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[opensuse-factory] KDE/Plasma maintenance and update plan for Leap
I'm considering upgrading to Leap on at least one machine currently running 13.1 with KDE 4.11, but from reading posts on this and other MLs recently it sounds like there's still various KDE components that are either not available yet / still in development for Plasma 5, buggy or incomplete, or the 4.x version will be provided instead for Leap so there'll be a mixed bag of apps and hence maybe a few (non-critical) irregularities with theming, etc.

Since I have a stable 4.11 setup and I use some fringe KDE applications and extras, I'm wondering how KDE components (Plasma desktop, Frameworks and Applications) will be handled in Leap over coming months / years, as this would influence my decision whether to upgrade or hold out for as long as possible on 13.1 or 13.2. I can envisage three scenarios - I'm guessing some devs must already have a plan to go one of these routes:

1) The mixed 4.x and 5.x packages will be frozen as far as possible throughout the duration of the entire Leap 42 cycle, with only critical updates and bugfixes provided. So, come 42.2 in a year from now, nothing much will change. Users wanting a more complete Plasma 5 experience should look to Tumbleweed.

2) The current mixed selection of packages will remain in place with only critical updates until the next Leap 42 point release. So with 42.2 will eventually come an upgrade to a more up-to-date Plasma/Frameworks/Applications.

3) Outstanding issues will be fixed on an ad-hoc basis through the regular online update channel. So when Plasma 5.5 or Applications 15.12 are released, some of these components could in theory filter through to the current Leap release at least insofar as providing a more complete Plasma 5 experience is concerned. For example, if the older Gwenview version is packaged initially with Leap 42.1, the version built on Frameworks 5 will replace it in Leap when it's ready.

I could also imagine a hybrid approach somewhere between (2) and (3).

Anybody has a definitive plan on this already?

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