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Re: [opensuse-factory] journald and syslog
Le mercredi 21 octobre 2015 à 10:39 +0200, Stefan Schäfer a écrit :
Hi list,

in openSUSE leap it's no longer possible to install a classic syslog
daemon in addition to systemds journald. If I try i run into a package

In my opinion this doesn’t make sense. Lot's of admins I know, want a
classic syslog daemon because they know it and additional the the
journald to learn how it works.

What's about journalds "ForwardToSyslog" directive, if we can't use it?

You are incorrect here.

Persistant journal on disk is enabled when /var/log/journal directory
exists. This directory is packaged in systemd-logger package. This
package is also providing "sysvinit(syslog)", to allow to uninstall any
syslog implementation for people who wants to rely only on journal.

systemd journald is ALWAYS installed and part of systemd package.

All syslogs implementation packages are conflicting between each
other (since you don't want to have syslog-ng and rsyslog running at the
same time). This is why systemd-logger is conflicting with rsyslog (or

If you want both persistent journal AND rsyslog (ie basically writing
logs twice), they can just install rsyslog and create /var/log/journal
directory manually.

But in your case, just install rsyslog, it will uninstall systemd-logger
and you will just loose persistent journal, not journald.

Frederic Crozat
Enterprise Desktop Release Manager

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