without a
firewall, quite irresponsible.

Yes, but it does not have to be full SuSEfirewall2 package.

In case of config mgmt used the puppet/ansible/chef
manifests/playbooks/receipts will setup iptables rules according to knowledge
about the service(s) running on/in a system/container.

Ciao, Michael.

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