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Re: [opensuse-factory] Will we have additional repositories for Leap as we have currently?
On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 03:18:19PM +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:

Not sure what exactly is "high performance video" supposed to mean.
For my purpose, radeon driver serves perfectly fine with both
2560x1440 at home and 2x1920x1080 at work. Haven't tried 4K yet as
those available at reasonable price today are all unreasonably
small so that there would be little use (for me) in buying one.

AMD also has proprietary drivers.

Yes, it does. But that doesn't mean I need them. In fact, I never did.
Once, I tried for about a week, out of curiosity, but the experience was
so awful I felt like trying again.

Of course, I'm not a gamer. If I was, I would probably need Windows
for games anyway and then the question of open/close source drivers
would be irrelevant.

I'm not a gamer either, but now and then I like to try something to
play, for relaxation. And games that use 3D rendering have problems
without proprietary drivers. Currently I don't have Windows games, and
there are, I think, two companies selling big games for Linux.

One simple 3D game for Linux, open source and using 3D, is "tuxracer".
- From its description:

I dont' know about tuxracer but some time ago, we used to play xonotic
in a small group. Worked well enough for me with radeon driver.

Hey, not very long ago (2 yrs?) gnome refused to run without proper

Honestly, I never felt like using gnome either. :-) Anyway, this started
with a claim that Plasma 5 doesn't work (well?) with noveau and a
response that it means "either not using Plasma 5 or not using
Tumbleweed". I have no idea if the claim true - all I wanted to say was
that even if it is, the response is not true as with an AMD GPU - even
with a low-end one like Radeon5450 - and the open source radeon driver,
there is absolutely no problem to run Plasma 5. This is my personal
experience: I'm using Tumbleweed with Plasma 5 and radeon driver on one
of my machines.

Michal Kubeček
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