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Re: [opensuse-factory] audacity, pulseaudio and M-Audio 2496 - no recording possible
On 22/10/15 07:08, Takashi Iwai wrote:
On Wed, 21 Oct 2015 21:47:00 +0200,
Michael Hirmke wrote:

Hi *,

I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 in one of my systems.
I use the digital in and digital out connectors.
Output works perfectly with pulseaudio and different audio programs, but
I can't find a solution for my recording problems.
With audacity the input level seems to be 0, the pavuctl program also
show this level.
With Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 on the same system and with the same
connectors everything works as expected, so it is not a hardware
Do I have to change something in the alsamixer? I'm a bit confused about
the different channels and switches for my card shown in alsamixer.
Can anyone shed some light on this?

If your card is a bit old PCI boards driven by snd-ice1712 driver,
it's a semi-professional card, thus it has far more knobs than PA
understands and prefers. Try to install envy24control package and run
it, it's a GUI. There you can route and adjust the input for each
channel individually.


Sorry to butt in with a 'me too' comment, but these symptoms are somewhat similar to a situation I have on another desktop machine, except that in that case, it's running AVLinux with Jack instead of PulseAudio, using a SBLive PCI soundcard. Output is fine but there are a bewildering array of software inputs (only the usual mic/line on the card itself so I don't know what all the others really represent).

After fiddling extensively with the mic input in Audacity I could sometimes get the recording level meters to activate, but then they would just stop again randomly. This distro has lots of audio/music-oriented software installed so I went through all the mixer apps, and adding/adjusting sliders and mutes for microphones was nonsensical in all of them, with some sliders not representing the correct device, but I've no idea how I'd correct that. I'd hoped to use that machine for music and also VOIP calls but the latter at least is currently impossible as no mic or webcam gets properly detected. WebRTC apps complain of 'no microphone detected'. Under Windows XP on that same dual-boot machine, the basics all seem to work fine.

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