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Re: [opensuse-factory] Getting VMware Workstation to compile and run again on Tumbleweed using kernel-source-4.2.1
On Sunday 11 October 2015 19.19:12 James PEARSON wrote:
On Wed, 7 Oct 2015 10:51:06 +0200
Rainer Klier <rainer.klier@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 06.10.2015 um 20:23 schrieb James PEARSON:
Hello all

VMware has been working great but running "zypper dup" last night (the
5th of Oct) installed kernel 4.2.1-1. As a result I was no longer able
to manually recompile the VMware Workstation "vmnet" module without
Ex. Error 1: No Internet connection
Ex. Error 2: The status of the "Virtual ethernet" was "failed"
Ex. Error 3: Virtual ethernet failed kernel-source-4.2.1
/usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/vmnet-only/bridge.o' failed
For more info concerning the exact error messages when compiling, see
"ORIGINAL ERROR MESSAGES" at the end of this email

Note : Before the update I was on kernel 4.1.6-3.2

i updated vmware to latest version and compiled vmnet ansd vmmon modules


My experience using VMware Workstation on Tumbleweed since I moved to kernel
4.2.1-1, is that my system has been crashing, i.e. my screen just freezes
(too) frequently.
The only changes on my system are the "zypper dup" the 5th of Oct when I
installed kernel 4.2.1-1 etc.
IMO, kernel 4.1.6-3.2 was definitely better.

I was hoping that someone else on this list, who is using VMware would be so
kind as to comment on their experiences using VMware Workstation on kernel
4.2.1-1 so that I can compare notes.

My setup is shown below :
cat version
Linux version 4.2.1-1-desktop (geeko@buildhost) (gcc version 5.1.1 20150713
[gcc-5-branch revision 225736] (SUSE Linux) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 25
08:21:54 UTC 2015 (6996a42)

# A list of the versions of installed support packages follows...



Some weeks ago, when 4.2 hits kernel-stable repository I've been hit by kernel
dmesh shown nf_conntrack full trouble.

My initial report was this question (once I've been able to capture something)

4.2.3 on my lappy is working fine, but I don't have *conntrack* modules loaded
on it.

You will see there's a fix that should goes to 4.2.4 (but now head is going to
4.3 kernel series)
So I'm not sure about if it's included in.


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member & Board, fsfe fellowship
GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
irc: tigerfoot

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