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Re: [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20151002 released!
  • From: Erwin Van de Velde <erwin.vandevelde@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 13:39:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Hi all,

This update lacks a new version of virtualbox-host-kmp-desktop, which
makes VirtualBox unusable after update due to missing kernel modules.
Can someone have a look please?

Kind regards,

On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Changed packages:

==== GeoIP ====
Version update (1.6.5 -> 1.6.6)
Subpackages: GeoIP-data libGeoIP1

- Update to 1.6.6
* Replaced usage of deprecated fileno, read, and lseek on Visual
Studio 2005+ with their ISO C++ conformant replacements.
* A warning about using a double as a float was fixed.
* Fixed segfault when doing a lookup on an empty database.
* Fixed a memcheck error from valgrind in the _check_mtime
* Fixed _check_mtime to check the return value of gettimeofday
rather than just assuming it worked.

==== MozillaFirefox ====
Version update (40.0.3 -> 41.0)
Subpackages: MozillaFirefox-translations-common

- update to Firefox 41.0 (bnc#947003)
* MFSA 2015-96/CVE-2015-4500/CVE-2015-4501
Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
* MFSA 2015-97/CVE-2015-4503 (bmo#994337)
Memory leak in mozTCPSocket to servers
* MFSA 2015-98/CVE-2015-4504 (bmo#1132467)
Out of bounds read in QCMS library with ICC V4 profile attributes
* MFSA 2015-99/CVE-2015-4476 (bmo#1162372) (Android only)
Site attribute spoofing on Android by pasting URL with unknown scheme
* MFSA 2015-100/CVE-2015-4505 (bmo#1177861) (Windows only)
Arbitrary file manipulation by local user through Mozilla updater
* MFSA 2015-101/CVE-2015-4506 (bmo#1192226)
Buffer overflow in libvpx while parsing vp9 format video
* MFSA 2015-102/CVE-2015-4507 (bmo#1192401)
Crash when using debugger with SavedStacks in JavaScript
* MFSA 2015-103/CVE-2015-4508 (bmo#1195976)
URL spoofing in reader mode
* MFSA 2015-104/CVE-2015-4510 (bmo#1200004)
Use-after-free with shared workers and IndexedDB
* MFSA 2015-105/CVE-2015-4511 (bmo#1200148)
Buffer overflow while decoding WebM video
* MFSA 2015-106/CVE-2015-4509 (bmo#1198435)
Use-after-free while manipulating HTML media content
* MFSA 2015-107/CVE-2015-4512 (bmo#1170390)
Out-of-bounds read during 2D canvas display on Linux 16-bit
color depth systems
* MFSA 2015-108/CVE-2015-4502 (bmo#1105045)
Scripted proxies can access inner window
* MFSA 2015-109/CVE-2015-4516 (bmo#904886)
JavaScript immutable property enforcement can be bypassed
* MFSA 2015-110/CVE-2015-4519 (bmo#1189814)
Dragging and dropping images exposes final URL after redirects
* MFSA 2015-111/CVE-2015-4520 (bmo#1200856, bmo#1200869)
Errors in the handling of CORS preflight request headers
* MFSA 2015-112/CVE-2015-4517/CVE-2015-4521/CVE-2015-4522/
Vulnerabilities found through code inspection
* MFSA 2015-113/CVE-2015-7178/CVE-2015-7179 (bmo#1189860,
bmo#1190526) (Windows only)
Memory safety errors in libGLES in the ANGLE graphics library
* MFSA 2015-114 (bmo#1167498, bmo#1153672) (Windows only)
Information disclosure via the High Resolution Time API
- rebased patches
- removed obsolete patches
* mozilla-arm64-libjpeg-turbo.patch

==== acpid ====
Version update (2.0.23 -> 2.0.25)

- Update to 2.0.25
* Remove release process from README.
* Fix missing libc_compat.h in release tarball.
- Changes for 2.0.24
* Avoid using SW_VIDEOOUT_INSERT if it isn't available.
* Add support for Copy and Restart keys.
* Add support for non-glibc libc's.
* Fix compiler warnings.
* Add systemd info to documentation.
- Update project url
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Obey default CFLAGS

==== amarok ====

- Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg BuildRequires

==== audacity ====
Subpackages: audacity-lang

- Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg BuildRequires

==== autoconf-archive ====
Version update (2015.02.24 -> 2015.09.25)

- Update to 2019.09.25
* AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 now supports Cray's crayCC compiler
(CCE 8.4).
* AX_PYTHON, AX_PYTHON_EMBED now support Python 3.4.
* AX_LIB_ORACLE_OCI now supports Oracle 12.
* AX_EXT now supports AVX2/AVX512 and other CPU extensions.
* The new macro AX_GNU_AUTOTEST was added. The macro supports
multiple test-suites, Makefiles in different locations and
many more features.
* AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 now checks for attribute support with
C++11 macro.
* Some compilers pass the other tests while not implementing
this part of the C++11 specification. The test used also does
not cause warnings with GCC or Clang, and can be used with
- Werror.
* The new macro AX_PROG_BISON_VERSION can be used to check for
specific versions of bison.
* The new macro AX_PROG_FLEX_VERSION can be used to check for
specific versions of flex.
* AX_APPEND_FLAG no longer fails if the given flag contains a
* AX_LUA now supports Lua 5.3.
* AX_BERKELEY_DB_CXX now supports FreeBSD.
* AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 now support HP aCC.
Python 3.
* The new macro AX_PYTHON_MODULE_VERSION has been added.
* AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL provides a new output variable
* AX_PATH_GENERIC now supports flags that contain spaces.
* AX_BOOST_BASE now supports native Windows header only
- Cleanup spec file with spec-clener

==== bash-completion ====

- Add patch LVM-completion-bsc946875.patch to make LVM comands
work even without any scan happen (bsc#946875)

==== bind ====
Version update (9.10.2P3 -> 9.10.2P4)
Subpackages: bind-chrootenv bind-doc bind-utils libbind9-140 libdns161
libirs141 libisc148 libisccc140 libisccfg140 liblwres141

- Update to version 9.10.2-P4
* An incorrect boundary boundary check in the OPENPGPKEY
rdatatype could trigger an assertion failure.
(CVE-2015-5986) [RT #40286] (bsc#944107)
* A buffer accounting error could trigger an
assertion failure when parsing certain malformed
DNSSEC keys. (CVE-2015-5722) [RT #40212] (bsc#944066)

==== cups ====
Subpackages: cups-client cups-devel cups-libs cups-libs-32bit

- add -devel to build a 32bit wine on 64bit only Leap systems.

==== daps ====
Version update (2.1.2 -> 2.1.3)

Stable release DAPS 2.1.3:
* Bugfixes:
- Fix for issue #284 (spellcheck / getimages use wrong filelist
when called with --debug
- "--param" and "--stringparam" were missing for the subcommands
package-pdf and package-html
- all warning messages now go to STDERR, making it possible to
always catch the output of a DAPS command with FOO="$(daps...)
* Misc:
- added a wrapper for jing allwing to customize java flags,
jars, and options
- standardized customising options for all java programs (fop,
jing, xep)

==== dracut ====

- Fix 0181-no_systemd_cryptsetup.patch:
- Password input without plymouth didn't work
- Disable 0181-no_systemd_cryptsetup.patch: it breaks existing
installations of encrypted / on LVM.
- Fix 0182-fix-include-parsing.patch
- Didn't parse arguments with spaces correctly
- Add patch 0183-fix_add_drivers_hang.patch:
- Fix possible hang in dracut
caused by add_drivers+=" " in dracut.conf (bsc#923116)
- Add patch 0182-fix-include-parsing.patch:
- Fix parsing of "-i" and "--include"
- Fixes boo#908452
- Add patch 0181-no_systemd_cryptsetup.patch:
- rd.luks.key is not implemented (properly) if systemd is enabled,
so ignore systemd in 90crypt
- Fixes boo#915849
- Fix systemd-vconsole-error properly (bsc#943312 and bsc#932981)
Rewrite 0180-dracut-add-trivial-vconsole-fontmap.patch
as 0180-i18n_add_correct_fontmaps.patch
- fix systemd-vconsole-error in initrd (bsc#943312)
Add 0180-dracut-add-trivial-vconsole-fontmap.patch
- Add 0401-mount_option_mountpoint.patch:
Make it possible to use a mountpoint as --mount parameter
- Add experimental 0400-use_fstab_systemd.patch:
Add entry for /sysroot in /etc/fstab instead of relying
on root= and rootflags=

==== elfutils ====
Version update (0.161 -> 0.163)
Subpackages: libasm1 libdw1 libelf1 libelf1-32bit

- Update to version 0.163
Drop patch elfutils-fix-dir-traversal-vuln-in-ar-extraction.patch
Drop patch elfutils-0.148-dont-crash.diff (fixed by 9ceebe69)
Drop patch elfutils-portability-0.161.patch
Add patch elfutils-portability-0.163.patch
- Bug fixes only, no new features.
- libdw: Install new header elfutils/known-dwarf.h.
dwarf.h Add preliminary DWARF5 constants DW_TAG_atomic_type,
DW_LANG_Fortran03, DW_LANG_Fortran08. dwarf_peel_type now also
handles DW_TAG_atomic_type.
- addr2line: Input addresses are now always interpreted as hexadecimal
numbers, never as octal or decimal numbers.
New option -a, --addresses to print address before each entry.
New option -C, --demangle to show demangled symbols.
New option --pretty-print to print all information on one line.
- ar: CVE-2014-9447 Directory traversal vulnerability in ar extraction.
- backends: x32 support.

==== gfxboot ====
Version update (4.5.7 -> 4.5.8)
Subpackages: gfxboot-devel

- Add a basic
- 4.5.8

==== git ====
Version update (2.5.2 -> 2.6.0)
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web

- git 2.6.0:
* many UI and workflow updates, added parameters and options
* some performance optimisations and resource use reduction
- refresh pager-don-t-use-unsafe-functions-in-signal-handle.patch
- Fix deadlock in signal handler in pager (boo#942297):
- git 2.5.3:
* The experimental untracked-cache feature were buggy when paths
with a few levels of subdirectories are involved.
* Fix performance regression in "git am --skip"
- Suggest instead of recommend git-web: git-web is the web-server
browsing part. Users that install git-core and appache will still
get it auto-recommended based on the supplements.

==== glibc-32bit ====
Subpackages: glibc-locale-32bit

- nss-files-long-lines-2.patch: Properly reread entry after failure in
nss_files getent function (bsc#945779, BZ #18991)
- fnmatch-collating-elements.patch: Fix fnmatch handling of collating
elements (BZ #17396, BZ #16976)

==== glibc ====
Subpackages: glibc-devel glibc-extra glibc-info glibc-locale nscd

- nss-files-long-lines-2.patch: Properly reread entry after failure in
nss_files getent function (bsc#945779, BZ #18991)
- fnmatch-collating-elements.patch: Fix fnmatch handling of collating
elements (BZ #17396, BZ #16976)

==== gparted ====

- Fix boo#920510: Gparted Won't Start:
+ Add gparted_polkit: launch gparted using pkexec through a
wrapper script. Launching pkexec directly from gnome-shell
results in a double fork and pkexec does not like to operate
on Parent PID = 1.
+ Replace the command line in the .desktop file by

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-systemd-sleep-plugin
grub2-x86_64-efi grub2-x86_64-xen

- add 0001-efinet-Check-for-immediate-completition.patch,
- Set default GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR from /etc/os-release if it is empty
or not set by user (bsc#942519)
* added grub2-default-distributor.patch
* modified grub.default

==== gthumb ====
Version update (3.4.0 -> 3.4.1)
Subpackages: gthumb-lang

- Update to version 3.4.1:
+ Fixed build on Fedora 23 (bgo#747982).
+ Allow cross-compiling (bgo#755390).
+ Updated translations.

==== help2man ====
Version update (1.47.1 -> 1.47.2)

- Update to 1.47.2
* Update Esperanto translation (thanks to Felipe Castro).
* Add Chinese (simplified) translation (thanks to Mingye Wang).

==== install-initrd-openSUSE ====
Version update (14.195 -> 14.197)

- Add link to linux-devtools documentation
- 14.197
- adjust module config to latest kernel
- 14.196

==== joe ====
Version update (3.7 -> 4.0)

- Actually fix download url
- Fix source URI.
- Update and fix german messages.
- Add a rpmlintrc file to stop rpmlint from complaining about
files marked as config but not in /etc.
- Version update to 4.0:
- JOE now has pop-up shell windows with full terminal emulation
and shell commands that can control the editor. Hit F1 - F4 to bring up a
shell window.
- See Pop-up shell feature for a full description.
- The status command (^K SPACE) can now be customized using the same syntax
as the status bar. Look for smsg and zmsg in joerc to see how to do this.
parserr (the error parser) will parse only the highlighted block if it's
Before it always parsed the entire buffer.
- Now there is a per-buffer concept of current directory. This was added to
make the pop-up shell windows work better, but it's useful in general.
- At file prompts you can begin a new anchored path without having to delete
the old one. It means that ~jhallen/foo//etc/passwd is translated to
- Prompt windows are now highighted to indicate which parts of the path are
being dropped. There is a syntax file for this: filename.jsf
- The error parser now ignores ANSI sequences (some versions of grep
color their results, now JOE can still parse it).
- Temporary messages are now dismissed by keyboard input only. Before, they
could also be dismissed by shell input.
- Tags search now supports multiple matches. ^K ; can be configured to
either provide a menu of the matches or to cycle through them.
- Tags search will now match on the member name part of member functions
('fred' will match 'myclass::fred').
- Tags search will prepend the path to the tags file file name in the tags
file. This is important when JOE finds the tags file via the TAGS
environment variable.
- Remove ` as quote character from incremental search.
- Clean up documentation, convert much of it to Markdown.
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
- Drop languages as they don't work at all
- refreshed patches:
* joe-3.1-fix_isblanck_argument.patch
* joe-3.1-terminate_buffer.patch
* joe-3.3-warnings.patch
* joe-3.7-additional_key_mappings.patch
* joe-3.7-spec_association.patch
* joe-codecleanup.patch
* joe-sigiot.patch
- deleted patches:
* joe-activate_po.patch.bz2
* joe-fr_trans.patch

==== kbd ====

- Rename conflicting legacy keymaps:
* dvorak/ -> dvorak/
* fgGIod/ -> fgGIod/
* olpc/ -> olpc/
* qwerty/ -> qwerty/
- i386/qwerty/sr-latin links to sr-cy
- add compose rules to cz layout (rh#1181581)
- use 'abnt2' model for 'br' layouts, 'jp106'
model for 'jp' layouts and 'microsoftpro' for anything else
(instead of 'pc105' before) (FATE#318426)
- added tool, which generates entries for
systemd's /usr/share/systemd/kbd-model-map table from
xkeyboard-config converted keymaps; entries are written to
/usr/share/systemd/kbd-model-map.xkb-generated, so these can
easily be added to /usr/share/systemd/kbd-model-map by systemd
package (FATE#318426)
- Include xkb layouts from xkeyboard-config converted to console
keymaps, (FATE#318426)
* Rename Finnish xkb converted layout
* Add xkb and legacy keymaps subdirs to loadkyes search path
(kbd-1.15.5-loadkeys-search-path.patch), remove symlinks,
Don't convert layouts that can't input ASCII,
* Original keymaps moved to legacy dir, created symlinks to xkb

==== kdevelop4 ====
Subpackages: kdevelop4-devel kdevelop4-lang kdevelop4-plugin-cppsupport

- Fix version conditions to ensure that the package builds
on Leap

==== kernel-default ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)
Subpackages: kernel-default-devel

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-desktop ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)
Subpackages: kernel-desktop-devel

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-docs ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-pv-devel ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-devel ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)
Subpackages: kernel-macros kernel-source

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-syms ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kernel-xen ====
Version update (4.1.6 -> 4.2.1)
Subpackages: kernel-xen-devel

- ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads (bsc#943982).
- commit 6996a42
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-stack-unwind.
XEN needs a fix for stack unwinder too.
- commit 9c7cacf
- Update config files.
- Refresh patches.suse/stack-unwind.
- Refresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-2.6.27.
Reenable dwarf stack unwinder for C. Assembler is not dwarf-friendly
annotated (removed in upstream and neither
patches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations is enabled (yet)), so dwarf
unwinder does not work there (yet).
This should be fixed by Josh Poimbeouf's stacktool later. But until
then, dwarf-unwind at least C and use frame pointers for asm.
I.e. no more question marks for most cases:
[<ffffffff81008415>] try_stack_unwind+0x175/0x190
[<ffffffff81007293>] dump_trace+0x93/0x3a0
[<ffffffff8100847b>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x4b/0x60
[<ffffffff810076ac>] show_stack_log_lvl+0x10c/0x180
[<ffffffff81008515>] show_stack+0x25/0x50
[<ffffffff81364619>] dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa01a302e>] init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
Leftover inexact backtrace:
Instead of the funny:
[<ffffffff81364619>] ? dump_stack+0x4b/0x72
[<ffffffffa022a02e>] ? init1+0xe/0x20 [aaa]
[<ffffffff810002f3>] ? do_one_initcall+0xb3/0x200
[<ffffffff8116e4a2>] ? do_init_module+0x27/0x1f6
[<ffffffff8116e4da>] ? do_init_module+0x5f/0x1f6
[<ffffffff810ee87e>] ? load_module+0x15fe/0x1b60
[<ffffffff810eaa40>] ? __symbol_put+0x50/0x50
[<ffffffff811e9501>] ? kernel_read+0x41/0x60
[<ffffffff810eefe8>] ? SYSC_finit_module+0x98/0xc0
[<ffffffff810ef02e>] ? SyS_finit_module+0xe/0x10
[<ffffffff816b07b6>] ? entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
where __symbol_put and do_init_module+0x27 should not be there at all.
- commit 68d392a
- Linux 4.2.1.
- commit 0d0e86c
- Refresh
Fix upstream status.
- commit 9af8b5d
- Update config files: ARM64: Raise CPUs to 128
There are machines with more than 64 CPUs, allow them
to be used. Update vanilla config from default.
- commit de7016d
- Update config files.
Fix FW fixes fallout (bnc#944661).
- commit 6a28e38
- rpm/kernel-spec-macros: Include the version string in the Obsoletes line
- commit 083cdb4
- rpm/ Obsolete previous builds of the same package
- commit ffb73eb
- config/x86_64/ec2: Align CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM
CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM is enabled in every other kernel flavor, so
enable it for x86_64/ec2 as well.
- commit c156734
- leds:lp55xx: Correct Kconfig dependency for f/w user helper
- commit 589a02c
- Disable CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER_FALLBACK that was reenabled
unexpectedly (boo#944661)
- commit 14a23c3
- Update config files: enable leftover CONFIG_FB_TFT_HX8357D=m for arm
- commit cae15fc
- drm/vmwgfx: Allow dropped masters render-node like access on
legacy nodes v2 (boo#934266).
- vmwgfx: Rework device initialization (boo#934266).
- commit 28dbc80
- workqueue: Make flush_workqueue() available again to non
GPL modules.
- commit 82076fa
- Update config files: update arm config files so that they are up-to-date
and don't break build.
- commit c1a445e
- bcache: Fix writeback_thread never writing back incomplete
- commit 395add4
- Update Xen patches to 4.2-final.
- commit 7b8109d
- Refresh
Fix this:
error: Timestamp after filename
by scripts/
- commit 2089c9a
- Refresh

Fix this:
missing header for unified diff at line 107 of patch
(Patch is indented 4 spaces.)
can't find file to patch at input line 107
by commenting also the @@ sign.
- commit 8e48b46
- Update to 4.2-final.
- commit c617119

==== kiwi ====
Version update (7.03.21 -> 7.03.24)
Subpackages: kiwi-desc-isoboot kiwi-desc-netboot kiwi-desc-oemboot
kiwi-desc-vmxboot kiwi-doc kiwi-media-requires kiwi-pxeboot kiwi-templates

- v7.03.24 released
- Added basic support for grub2 serial console
The required configuration steps were added to the bootloader
configuration. However there is currently no attribute to select
the serial console case from the XML description. This will
be added on demand
- Fix grub2-mkimage on PowerPC
Signed-off-by: Dinar Valeev <dvaleev@xxxxxxxx>
- insmod video drivers (bsc#947328)
- don't overwrite grub2 background image
The background image is already defined in theme.txt. Overwriting
breaks the editing menu (bsc#947326).
- Added arm suse-tumbleweed vmx|oemboot descriptions
- Support SLE12 and leap42.1 boot images for arm
Deleted 13.2 and non stable tumbleweed from arm based descriptions
- use obs://factory/repo/oss/ for tumbleweed boot images
- Fixed toram live boot mode
The recent implementation broke the standard method which
mounted the CD instead of copying it
- tabs to spaces
- Add root filesystem label to images
In order to allow devicepersistency="by-label" also for the
root filesystem, the setupFilesystem method has been extended
for all supported filesystems to add a root label too. The
default name for the root label is 'ROOT'. This addresses
- Echo, rmdir and remove full paths from commands
- v7.03.23 released
- rename mountLivecd to mountOrCopyLiveCD, use cp -ar, remove $SIZE test
- Add "toram" boot parameter to allow running the live system entirely from
- Make sure kiwi_BootPart variable is written
kiwi_BootPart is expected to exist in the initrd environment
Thus it's required to write it in config.partids in any case.
If there is no extra boot partition kiwi_BootPart equals
kiwi_RootPart. This fixes bnc#946387
- v7.03.22 released
- Prevent prefix setup in grub.cfg for Xen
This is because Xen PV guests boot via a first stage loader pygrub/pvgrub
and interpret the grub config file differently. One inconsistency is that
pvgrub searches for the grub modules at a different place. Setting up the
prefix will point pvgrub to the wrong place and the system fail to boot.
- Prevent command variables for Xen domU grub2 setup
Xen PV images which boot via pvgrub have the problem that pvgrub
is not able to correctly read in the kiwi written grub.cfg file.
This is because kiwi uses a variable which contains the loader
command e.g $linux instead of the loader command directly. grub2
supports this but pvgrub is not able to interpret this information.
Therefore this patch prevents the use of the variable if the
target image is Xen, domU and the firmware type is set to bios
- Embed LOADER_TYPE into double quotes
required to make perl-bootloader happy
- Add vmxboot support for aarch64 on SLE12 and leap42.1
- Add suse-tumbleweed boot image descriptions

==== bsdtar ====
Subpackages: libarchive-devel libarchive13

- build static lib on RHEL 7

==== libchamplain-0_12-0 ====
Version update (0.12.10 -> 0.12.11)
Subpackages: typelib-1_0-Champlain-0_12

- Update to version 0.12.11:
+ Improved touch-screen support, pinch-to-zoom.
+ Add champlain_view_set_world() to limit the world to the
specified bounding box.
+ Various minor fixes.

==== libdrm-devel ====
Version update (2.4.64 -> 2.4.65)
Subpackages: libdrm2 libdrm2-32bit libdrm_amdgpu1 libdrm_amdgpu1-32bit
libdrm_intel1 libdrm_intel1-32bit libdrm_nouveau2 libdrm_nouveau2-32bit
libdrm_radeon1 libdrm_radeon1-32bit libkms1

- Update to version 2.4.65
* bugfixes

==== libgphoto2-6 ====
Subpackages: libgphoto2-6-32bit libgphoto2-devel

- add -devel to baselibs for use to build wine in 64bit environments

==== libgudev-1_0-0 ====
Version update (219 -> 230)
Subpackages: libgudev-1_0-devel typelib-1_0-GUdev-1_0

- Enable build (dummy change for repo_checker, as libgudev was
wrongly already checked in to openSUSE:Factory, but has since
been disabled). With this, we can activate the Staging properly.
- Transplant baselibs.conf from systemd.spec. Update package
- Update to version 230:
+ Bump version number so the package will supercede any gudev
sub-packages provided via systemd. We intend to drop gudev from
systemd-221, but lets be safe and just bump it to 230 now.
- Split from systemd/udev.

==== libmicrohttpd10 ====
Version update (0.9.42 -> 0.9.43)

- Update to 0.9.43
* Call resume_suspended_connections() when the user is running
its own mainloop and calls MHD_run_from_select() to support
resuming connections with external select. -FC
* Correct documentation as to when MHD_USE_EPOLL_LINUX_ONLY
is allowed. -CG
* Reimplement monotonic clock functions for better
support various platforms.
Print more information during configure. -EG
* Export MHD_get_reason_phrase_for() symbol. -CG
* Added checks for overflows and buffer overruns, fixed
possible buffer overrun. Updated md5 implementation.
Fixed many compiler warning (mostly for VC compiler). -EG
* Fix failure to properly clean up timed out connections
if running in external select mode without listen socket,
which caused busy waiting until new connections arrived.
(Fixes #3924, thanks to slimp for reporting and testcase). -CG
* Ignore close() errors on sockets except for EBADF,
fixes #3926. -CG
* Make sure to decrement connection counter before
calling connection notifier so that
present stale information (relevant if this is
used for termination detection of a daemon
stopped via MHD_quiesce_daemon()). Thanks to
Markus Doppelbauer for reporting. -CG
* Fix (automatic) handling of HEAD requests with
MHD_create_response_from_callback() and HTTP/1.1
connection keep-alives. Thanks to Cristian Klein
for reporting. -CG
* Add new functions MHD_create_response_from_fd64() and
MHD_create_response_from_fd_at_offset64(). -EG
* Fixing memory leak in digest authentication. -AW
* Add deprecation compiler messages for deprecated functions
and macros. -EG
* Fixing digest authentication when used in combination
with escaped characters in URLs. -CG/AW
- Disable spdy support for now as spdylay is missing
- Drop libmicrohttpd_test_session.patch as it is fixed now

==== libQt5Concurrent-devel ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5Concurrent5 libQt5Core-devel
libQt5Core-private-headers-devel libQt5Core5 libQt5DBus-devel libQt5DBus5
libQt5Gui-devel libQt5Gui-private-headers-devel libQt5Gui5
libQt5Network-devel libQt5Network5 libQt5OpenGL-devel libQt5OpenGL5
libQt5PlatformHeaders-devel libQt5PrintSupport-devel libQt5PrintSupport5
libQt5Sql-devel libQt5Sql5 libQt5Sql5-mysql libQt5Sql5-postgresql
libQt5Sql5-sqlite libQt5Sql5-unixODBC libQt5Test-devel libQt5Test5
libQt5Widgets-devel libQt5Widgets5 libQt5Xml-devel libQt5Xml5
libqt5-qtbase-common-devel libqt5-qtbase-devel libqt5-qtbase-doc

- Added patches from upstream:
(qtbug#44158, qtbug#46786, qtbug#46822)
- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Drop patches merged upstream:
libqt5-libtool-nodate.diff and
- Add patches from upstream:
and Add-an-automatic-use-of-the-ELF-versioned-QtCore-symbol.patch
- Added tslib-devel and libinput-devel (Build)Requires
- Drop all openSUSE 13.1 conditionals, we won't build Qt >= 5.5 on
that distro version anymore

==== libQtQuick5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtdeclarative-devel libqt5-qtdeclarative-tools

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Drop avoid-calling-potentially-pure-virtual-method.patch, merged

==== libqt5-qtgraphicaleffects ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libqt5-qtimageformats ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtimageformats-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5Location5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5Positioning5 libqt5-qtlocation-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Restore support for gypsy on Leap

==== libQt5Multimedia5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtmultimedia-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Drop 0001-GStreamer-port-to-1.0.patch, merged upstream
- Enable openal support on Leap

==== libQt5Declarative5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtquick1-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libqt5-qtquickcontrols ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5Script5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtscript-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5Sensors5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5Sensors5-imports libqt5-qtsensors-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5SerialPort5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtserialport-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5Svg5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtsvg-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5CLucene5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5Designer5 libQt5DesignerComponents5 libQt5Help5
libqt5-linguist libqt5-linguist-devel libqt5-qttools libqt5-qttools-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Drop qdbusviewer-restore-the-window-size-and-state-on-startup.patch
and change-creation-date-to-a-fixed-date.patch, merged upstream

==== libQt5WebChannel5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5WebChannel5-imports

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5WebKit5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5WebKit5-devel libQt5WebKit5-imports
libQt5WebKitWidgets-devel libQt5WebKitWidgets5

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:
- Added link-qtcore.patch

==== libQt5WebSockets5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libQt5WebSockets5-imports libqt5-qtwebsockets-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5X11Extras5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtx11extras-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libQt5XmlPatterns5 ====
Version update (5.4.2 -> 5.5.0)
Subpackages: libqt5-qtxmlpatterns-devel

- Update to 5.5.0
* For more details please see:

==== libseccomp2 ====

- Add baselibs.conf: systemd-32bit-224+ links against

==== libsolv-devel ====
Version update (0.6.11 -> 0.6.13)
Subpackages: libsolv-tools perl-solv python-solv

- support a generic string for pattern-visible() [bnc#900769]
- add ordercycle introspection
- fix mkmask handling of a zero size
- support 'recommends' in repo_mdk.c
- support filelist parsing in installcheck
- bump version to 0.6.13
- added tcl bindings
- improve debian ar archive handling
- bindings: set the CLOEXEC flags in xfopen
- bindings: support testcase writing [bnc#946752]
- support REL_ELSE as evr of REL_COND
- bump version to 0.6.12

==== libstorage-ruby ====
Version update (2.25.30 -> 2.25.33)
Subpackages: libstorage6

- changed some requires to suggests (bsc#907331 and bsc#915097)
- 2.25.33
- fixed detection for parted reporting that GPT does not use
complete disk (bsc#946013)
- 2.25.32
- Make sure no volumes are left behind when writing a new disk
label for multipath (bsc#888513)
- 2.25.31

==== libzypp ====
Version update (15.13.0 -> 15.17.1)

- Pattern: support dynamic computation of pattern visibility (bsc#900769)
- Avoid URL rewrite if probing local cache directories (bsc#946129)
- version 15.17.1 (14)
- Dummy (FATE#318827) to make Sles-changelog-checker stop whining.
- version 15.17.0 (14)
- Glob: fix reserved identifier violation
- version 15.16.2 (14)
- CheckAccessDeleted: Identify services by systemd cgroup (FATE#318827)
- version 15.16.1 (14)
- Reload multiversion setting from the target zypp.conf (bnc#906096)
- version 15.16.0 (14)
- Update sle-zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Update sle-zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Don't cache repo releasever (bnc#943563)
- Selectable: allow setPickStatus for non-multiversion packages
- ResPoolProxy: add ScopedSaveState
- version 15.15.0 (14)
- zypp.conf: add solver.dupAllow{Downgrade,NameChange,ArchChange,
VendorChange} default options for tuning distribution upgrades.
- Remove obsolete method (bsc#941398) (fixes #50)
- fix invalid XML (bnc#942518)
- version 15.14.0 (14)
- Update zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Update sle-zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypp-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypp-po.tar.bz2

==== links ====
Version update (2.10 -> 2.12)

- Version bump to 2.12:
* Verify ssl certificates bnc#946065
* Warn if server uses SSL2 or SSL3 protocol
* Support SSL client certificates
- Remove obsolete patch:
* links-no-date-time.patch
- Rebase patch:
* links-nosslcomp.patch

==== libLLVM ====
Subpackages: libLLVM-32bit

- Enable OpenMP for x86, x86_64, ppc64 and ppc64le
- Enable all targets on x86, x86_64

==== make ====
Subpackages: make-lang

- undefine-variables.patch: Force recomputing .VARIABLES when a variable
was made undefined (bsc#934131)

==== mdadm ====

- Own %{_systemdshutdowndir} in case nothing else does. This
ensures build success even if systemd-mini does not own it
(happens in some versions of our package).

==== ocaml ====
Version update (4.02.2 -> 4.02.3)
Subpackages: ocaml-compiler-libs ocaml-runtime

- update version 4.02.3
- use spec-cleaner

==== libparted0 ====
Subpackages: parted

- Update parted-gpt-mbr-sync.patch to fix bsc#945068
Basically just a copy of gpt_alloc with minor modifications now

==== patterns-openSUSE-apparmor ====
Version update (20150828 -> 20150918)
Subpackages: patterns-openSUSE-apparmor_opt patterns-openSUSE-base
patterns-openSUSE-books patterns-openSUSE-console
patterns-openSUSE-devel_C_C++ patterns-openSUSE-devel_basis
patterns-openSUSE-devel_gnome patterns-openSUSE-devel_ide
patterns-openSUSE-devel_java patterns-openSUSE-devel_kde
patterns-openSUSE-devel_kde_frameworks patterns-openSUSE-devel_kernel
patterns-openSUSE-devel_perl patterns-openSUSE-devel_python
patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt4 patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt5
patterns-openSUSE-devel_rpm_build patterns-openSUSE-devel_ruby
patterns-openSUSE-devel_web patterns-openSUSE-dhcp_dns_server
patterns-openSUSE-directory_server patterns-openSUSE-enhanced_base
patterns-openSUSE-enhanced_base_opt patterns-openSUSE-file_server
patterns-openSUSE-fonts patterns-openSUSE-fonts_opt patterns-openSUSE-games
patterns-openSUSE-gateway_server patterns-openSUSE-gnome
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_admin patterns-openSUSE-gnome_basis
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_basis_opt patterns-openSUSE-gnome_games patte
rns-openSUSE-gnome_ide patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging_opt patterns-openSUSE-gnome_internet
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_laptop patterns-openSUSE-gnome_multimedia
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_multimedia_opt patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office_opt patterns-openSUSE-gnome_utilities
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_yast patterns-openSUSE-imaging
patterns-openSUSE-imaging_opt patterns-openSUSE-kde
patterns-openSUSE-kde_edutainment patterns-openSUSE-kde_games
patterns-openSUSE-kde_ide patterns-openSUSE-kde_imaging
patterns-openSUSE-kde_internet patterns-openSUSE-kde_multimedia
patterns-openSUSE-kde_office patterns-openSUSE-kde_plasma
patterns-openSUSE-kde_telepathy patterns-openSUSE-kde_utilities
patterns-openSUSE-kde_utilities_opt patterns-openSUSE-kde_yast
patterns-openSUSE-kvm_server patterns-openSUSE-lamp_server
patterns-openSUSE-laptop patterns-openSUSE-lxde patterns-openSUSE-lxde_laptop
patterns-openSUSE-lxde_office patterns-openSUSE-mail_serv
er patterns-openSUSE-minimal_base patterns-openSUSE-minimal_base-conflicts
patterns-openSUSE-misc_server patterns-openSUSE-multimedia
patterns-openSUSE-multimedia_opt patterns-openSUSE-network_admin
patterns-openSUSE-non_oss patterns-openSUSE-non_oss_opt
patterns-openSUSE-office patterns-openSUSE-office_opt
patterns-openSUSE-print_server patterns-openSUSE-remote_desktop
patterns-openSUSE-rest_dvd patterns-openSUSE-sw_management
patterns-openSUSE-sw_management_gnome patterns-openSUSE-sw_management_kde
patterns-openSUSE-tabletpc patterns-openSUSE-technical_writing
patterns-openSUSE-x11 patterns-openSUSE-x11_opt patterns-openSUSE-x11_yast
patterns-openSUSE-xen_server patterns-openSUSE-xfce
patterns-openSUSE-xfce_basis patterns-openSUSE-xfce_laptop
patterns-openSUSE-xfce_office patterns-openSUSE-yast2_basis

- Recommend systemd-32bit in the rest_dvd_core pattern.
- Also fix the KDE CD: sssd-32bit is recommended there too, so also
recommend systemd-32bit.
- When recommending sssd-32bit, also recommend systemd-32bit: the
systemd-pam modules are needed in this case too (not strictly a
requirement, but pam-config -a --systemd fails on a 64bit system
when pam-32bit is installed but the 32bit pam modules are not).
- Add basic lxqt pattern
- create mate_internet and mate_office_opt patterns
- Recommend newly created patterns instead of GNOME's ones; recommending
GNOME's intall plenty of packages unwanted by regular users

==== perl-Archive-Zip ====
Version update (1.50 -> 1.53)

- updated to 1.53
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.53 Wed 22 Sep 2015
- #107268 - Archive-Zip-1.52.tar.gz is (nearly) empty
Thanks to SREZIC for the spot on my dad brain sleep schedule error
Creating the dist on OS X caused 'Numeric user ID too largeNumeric group
ID too large'
1.52 Tue 22 Sep 2015
- #105902, thanks HMBRAND
- updated to 1.51
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.51 Tue 22 Sep 2015
- Compare vs filename checksum in crc32 script [github/talisein]

==== perl-Bootloader ====
Version update (0.840 -> 0.843)
Subpackages: perl-Bootloader-YAML

- fix extended partition detection (bsc#947697)
- 0.843
- allow empty distributor, which for new grub2 means use os-release
- more fixes in grub2-efi
- fix empty distributor handling for grub2-efi (bsc#942519)
- 0.842

==== perl-DBI ====
Version update (1.633 -> 1.634)

- updated to 1.634
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-DBI/Changes
=head2 Changes in DBI 1.634 - 3rd August 2015
Enabled strictures on all modules (Jose Luis Perez Diez) #22
Note that this might cause new exceptions in existing code.
Please take time for extra testing before deploying to production.
Improved handling of row counts for compiled drivers and enable them to
return larger row counts (IV type) by defining new *_iv macros.
Fixed quote_identifier that was adding a trailing separator when there
was only a catalog (Martin J. Evans)
Removed redundant keys() call in fetchall_arrayref with hash slice
(ilmari) #24
Corrected pod xref to Placeholders section (Matthew D. Fuller)
Corrected pod grammar (Nick Tonkin) #25
Added support for tables('', '', '', '%') special case (Martin J. Evans)
Added support for DBD prefixes with numbers (Jens Rehsack) #19
Added extra initializer for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine based DBD's (Jens Rehsack)
Added Memory Leaks section to the DBI docs (Tim)
Added Artistic v1 & GPL v1 LICENSE file (Jose Luis Perez Diez) #21

==== perl-Moose ====
Version update (2.1403 -> 2.1603)

- updated to 2.1603
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes

==== perl-Net-DNS ====
Version update (0.83 -> 1.02)

- updated to 1.02
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Net-DNS/Changes

==== perl-libintl-perl ====
Version update (1.20 -> 1.24)

- update to 1.24
* Better portability for tests.
* Updated documentation.
* License changed to GPLv3.
* Bugs fixed:
Version 1.23 - 24 Jan 2013
* New message retrieval backend Locale::gettext_dumb(3pm) which produces
translations even, when the corresponding locale is not present in
the system.
* Fixed a bug where the Perl backend under certain circumstances clobbered
the environment variable LC_ALL.
* Avoid test failures by skipping all tests that depend on the de_AT
locale, when that locale is not installed.
* Bugs fixed:
Version 1.22 - 24 Jan 2013
* Version 1.22 outsmarted PAUSE (the CPAN upload facility) and had to
be removed.
Version 1.21 - 15 Jan 2013
* Environment variables LANGUAGE and LANG are interpreted in the same way
in the XS and the pure Perl version.
* Package design closer to GNU standards.

==== libply-boot-client2 ====
Subpackages: libply-splash-core2 libply-splash-graphics2 libply2 plymouth
plymouth-dracut plymouth-plugin-label plymouth-plugin-script plymouth-scripts

- Use is_opensuse to simplify if/else block
- Add a direct dependency on systemd, since we need to know the
path to systemd-tty-ask-password-agent, fixes part of bsc#943312

==== python-ldap ====
Version update (2.4.20 -> 2.4.21)

- Update to upstream release 2.4.21

==== python-numpy ====
Version update (1.9.2 -> 1.9.3)

- update to version 1.9.3:
* #5866: fix error finding Python headers when build_ext --include-dirs is
* #6016: fix np.loadtxt error on Python 3.5 when reading from gzip files;
* #5555: Replace deprecated options for ifort;
* #6096: remove /GL for VS2015 in check_long_double_representation;
* #6141: enable Visual Studio 2015 C99 features;
* #6171: revert C99 complex for MSVC14.

==== python-pyudev ====
Version update (0.16.1 -> 0.17)

- Added a patch (do_not_install_tests.patch) to not install the
tests as a module (not needed). Fixes also file conflicts in
- Update to version 0.17:
* #52: Remove global libudev object
* #57: Really start the monitor on :meth:`pyudev.Monitor.poll()`
* #60: Do not use :meth:`` to avoid hitting its file descriptor
* #58: Force non-blocking IO in :class:`pyudev.Monitor` to avoid blocking on
receiving the device
* #63: Set proper flags on pipe fds.
* #65: Handle irregular polling events properly.
* #50: Add :class:`pyudev.wx.MonitorObserver` and deprecate
* #50: Add :class:`pyudev.glib.MonitorObserver` and deprecate
* #50: Add :class:`pyudev.pyqt4.MonitorObserver` and deprecate
* #50: Add :class:`pyudev.pyside.MonitorObserver` and deprecate
* Add a wrapper function to retry interruptible system calls.

==== python3-setuptools ====
Version update (18.2 -> 18.3.2)

- update to version 18.3.2:
* Correct another regression in setuptools.findall
where the fix for Python #12885 was lost.
- update to version 18.3.1:
* Issue #425: Correct regression in setuptools.findall.
- changes from version 18.3:
* Setuptools now allows disabling of the manipulation of the
sys.path during the processing of the easy-install.pth file. To do
so, set the environment variable "SETUPTOOLS_SYS_PATH_TECHNIQUE"
to anything but "rewrite" (consider "raw"). During any install
operation with manipulation disabled, setuptools packages will be
appended to sys.path naturally.
Future versions may change the default behavior to disable
manipulation. If so, the default behavior can be retained by
setting the variable to "rewrite".
* Issue #257: "easy_install --version" now shows more detail about
the installation location and Python version.

==== rsyslog ====
Version update (8.12.0 -> 8.13.0)

- rsyslog 8.13.0:
* ZeroMQ enhancements
* Redis enhancements
* mmnormalize: liblognorm error messages are now emitted via
regular rsyslog error reporting mechanism (aka "are now logged")
* networking improvements
- drop rsyslog-8.12.0-parallel-build.patch, is upstream
- drop rsyslog-8.12.0-gnutls.patch, same

==== libdcerpc-binding0 ====
Subpackages: libdcerpc-binding0-32bit libdcerpc0 libdcerpc0-32bit libgensec0
libgensec0-32bit libndr-krb5pac0 libndr-krb5pac0-32bit libndr-nbt0
libndr-nbt0-32bit libndr-standard0 libndr-standard0-32bit libndr0
libndr0-32bit libnetapi0 libnetapi0-32bit libregistry0 libsamba-credentials0
libsamba-credentials0-32bit libsamba-hostconfig0 libsamba-hostconfig0-32bit
libsamba-passdb0 libsamba-passdb0-32bit libsamba-util0 libsamba-util0-32bit
libsamdb0 libsamdb0-32bit libsmbclient-devel libsmbclient-raw0
libsmbclient-raw0-32bit libsmbclient0 libsmbconf0 libsmbconf0-32bit
libsmbldap0 libsmbldap0-32bit libtevent-util0 libtevent-util0-32bit
libwbclient0 libwbclient0-32bit samba samba-32bit samba-client
samba-client-32bit samba-doc samba-libs samba-libs-32bit samba-winbind

- Relocate the tmpfiles.d directory to the client package; (bnc#947552).
- Do not provide libpdb0 from libsamba-passdb0 but add it to baselibs.conf
instead; (bnc#942716).

==== sddm ====
Subpackages: sddm-branding-openSUSE

- Added shadow BuildRequires, it's needed to check UID_MIN & UID_MAX
from /etc/login.defs
- Change the theme to "maui" in the shipped sddm.conf,
sddm-branding-openSUSE sets it to "breeze" on installation.
- Remove the superfluous requirement for "breeze". This is not
needed even with the "breeze" theme, as it is actually part of
plasma5-workspace which is required by sddm-branding-openSUSE
- sddm-branding-openSUSE should PreReq sddm, otherwise the config
might not exist.
- Make the regexps for sed stricter to really only modify the theme
setting when installing/uninstalling sddm-branding-openSUSE.
Otherwise it would e.g. also replace CursorTheme=breeze_cursors
with CursorTheme=maui_cursors...
Also only modify the config on new installation, not during

==== simple-scan ====
Version update (3.16.2 -> 3.18.0)

- Update to version 3.18.0:
+ Show error message when fail to install drivers.
+ Bump copyright dates.
- Update to version 3.17.92:
+ Correctly select the previous device after the device list is
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.17.91:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.17.90:
+ Default to PDF when saving in all cases.
+ Always show file format options and use a combo box to fit
better into dialog.
+ Detect HP scanners and install drivers using PackageKit if
+ If SANE detects no scanners but we see USB IDs of Brother,
Epson or Samsung scanners then prompt the user to go to their
website to install drivers.
+ Use GUsb instead of GUdev.
+ Fix error dialogs not showing.
- Add pkgconfig(packagekit-glib2) BuildRequires: New dependency.
- Replace pkgconfig(gudev-1.0) for pkgconfig(gusb) following
upstream changes.
- Update to version 3.17.4:
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 3.17.3:
+ Stop using gnome-common, use autotools directly.

==== libsnapper3 ====
Version update (0.2.8 -> 0.2.9)
Subpackages: snapper snapper-zypp-plugin

- updated translations
- Call script /usr/lib/snapper/plugins/rollback if present upon
rollback (fate#319108)
- version 0.2.9
- added program to create btrfs subvolume suitable for systems
supporting rollback (bsc#944120)

==== libsoxr0 ====
Version update (0.1.1 -> 0.1.2)

- Update to 1.1.2
* Fix conversion failure when I/O types differ but I/O rates
* Fix #defines for interpolation order selection.
in soxr_quality_spec recipe.
* Fix soxr_delay() returning a negative number after end-of-input
has been indicated.
* Fix crash when using soxr_process() after calling soxr_clear().
* Be more POSIX compliant w.r.t. errno in the examples; fixes
erroneous reporting of errors on FreeBSD.
* Quality improvement for variable-rate.
* Various fixes/improvements to build/tests/documentation.

==== libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring-1-0 ====
Version update (1.9.1 -> 1.9.2)
Subpackages: libsvn_auth_kwallet-1-0 subversion subversion-bash-completion
subversion-devel subversion-perl subversion-python subversion-server

- Apache Subversion 1.9.2:
* fix a numer of client-side crashes and bugs
* checkout: remove unnecessary I/O operation
* svn: show utf8proc version in svn --version --verbose
* fix reporting for empty representations in svnfsfs stats
- upstream keyring updated

==== libamd-2_4_1 ====
Subpackages: libcamd-2_4_1 libccolamd-2_9_1 libcolamd-2_9_1 libumfpack-5_7_1

- Update to version 4.4.5
+ CHOLMOD 3.0.6:
* minor fix to CHOLMOD (-DNGPL did not work as expected)
* added MATLAB interface for row add/delete (lurowmod)
+ KLU 1.3.3: Fix for klu_dump.c (debugging case only)
+ UFcollection: added additional stats for matrix collection
+ AMD: changed the license. Was LGPL only, now either LGPL or BSD,
at the user's option. See AMD/Doc/License.txt for details.

==== suse-module-tools ====

- Use /run instead of deprecated /var/run
This can have sever consequences if this package uses /var/run. It may
be installed before filesystem package generating the /run tmpfs and
predict it to generate the link /var/run -> /run. Later dracut convertfs
kicks in to generate it, but it has issues. bsc#922676

==== libudev-devel ====
Version update (219 -> 224)
Subpackages: libudev1 libudev1-32bit systemd systemd-32bit
systemd-bash-completion systemd-logger systemd-sysvinit udev

- Fix patch tty-ask-password-agent-on-console.patch not to crash
away but enable it to ask on all devices of /dev/console
- Avoid "file not found /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules"
waring occurring in %post
- Add patch let-vconsole-setup-get-properties-only-once-to-copy-them.patch
to avoid broken virtual console mapping due stressed ioctl API
for the virtual consoles (boo#904214)
- Fix last change that is use the new name for udev packages in %pretrans.
- restore usage of LUA in %pretrans.
- Try to generate the systemd users and groups always in same order
to avoid republish other packages (boo#944660)
- cleanup specfile by removing commands that were dealing with systemd
pre-generated files: we're now using systemd tarball generated directly
from the git repo which doesn't contain any of these files.
- there's no point in using LUA in %pretrans
- Drop 0009-make-xsltproc-use-correct-ROFF-links.patch
This patch was initialy added to workaround bsc#842844. But it
appears that man(1) was fixed (included since 13.2 at least) to
handle manual pages that consist only of a .so directive such as
'.so <page>'.
- Change use-rndaddentropy-ioctl-to-load-random-seed.patch to
make it work on big endian
- Use Obsolete/Provides strategy from
windows:mingw:mingw64/mingw64-cross-gcc to do the bootstrap
cycle and kick out -mini afterwards.
- Update to new upstream release 224
* systemd-networkd gained a number of new configuration options
for DHCP, tunnels and bridges
* systemd-efi-boot-generator functionality was merged into
- /usr/share/systemd/kbd-model-map: added entries for
xkeyboard-config converted keymaps; mappings, which already
exist in original systemd mapping table are being ignored
though, i.e. not overwritten; needs kbd in buildrequires
- hostname-NULL.patch: Work around a crash on XEN hosts
in OBS. /etc/hostname is not present and systemd then does
strchr(hostname,soemthing) with hostname NULL.
- Add Correct_assert_on_unexpected_error_code.patch to work around
a problem of an assert on ENODEV for closing fd on an input
event device (boo#939571)
- Remove, apparently not used by anything in
the systemd nor udev-persistent-ifnames package.
- Systemd v222, bugfix release.
- Drop upstream patches
- Drop SUSE patch 1013-no-runtime-PM-for-IBM-consoles.patch
udev does no longer enable USB HID power management at all.
- The udev accelerometer helper was removed, obsoleted by
iio-sensor-proxy package.
- networkd gained a new configuration option IPv6PrivacyExtensions.
- udev does not longer support the WAIT_FOR_SYSFS= key in udev
rules. There are no known issues with current sysfs,
and udev does not need or should be used to work around such bugs.
- Avoid restarting logind [bnc#934901]
- Do not suppress errors in any case, even if they are ignored
- Fix devel package requires (both mini and real required real libsystemd0)
- Rework patch tty-ask-password-agent-on-console.patch to fit the
requisition of
- Rework "-mini" package logic to not conflict with itself and
then add libsystemd0 to mini.
- remove SysVStartPriority= from after-local.service,
unsupported since v218.
Note that this option was only parsed and that's it. the logic
to give "start priority" was never implemented.
- change the default fallback ntp servers to the opensuse vendor zone.
- We still need to run systemd-sysctl.service after
otherwise it works only when /boot is in the root filesystem but
not when it is a separate partition.
- Obsolete pm-utils and suspend (boo#925873).
- Remove pm-utils support
(remove Forward-suspend-hibernate-calls-to-pm-utils.patch).
- remove patch sysctl-handle-boot-sysctl.conf-kernel_release.patch
from the filelist.
- libpcre, glib2 and libusb are not used by systemd, remove
from buildrequires.
- 1032-ata_id-unbotch-format-specifier.patch: fix udev ata_id
- 0023-core-fix-reversed-dependency-check-in-unit_check_unn.patch
fix StopWhenUnneeded=true in combination with a Requisite=
- 0031-install-fix-bad-memory-access.patch: Fix Bad memory access
- 0006-pam_systemd-Properly-check-kdbus-availability.patch: if
kdbus is enabled (i.e boot with kdbus=1) DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
must not be exported.
- spec: add a min_kernel_version macro to ensure the package
conflicts with kernel versions in which systemd cannot run.
- sysctl-handle-boot-sysctl.conf-kernel_release.patch dropped,
replaced by a tmpfiles.d snippet "current-kernel-sysctl.conf"
(feature implemented in v220 just for our usecase)
- fix build when resolved is enabled
- remove fsck -l test in spec file, systemd requires util-linux
2.26 or later where this feature is already available.
- Fix bootstrap build by guarding filelists (man pages don't get
built in bootstrap mode)
- Drop commented sections from baselibs.conf, allows format_spec_file
to have a successful run
- Install 50-coredump.conf as coredumpctl is now installed by
default and does not use journal anymore as default storage
- Update to new upstream release 221
* From 220:
* libgudev was moved into a package of its own
* Runlevels 2, 3 and 4 are no longer distinct, they all map to
* The EFI System Partition mounted to /boot will be unmounted
2 minutes after boot.
* systemd does not support direct live-upgrades (via `systemctl
daemon-reexec`) from versions older than v44 anymore.
* systemd-nspawn may now be called as part of a shell pipeline.
* systemd-shutdownd has been removed. This service was
previously responsible for implementing scheduled shutdowns
as exposed in /usr/bin/shutdown's time parameter. This
functionality has now been moved into systemd-logind and is
accessible via a bus interface.
* udev will no longer call blkid and create symlinks for all
block devices, but merely those from a whitelist
(cf. 60-persistent-storage.rules).
* /usr/lib/os-release gained a new optional field VARIANT=
* Details at
* From 221:
* New sd-bus and sd-event APIs in libsystemd
* If there is both a systemd unit and a SysV init script for the
same service name, and `systemctl enable` or other operation is
run, both will now be enabled (or execute the related operation
on both), not just the unit.
- Split libsystemd0 to support systemd-less nspawn containers
- Redo manpage file lists without %exclude, tends to hide
unpackaged files.
- hwdb belongs to udev
- Resolve memory leak and add missing _cleanup_free_ to
- Remove systemd-powerd-initctl-support.patch
(no longer builds because shutdownd is gone)
- Remove quilt-patches/0001-core-rework-device-state-logic.patch,
(merged upstream),
- Remove libudev0 from baselibs.conf
- Drop 1055-let-9719859c07aa13539ed2cd4b31972cd30f678543-apply.patch
as now upstream code
- Add 0001-Let-some-boolean-survive-a-daemon-reload.patch to fix
bsc#933365 and boo#934077
- Add 1098-systemd-networkd-alias-network-service.patch to alias
network.service the same way NetworkManager and wicked does.
This is needed by yast2 and other parts of the system. boo#933092
- Modify patch 1021-udev-re-add-persistent-net-rules.patch to use
the new return values of proc_cmdline() in enable_name_policy()
this should fix boo#931165
- Drop 1021-udev-re-add-persistent-net-rules.patch,
1021 originally broke parsing of net.ifnames=0 [bnc#931165],
and given that neither the kernel command line needs to be
touched nor the source be patched to reach the unpredictable
naming setup for SLE, all these parts are moved to a separate
- Add upstream patch
to fix the fix of the last backport (bsc#921898)
- Reenable networkd which was silently disabled on Feb 18
- Add 0001-core-rework-device-state-logic.patch to fix spurious
automated umount after mount.
- mark more subpackages as !bootstrap for systemd-mini usage.
- spec : remove --with-firmware-path, firmware loader was removed in v217
- spec: remove --disable-multi-seat-x, gone.(fixed in xorg)
- spec: Do not enable systemd-readahead-collect.service and
systemd-readahead-replay.service as these do not exist anymore.
- spec: drop timedate-add-support-for-openSUSE-version-of-etc-sysconfig.patch
Yast was fixed to write all timezone changes exactly how timedated expects
things to be done.
- spec: remove handle-etc-HOSTNAME.patch, since late 2014 the netcfg
package handles the migration from /etc/HOSTNAME to /etc/hostname
and owns both files.
-spec: remove boot.udev and systemd-journald.init as they currently
serve no purpose.
- suse-sysv-bootd-support.diff: Remove HAVE_SYSVINIT conditions, we
are in sysvcompat-only codepath, also remove the code targetting other
distributions, never compiled as the TARGET_$DISTRO macros are never
- systemd-powerd-initctl-support.patch guard with HAVE_SYSV_COMPAT
- set-and-use-default-logconsole.patch: fix HAVE_SYSV_COMPAT guards
- insserv-generator.patch: Only build when sysvcompat is enabled
- vhangup-on-all-consoles.patch add a comment indicating this is a workaround
for a kernel bug.
- spec: Add option to allow disabling sysvinit compat at build time.
- spec: Add option to enable resolved at build time.
- spec: Remove all %ifs for !factory products, current systemd releases can
neither be built nor installed in older products without upgrading
several components of the base system.
(removed: 1008-add-msft-compability-rules.patch was only for =< 13.1)
- spec: remove all dummy "aliases" to /etc/init.d, that made sense only when
those init scripts still existed. (dummy localfs.service source: gone)
- systemd-sleep-grub: moved to the grub2 package where it belongs as a
suspend/resume hook (SR#286533) (drops prepare-suspend-to-disk.patch)
- remove LFS_CFLAGS from CFLAGS, never needed in systemd as it force feds
config.h everywhere in the preprocessor cmdline.
- Update to new upstream release 219
* systemd units can now be "unsupported" (like, for example,
.device in a containers), similar to the "skipped" state in
SUSE's prior sysvinit scripts.
* tmpfiles gained the 'v' type for creating btrfs subvolumes.
* tmpfiles gained the 'a' type for setting ACLs.
* systemd-nspawn gained new switches: --ephemeral, --template
* The /var/lib/containers location is deprecated and replaced by
* machinectl gained the copy-from and copy-to commands.
* machinectl now knows a "bind" command (for use with nspawn)
* new "systemd-importd" daemon to download container images and run
them as nspawn containers.
* networkd collects LLDP network announcements, if available, and
so shown in networkctl.
* The fallback terminal type was changed from "vt102" to "vt220",
allowing PgUp/PgDn keys to work.
* Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del 7x in 2 seconds forces a umount+reboot now,
useful should the regular shutdown hang.
* Removing storage will cause systemd to unmount the associated
mountpoints so that they don't linger around.
- Add suse-sysv-bootd-support.diff (reinstate old
- Update to systemd v218-1050-g38ab096
- Remove patches
use-usr-sbin-sulogin-for-emergency-service.patch (upstream fixed it)
- Reinstate and improve (remove huge indents from)
0014-journald-with-journaling-FS.patch, rootsymlink_generator.
- disable systemd-resolved for now as it interacts not well with
our methods and security has concerns regarding spoofing. bsc#917781
- Add patch kbd-model-map.patch to add missed keyboard layouts
which are offered by YaST2 (bsc#910643 and boo#897803)
- Update to new upstream release 218
* New utilities: systemd-timesyncd (SNTP client),
systemd-resolved, systemd-networkd, networkctl,
* machinectl gained a "poweroff" command for clean container shutdown
* The udev hwdb now contains DPI information for mice.
* Userspace firmware loading support has been removed and
the minimum supported kernel version is thus bumped to 3.7.
- Remove patches:
G=gone locally, is upstream;
D=dropped: no longer needed;
N=no longer applies to source nor is it deemed needed;
K=killed: no longer applicable and too complex to resolve:
- ---
G 0002-rfkill-rework-how-we-generate-file-names-from-rfkill.patch
G avoid-assertion-if-invalid-address-familily-is-passed-to-g.patch
K service-flags-sysv-service-with-detected-pid-as-RemainAfte.patch
K remain_after_exit-initscript-heuristic-and-add-new-LSB-hea.patch
K handle-SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS-environment-variable.patch
K 0018-Make-LSB-Skripts-know-about-Required-and-Should.patch
K log-target-null-instead-kmsg.patch
K tty-ask-password-agent-on-console.patch
K 513-nspawn-veth.patch
K 1087-infinit-timeout-for-kmod-loaded-modules.patch
D module-load-handle-SUSE-etc-sysconfig-kernel-module-list.patch
D avoid-leaking-socket-descriptors.patch
D 0001-make-fortify-happy-with-ppoll.patch
N fix-owner-of-var-log-btmp.patch
N disable-nss-myhostname-warning-bnc-783841.patch
N Revert-service-drop-support-for-SysV-scripts-for-the-early.patch
N 0001-make-209-working-on-older-dist.patch
N 0001-Don-t-snprintf-a-potentially-NULL-pointer.patch
N tmpfiles-do-not-clean-for-mandb-index-files.patch
G 0001-sd-bus-don-t-look-for-a-64bit-value-when-we-only-hav.patch
G avoid-assertion-if-invalid-address-familily-is-passed-to-g.patc
G optionally-warn-if-nss-myhostname-is-called.patch
G 0004-getty-generator-properly-escape-instance-names.patch
G rules-add-lid-switch-of-ARM-based-Chromebook-as-a-power-sw.patch
G 0008-Reset-signal-mask-on-re-exec-to-init.patch
G 0001-login-fix-pos-array-allocation.patch
G 0002-login-set-pos-slot-to-fallback-on-pos-eviction.patch
G 0003-login-Allow-calling-org.freedesktop.login1.Seat.Swit.patch
G 0004-fix-typo-in-iDRAC-network-interface-name-irdac-idrac.patch
G 0005-Replace-var-run-with-run-in-remaining-places.patch
G 0006-Revert-back-to-var-run-at-a-couple-of-problems.patch
G 0007-README-document-that-var-run-must-be-a-symlink-run.patch
G 0008-Use-var-run-dbus-system_bus_socket-for-the-D-Bus-soc.patch
G 0009-mount-don-t-send-out-PropertiesChanged-message-if-ac.patch
G 0010-mount-don-t-fire-PropertiesChanged-signals-for-mount.patch
G 0011-logs-show-fix-corrupt-output-with-empty-messages.patch
G 0012-journalctl-refuse-extra-arguments-with-verify-and-si.patch
G 0014-nspawn-fix-detection-of-missing-proc-self-loginuid.patch
G 0001-Fix-systemd-stdio-bridge-symlink.patch
G 0002-execute-free-directory-path-if-we-fail-to-remove-it-.patch
G 0003-Do-not-print-invalid-UTF-8-in-error-messages.patch
G 0004-man-document-missing-options-of-systemd-run.patch
G 0005-systemd-run-add-some-extra-safety-checks.patch
G 0006-journal-assume-that-next-entry-is-after-previous-ent.patch
G 0007-journal-forget-file-after-encountering-an-error.patch
G 0008-core-correctly-unregister-PIDs-from-PID-hashtables.patch
G 0009-logind-fix-reference-to-systemd-user-sessions.servic.patch
G 0010-man-update-link-to-LSB.patch
G 0011-man-systemd-bootchart-fix-spacing-in-command.patch
G 0012-man-add-missing-comma.patch
G 0013-units-Do-not-unescape-instance-name-in-systemd-backl.patch
G 0001-core-busname-add-lookup-string-for-BUSNAME_FAILURE_S.patch
G 0002-manager-flush-memory-stream-before-using-the-buffer.patch
G 0003-busname-don-t-drop-service-from-the-result-string.patch
G 0004-fix-off-by-one-error-in-array-index-assertion.patch
G 0005-logind-fix-policykit-checks.patch
G 0006-rules-mark-loop-device-as-SYSTEMD_READY-0-if-no-file.patch
G 0008-man-multiple-sleep-modes-are-to-be-separated-by-whit.patch
G 0001-gpt-auto-generator-don-t-return-OOM-on-parentless-de.patch
G 0002-bus-fix-memory-leak-when-kdbus-is-not-enabled.patch
G 0006-Do-not-return-1-EINVAL-on-allocation-error.patch
G 0007-networkd-fix-typo.patch
G 0008-sd-bus-don-t-access-invalid-memory-if-a-signal-match.patch
G 0009-sd-bus-don-t-choke-if-somebody-sends-us-a-message-wi.patch
G 0012-journald-remove-stray-reset-of-error-return-value.patch
G 0013-core-libsystemd-systemd-timedate-udev-spelling-fixes.patch
G 0001-cgroup-it-s-not-OK-to-invoke-alloca-in-loops.patch
G 0002-machined-fix-Kill-bus-call-on-machine-objects-when-w.patch
G 0003-sd-bus-don-t-use-assert_return-to-check-for-disconne.patch
G 0004-core-don-t-try-to-relabel-mounts-before-we-loaded-th.patch
G 0005-sd-daemon-fix-incorrect-variable-access.patch
G 0006-sd-event-initialization-perturbation-value-right-bef.patch
G 0007-sd-event-don-t-accidentally-turn-of-watchdog-timer-e.patch
G 0008-systemctl-kill-mode-is-long-long-gone-don-t-mention-.patch
G 0009-ask-password-when-the-user-types-a-overly-long-passw.patch
G 0001-journal-fix-export-of-messages-containing-newlines.patch
G 0002-systemctl-update-NAME-to-PATTERN-in-help.patch
G 0003-tty-ask-password-agent-return-negative-errno.patch
G 0004-systemd-python-use-.hex-instead-of-.get_hex.patch
G 0005-systemd-python-fix-failing-assert.patch
G 0007-dbus-suppress-duplicate-and-misleading-messages.patch
G 0001-reduce-the-amount-of-messages-logged-to-dev-kmsg-whe.patch
G 0001-bash-completion-fix-__get_startable_units.patch
G 0002-sysctl-replaces-some-slashes-with-dots.patch
G 0003-delta-do-not-use-unicode-chars-in-C-locale.patch
G 0004-implement-a-union-to-pad-out-file_handle.patch
G shut-up-annoying-assertion-monotonic-clock-message.patch
G 0001-sd-rtnl-message-append-fix-uninitialized-memory.patch
G 0001-tmpfiles-fix-permissions-on-new-journal-files.patch
G 0001-errno-make-sure-to-handle-the-3-errnos-that-are-alia.patch
G 0003-analyze-fix-plot-with-bad-y-size.patch
G 0004-job-add-waiting-jobs-to-run-queue-in-unit_coldplug.patch
G 0005-job-always-add-waiting-jobs-to-run-queue-during-cold.patch
G 0001-backlight-Avoid-restoring-brightness-to-an-unreadabl.patch
G 0002-backlight-do-nothing-if-max_brightness-is-0.patch
G 0003-backlight-unify-error-messages.patch
G 0004-backlight-warn-if-kernel-exposes-backlight-device-wi.patch
G 0005-backlight-handle-saved-brightness-exceeding-max-brig.patch
G 0001-replace-more-dup-by-F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC.patch
G 0002-pam_systemd-use-F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC-when-dupping-session.patch
G 0001-core-close-socket-fds-asynchronously.patch
G 0002-logind-bring-polkit-policy-for-hibernate-in-line-wit.patch
G 0003-core-make-sure-to-serialize-jobs-for-all-units.patch
G 0001-logind-ignore-lid-switch-if-more-than-1-display-is-c.patch
G 0002-logind-fix-printf-format.patch
G 0003-logind-ignore-lid-switch-events-for-30s-after-each-s.patch
G 0004-logind-Do-not-fail-display-count-if-a-device-has-no-.patch
G 0005-logind-move-lid-switch-handling-from-logind-main-to-.patch
G 0006-man-clarify-that-the-ExecReload-command-should-be-sy.patch
G 0007-man-readahead-fix-cmdline-switch-inconsistency-betwe.patch
G 0008-man-update-journald-rate-limit-defaults.patch
G 0009-nspawn-properly-format-container_uuid-in-UUID-format.patch
G 0010-logind-allow-suspending-if-there-are-no-displays.patch
G 0001-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0002-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0003-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0004-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0005-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0001-conf-parser-silently-ignore-sections-starting-with-X.patch
G 0002-man-note-that-entire-sections-can-now-be-ignored.patch
G 0004-machined-make-sure-GetMachineAddresses-is-available-.patch
G 0005-core-Filter-by-state-behind-the-D-Bus-API-not-in-the.patch
G 0006-login-add-mir-to-the-list-of-session-types.patch
G 0007-logind-fix-Display-property-of-user-objects.patch
G 0001-hwdb-update.patch
G 0002-hwdb-update.patch
G 0003-hwdb-PCI-include-primary-model-string-in-subsystem-m.patch
G 0004-hwdb-update.patch
G 0005-hwdb-update.patch
G 0001-journal-cleanup-up-error-handling-in-update_catalog.patch
G 0002-journal-properly-detect-language-specified-in-line.patch
G 0003-man-mention-XDG_CONFIG_HOME-in-systemd.unit.patch
G 0001-keymap-Add-Lenovo-Enhanced-USB-Keyboard.patch
G 0002-keymap-Asus-EeePC-touchpad-toggle-key.patch
G 0001-nspawn-allow-to-bind-mount-journal-on-top-of-a-non-e.patch
G 0002-nspawn-restore-journal-directory-is-empty-check.patch
G 0003-core-never-consider-failure-when-reading-drop-ins-fa.patch
G 0004-socket-properly-handle-if-our-service-vanished-durin.patch
G 0001-Do-not-unescape-unit-names-in-Install-section.patch
G 0002-analyze-run-use-bus_open_transport_systemd-instead-o.patch
G 0001-virt-rework-container-detection-logic.patch
G 0002-fsck-include-device-name-in-the-message-about-missin.patch
G 0003-units-use-KillMode-mixed-for-systemd-nspawn-.service.patch
G 0004-util-ignore_file-should-not-allow-files-ending-with.patch
G 0006-tty-ask-password-agent-Do-tell-what-directory-we-fai.patch
G 0007-keyboard-add-Plantronics-.Audio-mute-button.patch
G 0001-build-sys-use-glibc-s-xattr-support-instead-of-requi.patch
G 0001-hwdb-fix-case-sensitive-match.patch
G 0001-sd-event-restore-correct-timeout-behaviour.patch
G 0002-bus-make-use-of-sd_bus_try_close-in-exit-on-idle-ser.patch
G 0001-umount-modernizations.patch
G 0002-namespace-when-setting-up-an-inaccessible-mount-poin.patch
G 0003-core-allow-transient-mount-units.patch
G 0004-systemd-detect-virt-only-discover-Xen-domU.patch
G 0005-backlight-Do-not-clamp-brightness-for-LEDs.patch
G 0006-log-honour-the-kernel-s-quiet-cmdline-argument.patch
G 0001-core-fix-invalid-free-in-killall.patch
G 0003-install-fix-invalid-free-in-unit_file_mask.patch
G 0001-systemd-detect-virt-detect-s390-virtualization.patch
G 0001-core-sysvcompat-network-should-be-equivalent-to-netw.patch
G 0002-units-add-missing-caps-so-that-GetAddresses-can-work.patch
G 0003-units-order-systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service-after-tim.patch
G 0005-po-add-Greek-translation.patch
G 0006-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0007-po-add-German-translation.patch
G 0009-core-clean-up-signal-reset-logic-when-reexec.patch
G 0010-util-treat-fuse.sshfs-as-a-network-filesystem.patch
G 0011-build-sys-add-pthread-flag-for-libsystemd-shared.patch
G 0012-core-transaction-avoid-misleading-error-message-when.patch
G 0001-vconsole-also-copy-character-maps-not-just-fonts-fro.patch
G 0002-core-make-sure-Environment-fields-passed-in-for-tran.patch
G 0003-core-You-can-not-put-the-cached-result-of-use_smack-.patch
G 0004-cryptsetup-don-t-add-unit-dependency-on-dev-null-dev.patch
G 0005-man-fix-path-in-crypttab-5.patch
G 0001-core-use-correct-format-string-for-UIDs.patch
G 0002-core-transaction-fix-cycle-break-attempts-outside-tr.patch
G 0003-fsck-consider-a-fsck-implementation-linked-to-bin-tr.patch
G 0001-main-uid_to_name-might-fail-due-to-OOM-protect-again.patch
G 0002-journald-make-MaxFileSec-really-default-to-1month.patch
G 0003-units-remove-RefuseManualStart-from-units-which-are-.patch
G 0004-util-refuse-considering-UID-0xFFFF-and-0xFFFFFFFF-va.patch
G 0005-nspawn-block-open_by_handle_at-and-others-via-seccom.patch
G 0006-tmpfiles-don-t-do-automatic-cleanup-in-XDG_RUNTIME_D.patch
G 0007-units-skip-mounting-tmp-if-it-is-a-symlink.patch
G 0001-parse_uid-return-ENXIO-for-1-uids.patch
G 0002-util-when-unescaping-strings-don-t-allow-smuggling-i.patch
G 0003-localed-consider-an-unset-model-as-a-wildcard.patch
G 0004-sd-bus-when-an-event-loop-terminates-explicitly-clos.patch
G 0005-bus-close-a-bus-that-failed-to-connect.patch
G 0006-hwdb-update.patch
G 0007-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0001-architecture-Add-tilegx.patch
G 0002-architecture-Add-cris.patch
G 0003-arch-add-crisv32-to-uname-check.patch
G 0004-architecture-remove-cris-from-uname-list.patch
G 0003-namespace-make-sure-tmp-var-tmp-and-dev-are-writable.patch
G 0002-namespace-fix-uninitialized-memory-access.patch
G 0001-machine-don-t-return-uninitialized-variable.patch
G 0002-vconsole-setup-run-setfont-before-loadkeys.patch
G 0001-util-consider-0x7F-a-control-chracter-which-it-is-DE.patch
G 0002-util-don-t-consider-tabs-special-in-string_has_cc-an.patch
G 0003-architecture-add-string-table-entries-for-mips-le-ar.patch
G 0004-core-Added-support-for-ERRNO-NOTIFY_SOCKET-message-p.patch
G 0005-service-don-t-accept-negative-ERRNO-notification-mes.patch
G 0006-systemctl-show-StatusErrno-value-in-systemctl-status.patch
G 0007-service-flush-status-text-and-errno-values-each-time.patch
G 0001-journal-compress-return-early-in-uncompress_startswi.patch
G 0002-journal-compress-improve-xz-compression-performance.patch
G 0001-logind-allow-switching-to-unused-VTs-via-SwitchTo.patch
G 0002-hostnamed-add-a-new-chassis-type-for-watches.patch
G 0001-units-make-ExecStopPost-action-part-of-ExecStart.patch
G 0001-event-pull-in-sd-event.h-from-event-util.h.patch
G 0002-util-fix-has-cc-check-and-add-test.patch
G 0003-sd-event-always-call-epoll_ctl-on-mask-updates-if-ed.patch
G 0004-fileio-quote-more-shell-characters-in-envfiles.patch
G 0001-Clear-up-confusion-wrt.-ENTRY_SIZE_MAX-and-DATA_SIZE.patch
G 0002-units-serial-getty-.service-use-the-default-RestartS.patch
G 0001-po-add-Ukrainian-translation.patch
G 0002-man-document-yearly-and-annually-in-systemd.time-7.patch
G 0003-core-nicer-message-when-inotify-watches-are-exhauste.patch
G 0001-detect-virt-Fix-Xen-domU-discovery.patch
G 0002-Be-more-verbose-when-bind-or-listen-fails.patch
G 0003-Add-quotes-to-warning-message.patch
G 0004-systemd-return-the-first-error-from-manager_startup.patch
G 0001-bash-completion-p-option-for-journalctl.patch
G 0002-journalctl-man-allow-only-between-terms.patch
G 0003-systemd-use-pager-for-test-and-help.patch
G 0001-bus-proxyd-fix-incorrect-comparison.patch
G 0002-shell-completion-prevent-mangling-unit-names.patch
G 0003-Always-check-asprintf-return-code.patch
G 0004-bash-completion-use-list-unit-files-to-get-all-units.patch
G 0005-core-only-set-the-kernel-s-timezone-when-the-RTC-run.patch
G 0006-parse_boolean-require-exact-matches.patch
G 0007-drop_duplicates-copy-full-BindMount-struct.patch
G 0008-shell-completion-prevent-mangling-unit-names-bash.patch
G 0009-journald-always-add-syslog-facility-for-messages-com.patch
G 0001-sysv-order-initscripts-which-provide-network-before-.patch
G 0002-keymap-Add-microphone-mute-keymap-for-Dell-Latitude.patch
G 0003-keymap-Annotate-all-micmute-workarounds.patch
G 0007-hwdb-update.patch
G 0001-nspawn-fix-truncation-of-machine-names-in-interface-.patch
G 0002-switch-root-umount-the-old-root-correctly.patch
G 0003-bootchart-it-s-not-OK-to-return-1-from-a-main-progra.patch
G 0004-login-set_controller-should-fail-if-prepare_vt-fails.patch
G 0005-sd-resolve-fix-allocation-if-query-ids-never-reuse-t.patch
G 0006-login-share-VT-signal-handler-between-sessions.patch
G 0007-journald-also-increase-the-SendBuffer-of-dev-log-to-.patch
G 0008-mount-setup-fix-counting-of-early-mounts-without-SMA.patch
G 0009-journald-Fix-off-by-one-error-in-Missed-X-kernel-mes.patch
G 0010-machine_kill-Don-t-kill-the-unit-when-killing-the-le.patch
G 0011-units-fix-BindsTo-logic-when-applied-relative-to-ser.patch
G 0012-util-try-to-be-a-bit-more-NFS-compatible-when-checki.patch
G 0001-hwdb-keymaps-for-Samsung-900X3E-900X3F.patch
G 0002-Add-hwdb-entry-for-Samsung-Series-7-Ultra.patch
G 0003-keymap-Fix-HP-Pavillon-DV7.patch
G 0004-hwdb-update-format-description-and-document-reloadin.patch
G 0008-hwdb-update.patch
G 0001-systemctl-Correct-error-message-printed-when-bus_pro.patch
G 0002-units-order-systemd-fsck-.service-after-local-fs-pre.patch
G 0003-keymap-Adjust-for-more-Samsung-900X4-series.patch
G 0001-login-fix-memory-leak-on-DropController.patch
G 0002-util-fix-minimal-race-where-we-might-miss-SIGTERMs-w.patch
G 0003-sd-journal-properly-convert-object-size-on-big-endia.patch
G 0004-sd-journal-verify-that-object-start-with-the-field-n.patch
G 0001-nspawn-fix-network-interface.patch
G 0001-completion-filter-templates-from-restartable-units.patch
G 0002-systemd-fix-error-message.patch
G 0003-Quote-unit-names-in-suggested-systemctl-commandlines.patch
G 0004-config-parser-fix-mem-leak.patch
G 0005-login-fix-mem-leak.patch
G 0001-login-simplify-controller-handling.patch
G 0001-initrd-parse-etc.service-ignore-return-code-of-daemo.patch
G 0008-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0009-hwdb-update.patch
G 0001-systemctl-allow-to-change-the-default-target-without.patch
G 0001-activate-fix-fd-leak-in-do_accept.patch
G 0002-analyze-avoid-a-null-dereference.patch
G 0003-analyze-fix-mem-leak.patch
G 0004-backlight-Avoid-error-when-state-restore-is-disabled.patch
G 0005-bus-avoid-using-m-kdbus-after-freeing-it.patch
G 0006-bus-unref-buscreds-on-failure.patch
G 0007-core-fix-a-potential-mem-leak.patch
G 0008-core-smack-setup-Actually-allow-for-succesfully-load.patch
G 0009-journal-do-not-leak-mmaps-on-OOM.patch
G 0010-manager-use-correct-cleanup-function.patch
G 0001-core-fix-resource-leak-in-manager_environment_add.patch
G 0002-util-remove-a-unnecessary-check.patch
G 0003-udev-event-explicitly-don-t-read-from-invalid-fd.patch
G 0004-shared-conf-parser.patch
G 0005-logind-fix-typo.patch
G 0006-systemctl-fix-resource-leak-CID-1237747.patch
G 0007-libudev-monitor-warn-if-we-fail-to-request-SO_PASSCR.patch
G 0008-shared-conf-parser-don-t-leak-memory-on-error-in-DEF.patch
G 0009-bus-fix-bus_print_property-to-use-int-for-booleans.patch
G 0001-journal-Do-not-count-on-the-compiler-initializing-fo.patch
G 0002-include-fcntl.h-rather-than-sys-fcntl.h.patch
G 0003-mount-order-options-before-other-arguments-to-mount.patch
G 0004-shared-wtmp-utmp-don-t-clear-store_wtmp-in-utmp_put_.patch
G 0005-shared-label.h-add-missing-stdio.h-include.patch
G 0006-shared-sparse-endian.h-add-missing-byteswap.h-includ.patch
G 0001-login-pause-devices-before-acknowledging-VT-switches.patch
G 0001-nspawn-don-t-try-to-create-veth-link-with-too-long-i.patch
G 0001-socket-introduce-SELinuxContextFromNet-option.patch
G 0002-util-avoid-non-portable-__WORDSIZE.patch
G 0001-Fix-warning-about-unused-variable-with-SELINUX.patch
G 0002-bus-remove-unused-check.patch
G 0001-systemd-tmpfiles-Fix-IGNORE_DIRECTORY_PATH-age-handl.patch
G 0001-logind-add-support-for-Triton2-Power-Button.patch
G 0002-logind-add-support-for-TPS65217-Power-Button.patch
G 0001-shutdownd-clean-up-initialization-of-struct.patch
G 0003-bootchart-parse-userinput-with-safe_atoi.patch
G 0004-bootchart-check-return-of-strftime.patch
G 0005-bootchart-Do-not-try-to-access-data-for-non-existing.patch
G 0001-journalctl-do-not-output-reboot-markers-when-running.patch
G 0002-udev-hwdb-New-Entry-for-Dell-XPS12-9Q33-keyboard.patch
G 0001-core-swap-only-make-configured-units-part-of-swap.ta.patch
G 0009-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0001-virt-detect-that-we-are-running-inside-the-docker-co.patch
G 0002-bootchart-use-n-a-if-PRETTY_NAME-is-not-found.patch
G 0003-fileio-label-return-error-when-writing-fails.patch
G 0001-sd-event-don-t-require-a-signal-event-source-to-be-e.patch
G 0004-sd-event-check-the-value-of-received-signal.patch
G 0005-sd-id128-do-stricter-checking-of-random-boot-id.patch
G 0001-keymap-Fix-touchpad-toggle-on-Toshiba-Satellite-P75-.patch
G 0002-keymap-Fix-touchpad-toggle-key-on-Asus-laptops.patch
G 0003-sd-bus-check-return-value-of-vasprintf.patch
G 0005-util-avoid-double-close-of-fd.patch
G 0001-systemctl-when-mangle-unit-names-for-the-isolate-suf.patch
G 0001-tmpfiles-compare-return-against-correct-errno.patch
G 0001-shell-completion-fix-completion-of-inactive-units.patch
G 0002-shell-completion-propose-templates-for-disable-re-en.patch
G 0003-man-we-don-t-have-Wanted-dependency.patch
G 0004-selinux-fix-potential-double-free-crash-in-child-pro.patch
G 0001-systemd-continue-switch-root-even-if-umount-fails.patch
G 0002-systemd-try-harder-to-bind-to-notify-socket.patch
G 0001-strv-add-an-additional-overflow-check-when-enlarging.patch
G 0002-hwdb-Add-mapping-for-special-keys-on-compaq-ku-0133-.patch
G 0003-journald-add-CAP_MAC_OVERRIDE-in-journald-for-SMACK-.patch
G 0004-journal-do-server_vacuum-for-sigusr1.patch
G 0005-cryptsetup-fix-an-OOM-check.patch
G 0002-shutdown-pass-own-argv-to-run-initramfs-shutdown.patch
G 0001-manager-Linux-on-hppa-has-fewer-rtsigs-hence-avoid-u.patch
G 0002-time-also-support-infinity-syntax-in-parse_nsec.patch
G 0003-time-earlier-exit-from-format_timestamp_relative-on-.patch
G 0004-sd-bus-if-we-don-t-manage-to-properly-allocate-the-e.patch
G 0005-journalctl-correct-help-text-for-until.patch
G 0006-calendarspec-fix-typo-in-annually.patch
G 0007-systemctl-do-not-ignore-errors-in-symlink-removal.patch
G 0008-util-introduce-sethostname_idempotent.patch
G 0009-util-fix-copy-paste-error-and-actually-set-the-new-h.patch
G 0010-shutdown-do-final-unmounting-only-if-not-running-ins.patch
G 0011-selinux-make-sure-we-do-not-try-to-print-missing-fie.patch
G 0012-manager-do-not-print-anything-while-passwords-are-be.patch
G 0001-sd-bus-properly-handle-removals-of-non-existing-matc.patch
G 0002-keymap-Ignore-brightness-keys-on-Dell-Inspiron-1520-.patch
G 0001-core-don-t-allow-enabling-if-unit-is-masked.patch
G 0002-snapshot-return-error-when-snapshot-exists.patch
G 0003-shared-install-avoid-prematurely-rejecting-missing-u.patch
G 0004-Raise-level-of-Found-dependency.-lines.patch
G 0005-units-order-sd-journal-flush-after-sd-remount-fs.patch
G 0006-journald-fix-minor-memory-leak.patch
G 0007-journald-also-check-journal-file-size-to-deduce-if-i.patch
G 0008-journald-fix-memory-leak-on-error-path.patch
G 0009-units-make-systemd-journald.service-Type-notify.patch
G 0010-hwdb-Update-database-of-Bluetooth-company-identifier.patch
G 0001-login-rerun-vconsole-setup-when-switching-from-vgaco.patch
G 0002-shutdown-fix-arguments-to-run-initramfs-shutdown.patch
G 0003-utf8-when-looking-at-the-next-unichar-honour-the-siz.patch
G 0001-keymap-Add-support-for-IBM-ThinkPad-X41-Tablet.patch
G 0002-keymap-Fix-special-keys-on-ThinkPad-X60-X61-Tablet.patch
G 0001-systemctl-let-list-units-unit-files-honour-type.patch
G 0002-systemctl-obey-state-in-list-unit-files.patch
G 0002-core-watchdog-bus-properties-cannot-be-both-writable.patch
G 0003-sd-bus-refuse-properties-that-claim-to-be-both-writa.patch
G 0001-units-make-sure-rfkill-service-is-bount-to-the-actua.patch
G 0001-selinux-access-fix-broken-ternary-operator.patch
G 0002-systemctl-show-BindsTo-BoundBy-in-list-dependencies.patch
G 0003-cryptsetup-default-to-no-hash-when-keyfile-is-specif.patch
G 0004-core-fix-transaction-destructiveness-check-once-more.patch
G 0001-units-tmpfiles-setup-dev-allow-unsafe-file-creation-.patch
G 0002-man-tmpfiles.d-recommend-using-b-and-c.patch
G 1009-cdrom_id-use-the-old-MMC-fallback.patch
G 1010-udev-increase-result-size-for-programs.patch
G 1014-udev-update-net_id-comments.patch
G 1015-udev-persistent-naming-we-cannot-use-virtio-numbers-.patch
G 1016-udev-warn-when-name_to_handle_at-is-not-implemented.patch
G 1017-udev-serialize-synchronize-block-device-event-handli.patch
G 1018-udev-do-not-skip-the-execution-of-RUN-when-renaming-.patch
G 1019-udev-avoid-use-of-uninitialized-err.patch
G 1020-udev-keyboard-also-hook-into-change-events.patch
G 1022-udev-remove-seqnum-API-and-all-assumptions-about-seq.patch
G 1023-udev-builtin-keyboard-do-tell-on-which-device-EVIOCS.patch
G 1024-udev-always-close-lock-file-descriptor.patch
G 1025-udev-exclude-device-mapper-from-block-device-ownersh.patch
G 1026-udevd-inotify-modernizations.patch
G 1027-udev-synthesize-change-events-for-partitions-when-to.patch
G 1028-udev-link-config-fix-mem-leak.patch
G 1029-udev-try-first-re-reading-the-partition-table.patch
G 1030-udev-guard-REREADP-logic-with-open-O_ECXL.patch
G 1031-udev-make-sure-we-always-get-change-for-the-disk.patch
G 1032-udev-guard-REREADPT-by-exclusive-lock-instead-of-O_E.patch
G 1033-udev-really-exclude-device-mapper-from-block-device.patch
G 1034-udev-check-the-return-value-from-udev_enumerate_scan.patch
G 1038-udev-fix-invalid-free-in-enable_name_policy.patch
G 1039-udevadm-settle-fixed-return-code-for-empty-queue.patch
G 1041-libudev-fix-udev_queue_get_queue_is_empty-logic.patch
G 1042-libudev-queue-provide-file-descriptor-to-watch-busy-.patch
G 1043-libudev-queue-watch-entire-directory-to-allow-the-re.patch
G 1044-rules-update-qemu-hid-rules.patch
G 1045-rules-don-t-enable-usb-pm-for-Avocent-devices.patch
G 1047-udev-net_setup_link-builtin-should-print-the-reason-.patch
G 1048-udev-net_setup_link-add-a-bit-more-logging.patch
G 1049-udev-link_config-ignore-errors-due-to-missing-MAC-ad.patch
G 1052-rules-uaccess-add-ID_SOFTWARE_RADIO.patch
G 1054-udev-exclude-MD-from-block-device-ownership-event-lo.patch
G 1056-udevd-add-event-timeout-commandline-option.patch
G 1057-udev-unify-event-timeout-handling.patch
G 1058-udev-unify-event-timeout-handling.patch
G 1059-udev-fixup-commit-dd5eddd28a74a49607a8fffcaf960040db.patch
G 1061-rules-allow-systemd-to-manage-loop-device-partitions.patch
G 1063-udev-path_id-suppress-ID_PATH-for-devices-with-an-un.patch
G 1064-udev-hwdb-do-not-look-at-usb_device-parents.patch
G 1065-udev-bump-event-timeout-to-60-seconds.patch
G 1067-udev-always-resolve-correctly-database-names-on-chan.patch
G 1069-rules-net-setup-link-preserve-ID_NET_LINK_FILE-and-I.patch
G 1070-rules-net-setup-link-remove-stray-linebreak.patch
G 1071-udev-import-the-full-db-on-MOVE-events-for-devices-w.patch
G 1072-udev-netif_rename-don-t-log-to-kmsg.patch
G 1073-udev-drop-print_kmsg.patch
G 1074-udev-fix-copy-paste-error-in-log-message.patch
G 1075-udev-timeout-increase-timeout.patch
G 1076-udev-timeout-warn-after-a-third-of-the-timeout-befor.patch
G 1077-udev-timeout-warn-after-a-third-of-the-timeout-befor.patch
G 1078-udev-remove-userspace-firmware-loading-support.patch
G 1079-udev-remove-userspace-firmware-loading-support.patch
G 1080-udevd-parse_argv-warn-if-argumens-are-invalid.patch
G 1081-udevd-check-return-of-various-functions.patch
G 1082-udevadm-hwdb-check-return-value-of-fseeko.patch
G 1083-udev-node-warn-if-chmod-chown-fails.patch
G 1084-udev-ctrl-log-if-setting-SO_PASSCRED-fails.patch
G 1085-udev-fix-typos.patch
G 1086-udevd-don-t-fail-if-run-udev-exists.patch
G 1089-fix-cgroup-device-controller.patch
G 1090-udev-path_id-set-supported_parent-for-well-known-SCS.patch
G 1091-udev-path_id-update-comments.patch
G 1092-libudev-do-not-accept-invalid-log-levels.patch
G 1093-udev-Fix-parsing-of-udev.event-timeout-kernel-parame.patch
G 1094-udev-avoid-magic-constants-in-kernel-cmdline-parsers.patch
G 1098-udev-link_setup-respect-kernel-name-assign-policy.patch
- update set-and-use-default-logconsole.patch - fix comparison of
console log facility that caused journald to skip output to console
- Use Robert's latest patch
which drops NAMEPOLICY_KERNEL as this breaks all on current
systems out there
- remove 0022-systemd-tmpfiles-ownerkeep.patch since this is now
implemented into the systemd-tmpfiles binary
- add user based ignore statements in tmpfiles removal directives
add systemd-add-user-keep.patch
- use --boot option in systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service (bnc#908476)
add upstream patches:
0002-man-tmpfiles.d-recommend-using-b-and-c.patch (adapted)
- Update patch
to Robert's version
- Add upstream patches
- Avoid old net devices naming scheme on openSUSE 13.2 and less
maybe caused by patch
- fix systemd-nspawn network-veth support (bnc#906709)
add 513-nspawn-veth.patch
- Add upstream patch
which may solve bsc#907318
- Add upstream patches
- Change the maximum number of children from CPU_COUNT * 256 to
Update 1097-udevd-increase-maximum-number-of-children.patch
- Increase number of children/workers to CPU_COUNT * 256 to avoid
'maximum number of children reached' (bnc#907393).
Add 1097-udevd-increase-maximum-number-of-children.patch
- Fix error return in rootsymlink_generator.c
Update 1096-new-udev-root-symlink-generator.patch
- Remove upstream patch
as systemd-logind.service is already from DBus type, compare with
upstream commit eab459bc0639b81b32735f36d3e929e4bfa2cb4b
- Add upstream patches
- Re-add directory /usr/lib/systemd/system/
- remove again, pm-utils built-in hooks
partially duplicate hooks run by systemd which may potentially
lead to problems, instead temporarily re-enable
Forward-suspend-hibernate-calls-to-pm-utils.patch until
boo#904828 can be addressed properly
- fix bashisms in write_net_rules script
- update patches:
* 1053-better-checks-in-write_net_rules.patch
- Add upstream patches
which allows to use --type in the systemctl command list-units
and list-unit-files.
- Add upstream patches
- New root symlink rule generator
Add 1096-new-udev-root-symlink-generator.patch
- Remove write_dev_root_rule and systemd-udev-root-symlink
- Change patch 0001-add-hdflush-for-reboot-or-hddown-for-poweroff.patch
to skip hdflush as well as hddown but only use halt as fallback
for poweroff as well as synch in systemctl before any reboot command
(compare with commit 4a3ad39957399c4a30fc472a804e72907ecaa4f9)
- Create rule to set I/O scheduler to deadline if device attribute
'rotational' equals 0, usually SSDs (bnc#904517).
Add 1095-set-ssd-disk-to-use-deadline-scheduler.patch
- fix systemd-fstab-generator crypttab parsing (bnc#903963)
- Add in order to run pm-utils sleep hooks
from systemd (boo#904828)
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add patch watch_resolv.conf_for_become_changed.patch to add an
inotify watch on /etc/resolv.conf which enables the reload of
a changed resolver configuration on the fly (bsc#902901)
- Do not apply patch 0022-systemd-tmpfiles-ownerkeep.patch in case
if the script /usr/bin/systemd-tmpfiles-keep is missed
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
which will be applied if patch
is applied a this may fix the trouble with iSCSI (bnc#898233)
- Add upstream patches
- Replace patch
keep-crypt-password-prompt.patch as this with
upstream patch
- Add upstream patch
- Add patch journald-advice-about-use-of-memory.patch to use mmap()
flags as well as madvise(2) for journal files.
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch 1089-fix-cgroup-device-controller.patch
to avoid trouble on existing /dev/console with nspawn (bsc#902240)
- Modify patch avoid-leaking-socket-descriptors.patch to close
file descriptors for incomming connections in pam module in case
of short memory.
- Add upstream patches
- Add patch avoid-leaking-socket-descriptors.patch to close
file descriptors if an incomming connection can not be handled
due e.g. short memory. Could be related to bsc #901481
- Add upstream patches
- Adapt patch
to make it work even with patch #438 and #439
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Revert patch 1063, which incorrectly disallows
/dev/disk/by-path links for iSCSI (and other)
devices. Will be corrected and re-added once
upstream is consulted. (bnc#898233). Disable:
- Add upstream patch
for bsc#893797
- Drop renaming virtual interfaces in a guest (bnc#898432).
Add 1088-drop-renaming-of-virtual-interfaces-in-guest.patch
- Rename patch 0001-infinit-timeout-for-kmod-loaded-modules.patch
to patch 1087-infinit-timeout-for-kmod-loaded-modules.patch
and apply this one
- Change patch
to fix bsc#898240
- Add upstream patches
- Add patch 0001-infinit-timeout-for-kmod-loaded-modules.patch to
be able to avoid killing a running kmod/modprobe (bnc#889297)
- Update patch 0001-bnc888612-logind-polkit-acpi.patch
- Add upstream patches
May help that history of the shell is saved
0001-socket-introduce-SELinuxContextFromNet-option.patch (bsc#897801)
- Add patch 0001-bnc888612-logind-polkit-acpi.patch from Frederic
to solve bnc#888612 - AUDIT-0: Power button press at gdm login
should not prompt for credentials
- Add upstream bugfix patches
- Add upstream bugfix patches
- Remove 0001-sizeof-bool-used-by-gcc-depends-on-arch.patch as
is the upstream solution
- Add patch 0001-sizeof-bool-used-by-gcc-depends-on-arch.patch to
fix for the size of the gcc builtin type bool also known as _Bool
from the include header stdbool.h.
- Add upstream patches as real fixes
- Intergrate the work of Robert and rename the patch
to 1078-udev-remove-userspace-firmware-loading-support.patch
Also add patch
to apply the same change for opensuse 13.2 and above
- Add upstream patch
to allow to override default target without --force (bnc#896664)
- Add upstream patches for udev
1075-udev-timeout-increase-timeout.patch (bnc#889297)
1076-udev-timeout-warn-after-a-third-of-the-timeout-befor.patch (bnc#889297)
1077-udev-timeout-warn-after-a-third-of-the-timeout-befor.patch (bnc#889297)
- udev: remove userspace firmware loading support (bnc#889297).
Add 1068-udev-remove-userspace-firmware-loading-support.patch
- udev: always resolve correctly database names on 'change' event
Add 1067-udev-always-resolve-correctly-database-names-on-chan.patch
- Add upstream patch 0009-hwdb-update.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Disable patch
for SLES-12 as well as for openSUSE-13.2 (bnc#895087)
- udev: add option to generate old 'buggy' serials (bnc#886852)
Add 1066-udev-add-compatibility-links-for-truncated-by-id-links.patch
- Add upstream patch
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch 0001-nspawn-fix-network-interface.patch to
make option network-interface of systemd-nspawn work
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch
to avoid that hwdb ID's for unrecognised USB device are taken
from the USB hub.
- Add upstream patches
- Add patch use-rndaddentropy-ioctl-to-load-random-seed.patch to
use RNDADDENTROPY ioctl to load random-seed and to increase
entropy count as well (bnc#892096)
- Add upstream patches for hwdb
- Port back and add the missed upstream patches from 2014/08/22
- Add upstream patches
- man pages from section 3 are developer docs, move them to
the -devel package.
- Add patch 0001-let-systemctl-completion-ignore-at-names.patch to
remove error messages for tab completion for systemctl isolate (bnc#892162)
- Disable the usage of the systemd groups wheel and adm (bnc#892300)
- Set default permissions for GenWQE device nodes to 0666 (bnc#890977).
Add 1062-rules-set-default-permissions-for-GenWQE-devices.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Rename:
- udev: use device mapper target name for btrfs device ready (bnc#888215).
- Add udev-use-device-mapper-target-name-for-btrfs-device-ready.patch
- Add patch tomcat6-var-lock-subsys-legacy.patch to add the
compatibility directory /var/lock/subsys (bnc#889357)
- Add portabiltiy patch
- Port and add upstream patch
- Add patch tty-ask-password-agent-on-console.patch that is for system
console do ask passphrases on all devices of the console (bnc#886211)
- Add former SUSE and/now upstream patches (bnc#889297)
1058-udev-unify-event-timeout-handling.patch (backport for
compatibility if patch 1022 is not applied)
- Add patch shut-up-rpmlint-on-var-log-journal.patch to avoid
rpmlink warning
- Add upstream patches
- Disable blkrrpart for SLES12 and below
- Add upstream patch
- Add with condition blkrrpart to be able to disable the patches
1025, 1027, 1029, 1030, 1031, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1037, and 1054
which uses the BLKRRPART ioctl for e.g. synthesize change events
which may interfere with other tools like parted.
- Update
handle-numlock-value-in-etc-sysconfig-keyboard.patch: read
/etc/vconsole.conf after /etc/sysconfig/(keyboard,console)
otherwise empty value in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard might override
/etc/vconsole.conf values.
- Update :
set-and-use-default-logconsole.patch: fix all warnings in code
- Remove 0001-compress-fix-return-value.patch: not relevant to
systemd v210 code.
- Also change udev-generate-peristent-rule to udev-generate-persistent-rule
in file list
- Rename (fix typo in script name): to
- Enable better checks in write_net_rules to skip adding duplicated
entries in the generate rules (bnc#888178).
Add 1053-better-checks-in-write_net_rules.patch
- Change patch set-and-use-default-logconsole.patch to avoid to
write security/authorization (private) messages to console
- Add patch set-and-use-default-logconsole.patch to use and set
the default logging console for both journald and kernel messages
- Add upstream patches
- Use verify scripts and add permission files for systemd logger
- Avoid useless warning about static systemd unit files
- Make pam file a config file
- Remove non-break-space from this changelog
- Add upstream patches
- Replace patch 0001-fix-only-discover-Xen-domU.patch with
upstream patch 0001-detect-virt-Fix-Xen-domU-discovery.patch
- Replace patch 0001-detect-s390-virt.patch with upstream
patch 0001-systemd-detect-virt-detect-s390-virtualization.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Add patch 0001-fix-only-discover-Xen-domU.patch to fix upstream
patch 0004-systemd-detect-virt-only-discover-Xen-domU.patch
- Check if NAME key has a value before going thru the rule (bnc#885232).
Add 1051-check-if-NAME-has-a-value.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Only rename SRIOV-VF devices if device name start with eth (bnc#885232).
Add 1050-only-rename-SRIOV-VF-devices-when-name-starts-with-eth.patch
- Add patch vhangup-on-all-consoles.patch that is do a vhangup on
lines (bnc#886599)
- Removed %{_libexecdir}/modules-load.d/efivars.conf because the kernel
patch of autoload efivars driver accepted by linux-efi upstream.
- Update patch
1007-physical-hotplug-cpu-and-memory.patch (bnc#869603)
- Add script systemd-remount-tmpfs (bnc#869603) as helper script
for the rule changed in patch 1007-physical-hotplug-cpu-and-memory.patch
- Add upstream patch
- Only on SLES12 seccomp is available on ppc64 and s390x
- Port and add upstream patch
- Add patches
- Port and add upstream patches
- enable seccomp also for ppc64 and s390x
- Port and add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch
- Add upstream patch
- Port and add upstream patch
- Rename
- Port and add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Fix duplicated rules when having layer3 interfaces (bnc#882714).
Add 1046-fix-duplicated-rules-with-layer3-interfaces.patch
- Require correct pam-config version overall even for scriptlets (bnc#885288)
- Add upstream patches
- Be aware that close_nointr_nofail() may fail whereas safe_close() not
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream bug fix patch
1041-libudev-fix-udev_queue_get_queue_is_empty-logic.patch (bnc#882714)
- Update of patch 0001-detect-s390-virt.patch (bnc#880438)
- Shut up stupid check scripts crying for not mentioned systemd-mini-rpmlintrc
- Add upstream patchs
- Add upstream patch
to make sure that follows
- rules: re-enable dev_id conditionally in persistent rules
(bnc#884403 and bnc#882714).
Add 1040-re-enable-dev_id-conditionally-in-persistent-rules.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch
1039-udevadm-settle-fixed-return-code-for-empty-queue.patch it
fixes udevadm settle exit code which may had broken dracut scripts
(bnc#884271 comment#18)
- Temporary disable patch 1022 (bnc#884271 and bnc#882714).
- Rename 0002-udev-fix-invalid-free-in-enable_name_policy.patch
to 1038-udev-fix-invalid-free-in-enable_name_policy.patch
- Replace patches
0001-systemd-empty-sigmask-on-reexec.patch with
upstream 0008-Reset-signal-mask-on-re-exec-to-init.patch
ensure-sysctl-are-applied-after-modules-are-loaded.patch with
getty-generator-with-serial-3270-tty.patch with
upstream 0004-getty-generator-properly-escape-instance-names.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Invert of the boolean for locking scheme of fsck (bnc#881125)
- Remove the ghost entry /etc/hostname and require the netcfg
- make sure legacy services that depend on network are started after
network is available (bnc#883565)
* 0001-core-sysvcompat-network-should-be-equivalent-to-netw.patch
* update insserv-generator.patch to translate $network into
- Add patch 0001-detect-s390-virt.patch from Thomas Blume (bnc#880438)
to detect the virtualization layers on s390x as well
- Do not generate synthesize change for cd/dvd (bnc#882714, comment #51)
add patch 1037-udev-exclude-cd-dvd-from-block-device.patch from
Roberts suggestion as well as readd
- Add upstream patches
- rules: disable usage of dev_id in persistent rules (bnc#882714).
add: 1036-rules-disable-usage-of-dev_id-in-persistent-rules.patch
- Disable patch (bnc#882714).
- Add patch
from Hannes Reinecke to avoid a race condition between variable
'SYSTEMD_READY=0' and 'systemd' tag within udev rules (bnc#881942)
- Add workaround for bnc#882393 by adding the systemd update utmp
runlevel service to the wanted unit of e.g. the graphical target
- Add some later on created files to our file list
- Generate %{_libexecdir}/modules-load.d/efivars.conf so we load efivars
module at boot time not from udev (bnc#881559).
- Do not build EFI support code in architectures on which
the kernel does not support CONFIG_EFI, it won't work.
(ia64 also supports it, but that's dead so is not included)
- Add patch tmpfiles-do-not-clean-for-mandb-index-files.patch
there is no need to clean out all 30 days the index data base
files nor the cachedir tags of mandb. Those files are used
for whatis(1) as well as for apropos(1).
- Do not override predictable names for openSUSE
- Remove systemd-detect-xendom.patch as it becomes obsolete with
upstream patch 0004-systemd-detect-virt-only-discover-Xen-domU.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Change detection of new locking scheme of fsck
- Change 1021-udev-re-add-persistent-net-rules.patch to use persistent
rules as a default on SLES-12 and predictable rules as a default
- Add cflags shell function to check possible flags for the compiler
as well as for the linker
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch 0001-hwdb-fix-case-sensitive-match.patch
- Add dynamic detection of util-linux version to be able to
disable the fsck option -l for version less than 2.25.0
- Add changes from Cristian Rodríguez:
* The patches
delay-fsck-cryptsetup-after-md-dmraid-lvm-are-started.patch and
indeed mention unit files which do not exist anymore.
- Make sure that systemd-ask-password-wall.service has a tty as
it is not sure that a tty1 exists
- Avoid broken firmware loading on newer distributions as 13.1
- Correct version check for the tcp-devel drop
- Use correct permissions for /var/log/journal
- Use ACLs for /var/log/journal as described in
- Correct the libseccomp distribution version test must be >= 13.1
- In order to use unit directive AppArmorProfile= libapparmor-devel
must be present in buildRequires.
- apply-ACL-for-nvidia-uvm-device-node.patch: set ACL on nvidia-uvm
device (bnc#879767).
- Add changes from Cristian Rodríguez:
* fix keep-crypt-password-prompt.patch which floods the system
logs with bogus opendir failures, still the wrong thing to do however.
* Use %find_lang to collect locale files
* systemd-no-libattr.patch: systemd does not require libattr
but just sys/xattr.h, therefore drop the dependency.
(from upstream)
* Again, drop tcp-devel from buildRequires, this time it is not a
SUSE specific feature removal, tcpd supportdisappeared in systemd
212 and we shouldn't keep it around.
- Add patch 0001-build-sys-use-glibc-s-xattr-support-instead-of-requi.patch
that is rename systemd-no-libattr.patch to git format
- Drop tcp-devel only for *next* openSUSE and not for SLES-12 nor
for openSUSE 13.1
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches to update keyboard data base
- Add upstream patches for udev
- Fix enabling predictable rules when using net.ifnames=1.
update: 1021-udev-re-add-persistent-net-rules.patch
- Re-add persistent rules as a default and make predictable rules as
fallback (bnc#880732).
add: 1021-udev-re-add-persistent-net-rules.patch
- udev: remove seqnum API and all assumptions about seqnums
add: 1022-udev-remove-seqnum-API-and-all-assumptions-about-seq.patch
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patch
- Add upstream patches to update keyboard data base
- Add upstream patches
- fix file list of systemd.pc
- Add a workaround for old distributions like 13.1 to avoid
deadlocks due NFS shares stopped after network
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches to update usb and pci company identifiers
- Move systemd.pc and udev.pc to their main packages (bnc#876587)
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches to update BluTooth company identifiers
- Add upstream patches to allow processes to serialize block device
events, also do execute the RUN tag if rename of a network device
- Rename 0002-udev-warn-when-name_to_handle_at-is-not-implemented.patch
to 1016-udev-warn-when-name_to_handle_at-is-not-implemented.patch
- Add upstream patches mainly for better lid handling (bnc#878525
and bnc#868019)
- Make baselibs.conf aware to use the appropiate %post and %postun
scriptlets which includes pam-config (bnc#877674)
- Add upstream patches
- Add upstream patches
to avoid that in pam session unwanted file descriptors are inherited
- Add patch log-target-null-instead-kmsg.patch from Thomas Blume
to enable the kernel developers to see a clean kmsg ring buffer
without any systemd/udev messages included (bnc#877021)
- Add upstream patches for backlight
- Add upstream patches
- Drop upstream-net_id-changes.patch and replace them with the correct
patches from upstream and their commits:
add: 1014-udev-update-net_id-comments.patch
add: 1015-udev-persistent-naming-we-cannot-use-virtio-numbers-.patch
- Add patch parse-crypttab-for-noauto-option.patch from Thomas Blume
to handle the option 'noauto' in /etc/crypttab (bnc#742774)
- Modify and extend patch
to have the correct terminal type used with agetty
- Add patch 0001-tmpfiles-fix-permissions-on-new-journal-files.patch
to allow users to access systemd user journal (bnc#876694)
- Port upstream patch
back to 210
- Add patch keep-crypt-password-prompt.patch from Thomas Blume
to fix bnc#875502 - fails to boot when swap space is encrypted
- Port upstream patch set for net_id back in patch
- Add patch shut-up-annoying-assertion-monotonic-clock-message.patch
to avoid annyoing messages on failing dual_timestamp_is_set in the
kernel's message ring buffer
- Update from latest git
- Modify and extend patch
to avoid also ANSI escape sequences for busy jobs on s390
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Add patch respect-nfs-bg-option.patch from Thomas Blume:
System fails to boot if nfs mounts get added to fstab (bnc#874665)
- Do not use runtime PM for some IBM consoles (bnc#868931)
- Extend avoid-divide-by-zero-sigtrap.patch to make the crash
handler know about SIGTRAP and SIGSYS
- Add avoid-divide-by-zero-sigtrap.patch which fixes bnc#867663
that is a divide by zero on a jobless system
- Use latest regenerate-initrd rpm macros (fate#313506)
- Add rescue-emergency-target-conflicts.patch to avoid that
emergency and rescue sulogin are fighting on console
- Modify systemd-sleep-grub to let work even
on XEN, changes from Thomas Blume (bnc#873432)
- Add backported upstream patch
- Add patch systemd-detect-xendom.patch from Thomas Blume
to be able to detect XEN dom0 as well as domU
- systemd conflicts with sysvinit, ven if the package systemd-sysvinit
does already conflict with sysvinit-init (bnc#873444)
- Add two patches from hare@xxxxxxxx
to solve bnc#872929
- Increase result size for programs stdout (bnc#867840).
add: 1010-udev-increase-result-size-for-programs.patch
- Update to the latest version.
- Clean-up spec file, re-arange patch to suit the setup, all udev
patches start with 1XXX-*.{patch,diff}.
- Rename: 0013-cdrom_id-use-the-old-MMC-fallback.patch to
- Rename: 1009-make-xsltproc-use-correct-ROFF-links.patch to
- Rename: 1010-do-not-install-sulogin-unit-with-poweroff.patch to
- Rename: 1014-journald-with-journaling-FS.patch to
- Rename: 1018-Make-LSB-Skripts-know-about-Required-and-Should.patch to
- Rename: 1019-make-completion-smart-to-be-able-to-redirect.patch to
- Rename: 1022-systemd-tmpfiles-ownerkeep.patch to
- Add patch portmap-wants-rpcbind-socket.patch to make sure that
rpcbind socket as well as service is up with the target
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Modify patch
to work together with
- Use Robert's revised 1006-udev-always-rename-network.patch
- Readd patch Forward-suspend-hibernate-calls-to-pm-utils.patch
older code base as 13.1 only
- Add patch avoid-random-hangs-on-timeouts-due-lost-cwd.patch
to be able to terminate the user manager even if cwd of the
user is gone
- add prepare-suspend-to-disk.patch
enable suspend conditions check and preparation for systemd-sleep
(fate#316824, bnc#856389, bnc#856392)
- remove Forward-suspend-hibernate-calls-to-pm-utils.patch since it is
- add boot-local-start.patch
fix startup for /etc/init.d/boot.local (bnc#869142)
- also autoreconf in systemd-mini to simplify spec file logic
and fix build in staging:gcc49
(obsoleting 0002-make-209-working-on-older-dist.patch)
- Be sure that the refreshed manual pages are installed
- Add patch systemctl-set-default-target.patch which explain how
to override the by using --force (bnc#868439)
- Add Robert's udev-generate-peristent-rule shell script to
udev's tool library
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Add patch getty-generator-with-serial-3270-tty.patch to avoid
harmless error messages on not existing getty@3270 files
- Replace systemd-big-endian-reply-matching.patch with upstream
to solve broken systemd communication with and over dbus (bnc#866732)
- Readd patch 1008-add-msft-compability-rules.patch for
older code base as 13.1
- Modify to throw an error if a patch will be
applied which modifies one of,, or as this breaks bootstrapping
- Add second version of make-209-working-on-older-dist.patch
to be able to apply for bootstrapping version
- Don't require non-existing binutils-gold
- Avoid file conflict between udev and systemd (bnc#868230)
- Modify patch
to ignore if /etc/sysconfig/kernel does not exist (bnc#865834)
- Add patch systemd-big-endian-reply-matching.patch
make sure that systemd can talk with dbus-daemon even on big
endian systems (bnc#866732)
- Due to previous reason, resurrect systemd-dbus-system-bus-address.patch
- Removed pkgconfig(dbus-1) BuildRequires - with 209 and newer, itis only
needed for quering default DBus directories, which we nowpass to configure.
This also unbreaks libdbus <-> systemd-miniBuild Cycle
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Make compeletion file parser work (bnc#867664)
- Integrate powerd handling in initctl service
+ Remove 1016-support-powerfail-with-powerstatus.patch
+ Remove systemd-powerfail
+ Add systemd-powerd-initctl-support.patch
- Remove 61-msft.rules; superseded by sg3_utils (bnc#866933)
- Persistent by-path links for ATA devices (FATE#317063)
+ Update 1001-re-enable-by_path-links-for-ata-devices.patch
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Add linker scripts as place holder of the old systemd shared
libraries now all included in (bnc#867128)
- Make patch 1006-udev-always-rename-network.patch work again
and add it again.
- address missing owner functionality in systemd-tmpfiles (fate#314974)
- Generate the bash completion files on the fly for the case of
not having the package bash-completion around
- Add or port upstream bugfix patches:
- Update to Release v210
+ systemd will now relabel /dev after loading the SMACK policy
according to SMACK rules.
+ A new unit file option AppArmoreProfile= has been added to
set the AppArmor profile for the processes of a unit.
+ A new condition check ConditionArchitecture= has been added
to conditionalize units based on the system architecture, as
reported by uname()'s "machine" field.
+ systemd-networkd now supports matching on the system
virtualization, architecture, kernel command line, host name
and machine ID.
+ logind is now a lot more aggressive when suspending the
machine due to a closed laptop lid.
+ logind will now watch SW_DOCK switches and inhibit reaction
to the lid switch if it is pressed.
+ nspawn will now make use of the devices cgroup controller by
default, and only permit creation of and access to the usual
API device nodes like /dev/null or /dev/random, as well as
access to (but not creation of) the pty devices.
+ systemd will now understand the usual M, K, G, T suffixes
according to SI conventions (i.e. to the base 1000) when
referring to throughput and hardware metrics.
+ The DeviceAllow= setting in unit files now supports a syntax
to whitelist an entire group of devices node majors at once,
based on the /proc/devices listing. For example, with the
string "char-pts" it is now possible to whitelist all
current and future pseudo-TTYs at once.
+ sd-event learned a new "post" event source. Event sources of
this type are triggered by the dispatching of any event
source of a type that is not "post". This is useful for
implementing clean-up and check event sources that are
triggered by other work being done in the program.
+ The compatibility libraries for,, and do not make use of IFUNC
- Dropped systemd patches as those are fixed upstream:
* 0001-units-serial-getty-.service-add-Install-section.patch
* 0001-shared-architecture.h-fix-preprocessor-directives.patch
* 0001-selinux-Don-t-attempt-to-load-policy-in-initramfs-if.patch
* 0001-sd-event-Fix-systemd-crash-when-using-timer-units.patchc
* 0001-make-tests-with-libseccomp-work.patch
* 0001-build-sys-Fix-compilation-of-nspawn-when-seccomp-is-.patch
* 0001-units-serial-getty-.service-add-Install-section.patch
- Dropped patches as those do not work anymore
* 1006-udev-always-rename-network.patch
- Renamed systemd patches as seen from git log:
* 0001-cdrom_id-use-the-old-MMC-fallback.patch
become 0002-cdrom_id-use-the-old-MMC-fallback.patch
* 0001-journalctl-refuse-extra-arguments-with-verify-and-si.patch
become 0003-journalctl-refuse-extra-arguments-with-verify-and-si.patch
* 0001-logs-show-fix-corrupt-output-with-empty-messages.patch
become 0004-logs-show-fix-corrupt-output-with-empty-messages.patch
- Add several upstream bugfix patches which are missed:
* 0001-build-sys-Add-setns-functions-if-not-in-the-C-librar.patch
* 0001-build-sys-Fix-compilation-of-nspawn-when-seccomp-is-.patch
* 0001-sd-event-Fix-systemd-crash-when-using-timer-units.patch
* 0001-selinux-Don-t-attempt-to-load-policy-in-initramfs-if.patch
* 0001-shared-architecture.h-fix-preprocessor-directives.patch
* 0005-mount-don-t-fire-PropertiesChanged-signals-for-mount.patch
* 0006-mount-don-t-send-out-PropertiesChanged-message-if-ac.patch
* 0007-Use-var-run-dbus-system_bus_socket-for-the-D-Bus-soc.patch
* 0008-README-document-that-var-run-must-be-a-symlink-run.patch
* 0009-Revert-back-to-var-run-at-a-couple-of-problems.patch
* 0010-Replace-var-run-with-run-in-remaining-places.patch
* 0011-fix-typo-in-iDRAC-network-interface-name-irdac-idrac.patch
* 0012-login-Allow-calling-org.freedesktop.login1.Seat.Swit.patch
* 0013-login-set-pos-slot-to-fallback-on-pos-eviction.patch
* 0014-login-fix-pos-array-allocation.patch
- Modified patches to make is build
* 0001-add-network-device-after-NFS-mount-units.patch
- Reenable libseccomp for the architecture for which libseccomp exists
- always install compat pkgconfig files, regardless if
compat libs is enabled or not
- disable use of libseccomp for sle12, library has not been ported
to most architectures
- do not use binutils-gold on s390/s390x, does not exist there
- fix exclude statements for bootstrap case
- Add upstream patches
+ 0001-cdrom_id-use-the-old-MMC-fallback.patch
+ 0001-logs-show-fix-corrupt-output-with-empty-messages.patch
+ 0001-journalctl-refuse-extra-arguments-with-verify-and-si.patch
- Add patch
which corrects sigmaks for reexec in initrd (bnc#864904)
- Add patch
to avoid error on not existing file /proc/self/loginuid
- Make patch
more smart that is make configure script les restrictive
- Make patch
apply to v209
- Update to Release v209 on the base of the work of Stefan Brüns
from declined submit request 223602:
+ A new tool "systemd-socket-proxyd" has been added
+ Add a new tool to save/restore rfkill state on
+ Save/restore state of keyboard backlights in addition to
display backlights on shutdown/boot.
+ udev learned a new SECLABEL{} construct to label device
nodes with a specific security label when they appear. For
now, only SECLABEL{selinux} is supported, but the syntax is
prepared for additional security frameworks.
+ When the User= switch is used in a unit file, also
initialize $SHELL= based on the user database entry.
+ systemd no longer depends on libdbus. All communication is
now done with sd-bus, systemd's low-level bus library
+ sd-bus: add a light-weight vtable implementation that allows
defining objects on the bus with a simple static const
vtable array of its methods, signals and properties.
+ systemd will not generate or install static dbus
introspection data anymore to /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces,
as the precise format of these files is unclear, and
nothing makes use of it.
+ A proxy daemon is now provided to proxy clients connecting
via classic D-Bus AF_UNIX sockets to kdbus, to provide full
compatibility with classic D-Bus.
+ A bus driver implementation has been added that supports the
classic D-Bus bus driver calls on kdbus, also for
compatibility purposes.
+ A new API "sd-event.h" has been added that implements a
minimal event loop API built around epoll.
+ A new API "sd-rntl.h" has been added that provides an API
around the route netlink interface of the kernel, similar in
style to "sd-bus.h".
+ A new API "sd-dhcp-client.h" has been added that provides a
small DHCPv4 client-side implementation. This is used by
+ There is a new kernel command line option
"systemd.restore_state=0|1". When set to "0", none of the
systemd tools will restore saved runtime state to hardware
devices. More specifically, the rfkill and backlight states
are not restored.
+ The FsckPassNo= compatibility option in mount/service units
has been removed. The fstab generator will now add the
necessary dependencies automatically, and does not require
PID1's support for that anymore.
+ journalctl gained a new switch, --list-boots, that lists
recent boots with their times and boot IDs.
+ The various tools like systemctl, loginctl, timedatectl,
busctl, systemd-run, ... have gained a new switch "-M" to
connect to a specific, local OS container (as direct
connection, without requiring SSH).
+ systemd-run and systemd-analyze also gained support for "-H"
to connect to remote hosts via SSH. This is particularly
useful for systemd-run because it enables queuing of jobs
onto remote systems.
+ machinectl gained a new command "login" to open a getty
login in any local container. This works with any container
that is registered with machined (such as those created by
libvirt-lxc or nspawn), and which runs systemd inside.
+ machinectl gained a new "reboot" command that may be used to
trigger a reboot on a specific container that is registered
with machined. This works on any container that runs an init
system of some kind.
+ systemctl gained a new "list-timers" command to print a nice
listing of installed timer units with the times they elapse
+ Alternative reboot() parameters may now be specified on the
"systemctl reboot" command line and are passed to the
reboot() system call.
+ systemctl gained a new --job-mode= switch to configure the
mode to queue a job with. This is a more generic version of
- -fail, --irreversible, and --ignore-dependencies, which are
still available but not advertised anymore.
+ /etc/systemd/system.conf gained new settings to configure
various default timeouts of units, as well as the default
start limit interval and burst. These may still be overridden
within each Unit.
+ PID1 will now export on the bus profile data of the security
policy upload process (such as the SELinux policy upload to
the kernel).
+ journald: when forwarding logs to the console, include
timestamps (following the setting in
+ OnCalendar= in timer units now understands the special
strings "yearly" and "annually". (Both are equivalent)
+ The accuracy of timer units is now configurable with the new
AccuracySec= setting. It defaults to 1min.
+ A new dependency type JoinsNamespaceOf= has been added that
allows running two services within the same /tmp and network
namespace, if PrivateNetwork= or PrivateTmp= are used.
+ A new command "cat" has been added to systemctl. It outputs
the original unit file of a unit, and concatenates the
contents of additional "drop-in" unit file snippets, so that
the full configuration is shown.
+ systemctl now supports globbing on the various "list-xyz"
commands, like "list-units" or "list-sockets", as well as on
those commands which take multiple unit names.
+ journalctl's --unit= switch gained support for globbing.
+ All systemd daemons now make use of the watchdog logic so
that systemd automatically notices when they hang.
+ If the $container_ttys environment variable is set,
getty-generator will automatically spawn a getty for each
listed tty. This is useful for container managers to request
login gettys to be spawned on as many ttys as needed.
+ %h, %s, %U specifier support is not available anymore when
used in unit files for PID 1. This is because NSS calls are
not safe from PID 1. They stay available for --user
instances of systemd, and as special case for the root user.
+ loginctl gained a new "--no-legend" switch to turn off output
of the legend text.
+ The "sd-login.h" API gained three new calls:
sd_session_is_remote(), sd_session_get_remote_user(),
sd_session_get_remote_host() to query information about
remote sessions.
+ The udev hardware database now also carries vendor/product
information of SDIO devices.
+ The "sd-daemon.h" API gained a new sd_watchdog_enabled() to
determine whether watchdog notifications are requested by
the system manager.
+ Socket-activated per-connection services now include a
short description of the connection parameters in the
+ tmpfiles gained a new "--boot" option. When this is not used,
only lines where the command character is not suffixed with
"!" are executed. When this option is specified, those
options are executed too.
+ systemctl gained a new "import-environment" command which
uploads the caller's environment (or parts thereof) into the
service manager so that it is inherited by services started
by the manager. This is useful to upload variables like
$DISPLAY into the user service manager.
+ A new PrivateDevices= switch has been added to service units
which allows running a service with a namespaced /dev
directory that does not contain any device nodes for
physical devices. More specifically, it only includes devices
such as /dev/null, /dev/urandom, and /dev/zero which are API
entry points.
+ logind has been extended to support behaviour like VT
switching on seats that do not support a VT. This makes
multi-session available on seats that are not the first seat
(seat0), and on systems where kernel support for VTs has
been disabled at compile-time.
+ If a process holds a delay lock for system sleep or shutdown
and fails to release it in time, we will now log its
identity. This makes it easier to identify processes that
cause slow suspends or power-offs.
+ When parsing /etc/crypttab, support for a new key-slot=
option as supported by Debian is added. It allows indicating
which LUKS slot to use on disk, speeding up key loading.
+ The sd_journald_sendv() API call has been checked and
officially declared to be async-signal-safe so that it may
be invoked from signal handlers for logging purposes.
+ Boot-time status output is now enabled automatically after a
short timeout if boot does not progress, in order to give
the user an indication what she or he is waiting for.
+ The boot-time output has been improved to show how much time
remains until jobs expire.
+ The KillMode= switch in service units gained a new possible
value "mixed". If set, and the unit is shut down, then the
initial SIGTERM signal is sent only to the main daemon
process, while the following SIGKILL signal is sent to
all remaining processes of the service.
+ logind will now also track a "Desktop" identifier for each
session which encodes the desktop environment of it. This is
useful for desktop environments that want to identify
multiple running sessions of itself easily.
+ A new SELinuxContext= setting for service units has been
added that allows setting a specific SELinux execution
context for a service.
+ Most systemd client tools will now honour $SYSTEMD_LESS for
settings of the "less" pager.
+ systemd's "seccomp" hook-up has been changed to make use of
the libseccomp library instead of using its own
implementation. This has benefits for portability among
other things.
- Dropped systemd patches as those are fixed upstream:
* 0001-acpi-fptd-fix-memory-leak-in-acpi_get_boot_usec.patch
* 0002-fix-lingering-references-to-var-lib-backlight-random.patch
* 0003-acpi-make-sure-we-never-free-an-uninitialized-pointe.patch
* 0004-systemctl-fix-name-mangling-for-sysv-units.patch
* 0005-cryptsetup-fix-OOM-handling-when-parsing-mount-optio.patch
* 0006-journald-add-missing-error-check.patch
* 0007-bus-fix-potentially-uninitialized-memory-access.patch
* 0008-dbus-fix-return-value-of-dispatch_rqueue.patch
* 0009-modules-load-fix-error-handling.patch
* 0010-efi-never-call-qsort-on-potentially-NULL-arrays.patch
* 0011-strv-don-t-access-potentially-NULL-string-arrays.patch
* 0012-mkdir-pass-a-proper-function-pointer-to-mkdir_safe_i.patch
* 0014-tmpfiles.d-include-setgid-perms-for-run-log-journal.patch
* 0001-systemd-order-remote-mounts-from-mountinfo-before-re.patch
* 0001-gpt-auto-generator-exit-immediately-if-in-container.patch
* 0001-manager-when-verifying-whether-clients-may-change-en.patch
* 0001-logind-fix-bus-introspection-data-for-TakeControl.patch
* 0001-mount-check-for-NULL-before-reading-pm-what.patch
* 0001-shared-util-fix-off-by-one-error-in-tag_to_udev_node.patch
* 0001-systemd-serialize-deserialize-forbid_restart-value.patch
* 0001-core-unify-the-way-we-denote-serialization-attribute.patch
* 0001-journald-fix-minor-memory-leak.patch
* 0001-do-not-accept-garbage-from-acpi-firmware-performance.patch
* 0001-journald-remove-rotated-file-from-hashmap-when-rotat.patch
* 0001-login-fix-invalid-free-in-sd_session_get_vt.patch
* 0001-login-make-sd_session_get_vt-actually-work.patch
* 0001-Never-call-qsort-on-potentially-NULL-arrays.patch
* 0001-dbus-common-avoid-leak-in-error-path.patch
* 0001-drop-ins-check-return-value.patch
* 0001-shared-util-Fix-glob_extend-argument.patch
* 0001-Fix-bad-assert-in-show_pid_array.patch
* 0001-analyze-set-white-background.patch
* 0001-analyze-set-text-on-side-with-most-space.patch
* analyze-fix-crash-in-command-line-parsing.patch
* 0001-core-replace-OnFailureIsolate-setting-by-a-more-gene.patch
* 0001-core-introduce-new-KillMode-mixed-which-sends-SIGTER.patch
* 0002-service-allow-KillMode-mixed-in-conjunction-with-PAM.patch
* 0003-core-make-sure-to-always-go-through-both-SIGTERM-and.patch
* U_logind_revert_lazy_session_activation_on_non_vt_seats.patch
* build-sys-make-multi-seat-x-optional.patch
* 1017-skip-native-unit-handling-if-sysv-already-handled.patch
* 0018-core-do-not-add-what-to-RequiresMountsFor-for-networ.patch
* 0030-Fix-for-SIGSEGV-in-systemd-bootchart-on-short-living.patch
* 0031-man-document-the-b-special-boot-option.patch
* 0033-tmpfiles-log-unaccessible-FUSE-mount-points-only-as-.patch
* 0034-systemd-python-fix-booted-and-add-two-functions-to-d.patch
* 0035-activate-mention-E-in-the-help-text.patch
* 0036-activate-fix-crash-when-s-is-passed.patch
* 0037-tmpfiles-adjust-excludes-for-the-new-per-service-pri.patch
* 0038-core-socket-fix-SO_REUSEPORT.patch
* 0039-journal-when-appending-to-journal-file-allocate-larg.patch
* 0040-journal-optimize-bisection-logic-a-bit-by-caching-th.patch
* 0041-journal-fix-iteration-when-we-go-backwards-from-the-.patch
* 0042-journal-allow-journal_file_copy_entry-to-work-on-non.patch
* 0043-journal-simplify-pre-allocation-logic.patch
* 0044-journald-mention-how-long-we-needed-to-flush-to-var-.patch
* 0046-util.c-check-if-return-value-from-ttyname_r-is-0-ins.patch
* 0047-docs-remove-unneeded-the-s-in-gudev-docs.patch
* 0048-man-explicitly-say-when-multiple-units-can-be-specif.patch
* 0049-systemd-treat-reload-failure-as-failure.patch
- Dropped backported systemd patches as those are fixed upstream
* 0145-logind-use-correct-who-enum-values-with-KillUnit.patch
* 1011-check-4-valid-kmsg-device.patch
* 0001-logind-garbage-collect-stale-users.patch
- Dropped udev patches as those are fixed fixed upstream:
* 0026-udevadm.xml-document-resolve-names-option-for-test.patch
* 0032-rules-don-t-limit-some-of-the-rules-to-the-add-actio.patch
- Modified patches
* 1006-udev-always-rename-network.patch
- Replaced patches
* the patch
is upstream now but has to be replaced by patch
to fix an further issue similar to the upstream patch (bnc#852015)
* the patch
is upstream now, only the part with the halt after a failed poweroff
has been added to the patch
- Add patch 0001-make-209-working-on-older-dist.patch to make
it usable on older distributions like 13.1
- Add patch 0001-add-network-device-after-NFS-mount-units.patch to
add "After" dependency to all NFS shares to the network interface
device as this ensures at shutdown that the NFS share becomes
unmounted before the interface is down (bnc#861489)
- enable compat-libs, BuildRequires binutils-gold
("old" ld fails on ifunc magic)
- add network link configuration for udev
- Modify patch 0001-add-hdflush-for-reboot-or-hddown-for-poweroff.patch,
move to core and link in directly to avoid libudev dep all over
- Disable networkd
- Disable compat-libs, adapt files section
- add and remove some entries in the files section
- Modify patch 1018-Make-LSB-Skripts-know-about-Required-and-Should.patch
to avoid WantedBy for Should-Start/Start-Before/Start-After SysVinit
scripts (bnc#863217)
- Modify patch 0001-add-hdflush-for-reboot-or-hddown-for-poweroff.patch
to do a final sync() and flush the disks
- Add several upstream bugfix patches which are missed:
* 0018-core-do-not-add-what-to-RequiresMountsFor-for-networ.patch
* 0026-udevadm.xml-document-resolve-names-option-for-test.patch
* 0030-Fix-for-SIGSEGV-in-systemd-bootchart-on-short-living.patch
* 0032-rules-don-t-limit-some-of-the-rules-to-the-add-actio.patch
* 0031-man-document-the-b-special-boot-option.patch
* 0033-tmpfiles-log-unaccessible-FUSE-mount-points-only-as-.patch
* 0034-systemd-python-fix-booted-and-add-two-functions-to-d.patch
* 0035-activate-mention-E-in-the-help-text.patch
* 0036-activate-fix-crash-when-s-is-passed.patch
* 0037-tmpfiles-adjust-excludes-for-the-new-per-service-pri.patch
* 0038-core-socket-fix-SO_REUSEPORT.patch
* 0039-journal-when-appending-to-journal-file-allocate-larg.patch
* 0040-journal-optimize-bisection-logic-a-bit-by-caching-th.patch
* 0041-journal-fix-iteration-when-we-go-backwards-from-the-.patch
* 0042-journal-allow-journal_file_copy_entry-to-work-on-non.patch
* 0043-journal-simplify-pre-allocation-logic.patch
* 0044-journald-mention-how-long-we-needed-to-flush-to-var-.patch
* 0046-util.c-check-if-return-value-from-ttyname_r-is-0-ins.patch
* 0047-docs-remove-unneeded-the-s-in-gudev-docs.patch
* 0048-man-explicitly-say-when-multiple-units-can-be-specif.patch
* 0049-systemd-treat-reload-failure-as-failure.patch
- Add patch 0001-Don-t-snprintf-a-potentially-NULL-pointer.patch
to avoid potential NULL pointer
- Reorder patches to reflect udev/systemd usage
- don't build bash-completions for bootstrap package
- add more requires to this-is-only-for-build-envs to avoid
problems in kiwi configs
- Add patch 0145-logind-use-correct-who-enum-values-with-KillUnit.patch
to be able to kill sessions (bnc#860574)
- Do not return from main shell script but simply exit (bnc#862789)
- ... as only the systemd-analyze completion depends on
bash-completion I prefere a without which has to be defined
for SLES 12
- avoid bootstrap cycle with libusb and systemd-mini
- split bash-completion support into its own package,
no need for sles_version
- Split off systemd-rpm-macros as a separate package to avoid
a rebuild of all packages due new systemd package
- Define a sles_version 12 for suse_version 1315
- Change and extend patch
to disable the workaround to find /dev/3270/tty1 as this now
should be done by a) the kernel patch
and the changed udev rule 99-systemd.rules
- Remove PreReq pidof from udev, nothing in this pkg uses it
- Change and extend patch
to re-enable colouring if 3270 console was enforced on the kernel
command line as 3270 cna handle colour ANSI escape sequences.
Also let the serial getty generator find the /dev/3270/tty1
character device (bnc#861316)
- Add patch 0001-On_s390_con3270_disable_ANSI_colour_esc.patch
to strip the colouring ANSI escape sequences from the console
messages (bnc#860937)
- Change patch 0001-add-hdflush-for-reboot-or-hddown-for-poweroff.patch
to skip already by the kernel managed devices
- fix timeout stopping user@.service (bnc#841544)
* 0001-core-introduce-new-KillMode-mixed-which-sends-SIGTER.patch
* 0002-service-allow-KillMode-mixed-in-conjunction-with-PAM.patch
* 0003-core-make-sure-to-always-go-through-both-SIGTERM-and.patch
- Add patch 0001-upstream-systemctl-halt-reboot-error-handling.patch
to be able to detect if the sysctl reboot() returns.
- Add patch 0001-add-hdflush-for-reboot-or-hddown-for-poweroff.patch
A check for unmaintained disk like devices is added to be able to
flush and maybe shut them down. Also the missing sync() system
call is added for the direct halt/reboot systemctl command. Then
the system halt is used as fallback if poweroff fails for both
the direct poweroff systemctl command as well as for the
systemd-shutdown utility.
- Make systemd-mini build
- Make requires bash-completion a recommends
- Add patch 1017-skip-native-unit-handling-if-sysv-already-handled.patch
to avoid that enabled boot scripts will be handled as unit files
by systemctl status command (bnc#818044)
- Drop patch 1017-enforce-sufficient-shutdown-warnings.patch
as the original code behaves exactly as the shutdown code of
the old SysVinit (bnc#750845)
- Rename support-powerfail-with-powerstatus.patch to
- Add analyze-fix-crash-in-command-line-parsing.patch: fix crash in
systemd-analyze (bnc#859365)
- Add patch
to make redirections work with the bash command completions for
for systemd command tools (bnc#856858, bnc#859072)
- Add patch
to support the "+" to tag wanted dependencies as well as make
sure that required dependencies are handles as required ones.
This should fix bnc#858864 and bnc#857204.
- apply preset also to service files that are new in upgrade
- Change support-powerfail-with-powerstatus.patch to use BindsTo
instead of BindTo
- Add patch 1017-enforce-sufficient-shutdown-warnings.patch
Warn once per hour in the last 3 hours, then all 30 minutes in last
hour, all 15 minutes in the last 45 minutes, all 10 minutes in the
last 15 minutes, and then all minute in the last 10 minutes (bnc#750845)
- Add patch support-powerfail-with-powerstatus.patch and source
file systemd-powerfail to implement SIGPWR support with evaluation
of the file /var/run/powerstatus (bnc#737690)
- Adapt patch
to fit current upstream version maybe related to bnc#854884
- Change patch
to check if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is set before the call of pam_putenv()
may fix bnc#855160
- Disable multi-seat-x build, since package xorg-x11-server
currently in Factory no longer needs it.
- Added 0001-logind-garbage-collect-stale-users.patch: Don't stop a
running user manager from garbage-collecting the user. Original
behavior caused bnc#849870
- Add build-sys-make-multi-seat-x-optional.patch
* See:
* Now systemd-multi-seat-x build can be disabled with configure option
- -disable-multi-seat-x. It should be done when xorg-x11-server
no longer needs it (work in progress).
- Update insserv-generator.patch: fix crash in insserv generator
- Update apply-ACL-for-nvidia-device-nodes.patch with latest fixes
for Nvidia cards (bnc#808319).
- Add patch
which now uses the file system ioctls for switching off atime,
compression, and copy-on-write of the journal directory of the
the systemd-journald (bnc#838475)
- Let us build require the package config for libpcre (bnc#853293)
- Add patch
Make sure emergency shell is not killed by attempt to start another unit
(bnc#852021). Backported from d420282b28f50720e233ccb1c02547c562195653.
- Add patch
Previous patch did not fix problem if syslog connection request came
after emergency shell was already started. So forcibly stop syslog.socket
when starting emergency.service. (bnc#852232)
- Add U_logind_revert_lazy_session_activation_on_non_vt_seats.patch
* See:
- Add patch
to avoid (xdg-)su to set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to the original user and
avoid that e.g. pulseaudio will create /run/user/<pid>/pulse owned
by root (bnc#852015)
- Add patch
to avoid a busy systemd-journald (bnc#851393)
- Add patch
that is do not install console-shell.service in any system target
as this will cause automatic poweroff at boot (bnc#849071)
- Add upstream patch
to place the text on the side with most space
- Add upstream patch
to make SVG output of systemd analyze readable
- Add patch
to have valid ROFF links in manual pages working again (bnc#842844)
- Add
don't start gpt auto-generator in container (git).
- Add
fix reload check in selinux case (git).
- Add 0001-logind-fix-bus-introspection-data-for-TakeControl.patch:
fix introspection for TakeControl (git).
- Add 0001-mount-check-for-NULL-before-reading-pm-what.patch: fix
crash when parsing some incorrect unit (git).
- Add
Fix udev rules parsing (git).
- Add
Fix incorrect deserialization for forbid_restart (git).
- Add
Ensure forbid_restart is named like other attributes (git).
- Add 0001-journald-fix-minor-memory-leak.patch: fix memleak in
journald (git).
- Add
Improve ACPI firmware performance parsing (git).
- Add
Fix journal rotation (git).
- Add
Fix memory corruption in sd_session_get_vt (git).
- Add 0001-login-make-sd_session_get_vt-actually-work.patch: Ensure
sd_session_get_vt returns correct value (git).
- Add 0001-Never-call-qsort-on-potentially-NULL-arrays.patch: Don't
call qsort on NULL arrays (git).
- Add 0001-dbus-common-avoid-leak-in-error-path.patch: Fix memleak
in dbus-common code (git).
- Add 0001-drop-ins-check-return-value.patch: Fix return value for
drop-ins checks (git).
- Add 0001-shared-util-Fix-glob_extend-argument.patch: Fix
glob_extend argument (git).
- Add 0001-Fix-bad-assert-in-show_pid_array.patch: Fix bad assert
in show_pid_array (git).
- Add 0001-acpi-fptd-fix-memory-leak-in-acpi_get_boot_usec.patch:
fix acpi memleak.
- Add
fix invalid path in documentation.
- Add
fix invalid memory free.
- Add 0004-systemctl-fix-name-mangling-for-sysv-units.patch: fix
name mangling for sysv units.
- Add
fix OOM handling.
- Add 0006-journald-add-missing-error-check.patch: add missing
error check.
- Add 0007-bus-fix-potentially-uninitialized-memory-access.patch:
fix uninitialized memory access.
- Add 0008-dbus-fix-return-value-of-dispatch_rqueue.patch: fix
return value.
- Add 0009-modules-load-fix-error-handling.patch: fix error
- Add 0010-efi-never-call-qsort-on-potentially-NULL-arrays.patch:
fix incorrect memory access.
- Add 0011-strv-don-t-access-potentially-NULL-string-arrays.patch:
fix incorrect memory access.
- Add
fix invalid pointer.
- Add
fix permission on /run/log/journal.
- Add
order remote mount points properly before
- Explicitly require pam-config for %post of the main package
- Release v208:
+ logind gained support for facilitating privileged input and drm
devices access for unprivileged clients (helps Wayland /
+ New kernel command line luks.options= allows to specify LUKS
options, when used with luks.uuid=
+ tmpfileS.d snippets can uses specifier expansion in path names
(%m, %b, %H, %v).
+ New tmpfiles.d command "m" introduced to change
owner/group/access mode of a file/directory only if it exists.
+ MemorySoftLimit= cgroup settings is no longer supported
(underlying kernel cgroup attribute will disappear in the
+ memeory.use_hierarchy cgroup attribute is enabled for all
cgroups systemd creates in memory cgroup hierarchy.
+ New filed _SYSTEMD_SLICE= is logged in journal messages related
to a slice.
+ systemd-journald will no longer adjust the group of journal
files it creates to "systemd-journal" group. Permissions and
owernship is adjusted when package is upgraded.
+ Backlight and random seed files are now stored in
+ Boot time performance measurements included ACPI 5.0 FPDT
informations if available.
- Drop merged patches:
- Refresh patches
- Own more ghost files.
- Do not run pam-config in systemd-mini %post.
- Add after-local.service to run after.local late during the boot
process (bnc#778715).
- Update Fix-timeout-when-stopping-Type-notify-service.patch with
upstream fix.
- No longer start ask-password-wall, was causing too much spam on
terminals (bnc#747783).
- Add set-ignoreonisolate-noauto-cryptsetup.patch: ensure noauto
encrypted mounts survives runlevel changes (bnc#843085).
- Add 0001-Fix-buffer-overrun-when-enumerating-files.patch: fix
logind crash when /run/systemd/sessions was too big (bnc#840055,
initial fix from hpj@xxxxxxxx).
- Update sysctl-handle-boot-sysctl.conf-kernel_release.patch to
only check for /boot/sysctl.conf-<uname -r> presence.
- Add service wrapper for after.local (bnc#778715).
- Update use-usr-sbin-sulogin-for-emergency-service.patch to apply
to all services using sulogin and remove generated files from
upstream tarball (bnc#841398).
- Fix-timeout-when-stopping-Type-notify-service.patch
Make sure MAINPID is watched when it becomes known (bnc#841544)
- Remove output and error redirection to /dev/null in install
script, it might help tracing pam related issue (bnc#841573).
- Move symlink migration trigger to post (bnc#821800).
- 0009-polkit-Avoid-race-condition-in-scraping-proc.patch
VUL-0: polkit: process subject race condition [bnc#835827]
- Build with --disable-ima as the openSUSE kernel
does not support IMA (CONFIG_IMA is not set)
- Build with --disable-smack as the openSUSE kernel
does not support smack (CONFIG_SECURITY_SMACK is not set)
- Don't use a trigger to create symlink for sysctl.conf, always run
the test on %post (bnc#840864).
- Update sysctl-handle-boot-sysctl.conf-kernel_release.patch to
ensure /boot is mounted before reading /boot/sysctl.conf-*
- 0008-swap-create-.wants-symlink-to-auto-swap-devices.patch
really fixes the swap unit problem mentioned in previous
commit & the opensuse-factory mailing list.
- 0001-cgroup-add-the-missing-setting-of-variable-s-value.patch
missing important check on return value.
- 0002-cgroup-correct-the-log-information.patch fix misleading
log information.
- 0003-cgroup-fix-incorrectly-setting-memory-cgroup.patch fix
setting memory cgroup
- 0004-random-seed-we-should-return-errno-of-failed-loop_wr.patch
should fail if write fails.
- 0005-core-cgroup-first-print-then-free.patch use-after-free
will trigger if there is an error condition.
- 0006-swap-fix-reverse-dependencies.patch reported in
opensuse-factory list, topic "swap isn't activated"
- 0007-libudev-fix-move_later-comparison.patch libudev
invalid usage of "move_later".
- while testing this new release I get in the logs ocassionally
at boot "systemd[1]: Failed to open private bus connection:
Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket:
No such file or directory" indeed DBUS_SYSTEM_BUS_DEFAULT_ADDRESS
is defined to /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket instead of
/run/dbus/system_bus_socket and that does not fly when /var/run
is not yet available. (systemd-dbus-system-bus-address.patch)
- Enable Predictable Network interface names (bnc#829526).
- version 207, distribution specific changes follow, for overall
release notes see NEWS.
- Fixed:
* Failed at step PAM spawning /usr/lib/systemd/systemd:
Operation not permitted
* Fix shutdown hang "a stop job is running for Session 1 of user root"
that was reported in opensuse-factory list.
- systemd-sysctl no longer reads /etc/sysctl.conf however backward
compatbility is to be provides by a symlink created at %post.
- removed previously disabled upstream patches (merged):
- removed upstream merged patches:
- Add systemd-pam_config.patch: use correct include name for PAM
configuration on openSUSE.
- Add exclude-dev-from-tmpfiles.patch: allow to exclude /dev from
tmpfiles (bnc#835813).
- Remove
force-lvm-restart-after-cryptsetup-target-is-reached.patch and
remove additional dependencies on LVM in other patches: LVM has
now systemd support, no need to work around it anymore in
- Add patch
to fix
- explicitly enable getty@tty1.service instead of getty@.service as
the tty1 alias has been removed from the file (bnc#833494)
- Ensure /usr/lib/systemd/system/ is created
and owned by systemd package.
- Fix drop-in for getty@tty1.service
- Move systemd-journal-gateway to subpackage to lower dependencies
in default install.
- version 206 , highlights:
* Unit files now understand the new %v specifier which
resolves to the kernel version string as returned by "uname-r".
* "journalctl -b" may now be used to look for boot output of a
specific boot. Try "journalctl -b -1"
* Creation of "dead" device nodes has been moved from udev
into kmod and tmpfiles.
* The udev "keymap" data files and tools to apply keyboard
specific mappings of scan to key codes, and force-release
scan code lists have been entirely replaced by a udev
"keyboard" builtin and a hwdb data file.
- remove patches now in upstream
- systemd now requires libkmod >=14 and cryptsetup >= 1.6.0
- systemd now require the kmod tool in addition to the library.
- use-usr-sbin-sulogin-for-emergency-service.patch
emergency.service failed to start because sulogin is in /usr/sbin now
- fix build with rpm-4.11.1: /etc/xdg/system/user is a symlink,
not a directory
- 0002-core-mount.c-mount_dump-don-t-segfault-if-mount-is-n.patch
fix segfault at shutdown
- 0004-disable-the-cgroups-release-agent-when-shutting-down.patch
disable the cgroups release agent when shutting down.
- 0005-cgroups-agent-remove-ancient-fallback-code-turn-conn.patch
remove ancient fallback code; turn connection error into warning
- 006-suppress-status-message-output-at-shutdown-when-quie.patch
make shutdown honour "quiet" kernel cmdline.
- fix broken symlink, service is called systemd-random-seed now.
- Update to release 205:
+ two new unit types have been introduced:
- Scope units are very similar to service units, however, are
created out of pre-existing processes -- instead of PID 1
forking off the processes.
- Slice units may be used to partition system resources in an
hierarchial fashion and then assign other units to them. By
default there are now three slices: system.slice (for all
system services), user.slice (for all user sessions),
machine.slice (for VMs and containers).
+ new concept of "transient" units, which are created at runtime
using an API and not based on configuration from disk.
+ logind has been updated to make use of scope and slice units to
manage user sessions. Logind will no longer create cgroups
hierchies itself but will relying on PID 1.
+ A new mini-daemon "systemd-machined" has been added which
may be used by virtualization managers to register local
VMs/containers. machinectl tool has been added to query
meta-data from systemd-machined.
+ Low-level cgroup configuration options ControlGroup=,
ControlGroupModify=, ControlGroupPersistent=,
ControlGroupAttribute= have been removed. High-level attribute
settings or slice units should be used instead?
+ A new bus call SetUnitProperties() has been added to alter
various runtime parameters of a unit, including cgroup
parameters. systemctl gained set-properties command to wrap
this call.
+ A new tool "systemd-run" has been added which can be used to
run arbitrary command lines as transient services or scopes,
while configuring a number of settings via the command
+ nspawn will now inform the user explicitly that kernels with
audit enabled break containers, and suggest the user to turn
off audit.
+ Support for detecting the IMA and AppArmor security
frameworks with ConditionSecurity= has been added.
+ journalctl gained a new "-k" switch for showing only kernel
messages, mimicking dmesg output; in addition to "--user"
and "--system" switches for showing only user's own logs
and system logs.
+ systemd-delta can now show information about drop-in
snippets extending unit files.
+ systemd will now look for the "debug" argument on the kernel
command line and enable debug logging, similar to
"systemd.log_level=debug" already did before.
+ "systemctl set-default", "systemctl get-default" has been
added to configure the symlink, which
controls what to boot into by default.
+ "systemctl set-log-level" has been added as a convenient
way to raise and lower systemd logging threshold.
+ "systemd-analyze plot" will now show the time the various
generators needed for execution, as well as information
about the unit file loading.
+ libsystemd-journal gained a new sd_journal_open_files() call
for opening specific journal files. journactl also gained a
new switch to expose this new functionality (useful for
+ systemd gained the new DefaultEnvironment= setting in
/etc/systemd/system.conf to set environment variables for
all services.
+ If a privileged process logs a journal message with the
OBJECT_PID= field set, then journald will automatically
augment this with additional OBJECT_UID=, OBJECT_GID=,
OBJECT_COMM=, OBJECT_EXE=, ... fields. This is useful if
system services want to log events about specific client
processes. journactl/systemctl has been updated to make use
of this information if all log messages regarding a specific
unit is requested.
- Remove 0001-journal-letting-interleaved-seqnums-go.patch,
systemctl-does-not-expand-u-so-revert-back-to-I.patch: merged
- Regenerate patches 1007-physical-hotplug-cpu-and-memory.patch,
- Update macros.systemd.upstream with latest upstream revision.
- Replace
patch with insserv-generator.patch: no longer patch systemd main
binary but generate systemd drop-in files using a generator, for
insserv.conf compatibility.
- systemd-mini doesn't need dbus-1, only dbus-1-devel
- Re-add fixed udev MSFT compability rules (bnc#805059, bnc#826528).
add: 1008-add-msft-compability-rules.patch
- Drop 1007-add-msft-compability-rules.patch, breaks boot and links
in /dev/disk/by-id, will need proper rework (bnc#826528).
- 0160-mount-when-learning-about-the-root-mount-from-mounti.patch Another
case where we are trying to umount the root directory at shutdown.
- 0185-core-only-attempt-to-connect-to-a-session-bus-if-one.patch
only attempt to connect to a session bus if one likely exists
- Automatically online CPUs/Memory on CPU/Memory hotplug add events
(bnc#703100, fate#311831).
add: 1008-physical-hotplug-cpu-and-memory.patch
- Dropped backward compatibility
- Added check for upstream rpm macros changes
- Split out RPM macros into separate package to simplify dependencies
- 0001-journal-letting-interleaved-seqnums-go.patch and
fix possible infinite loops in the journal code, related to
bnc #817778
- Explicitly list libattr-devel as BuildRequires
- More robust make install call. Remove redundant %clean section.
- Cleanup NumLock setting code
- Only apply 1007-add-msft-compability-rules.patch when not
building systemd-mini.
- Add udev MSFT compability rules (bnc#805059).
add: 1007-add-msft-compability-rules.patch
- Add sg3_utils requires, need it by 61-msft.rules (bnc#805059).
- Clean-up spec file, put udev patches after systemd patches.
- Rebase patches so they would apply nicely.
- 0004-journald-DO-recalculate-the-ACL-mask-but-only-if-it-.patch
fixes :
* systemd-journald[347]: Failed to set ACL on
ignoring: Invalid argument
- 006-systemctl-core-allow-nuking-of-symlinks-to-removed-u.patch
systemctl disable should remove dangling symlinks.
- 0008-service-don-t-report-alien-child-as-alive-when-it-s-.patch
alien childs are reported as alive when they are really dead.
- Update to release 204:
+ systemd-nspawn creates etc/resolv.conf in container if needed.
+ systemd-nspawn will store metadata about container in container
cgroup including its root directory.
+ cgroup hierarchy has been reworked, all objects are now suffxed
(with .session for user sessions, .user for users, .nspawn for
containers). All cgroup names are now escaped to preven
collision of object names.
+ systemctl list-dependencies gained --plain, --reverse, --after
and --before switches.
+ systemd-inhibit shows processes name taking inhibitor lock.
+ nss-myhostname will now resolve "localhost" implicitly.
+ .include is not allowed recursively anymore and only in unit
files. Drop-in files should be favored in most cases.
+ systemd-analyze gained "critical-chain" command, to get slowest
chain of units run during boot-up.
+ systemd-nspawn@.service has been added to easily run nspawn
container for system services. Just start
"systemd-nspawn@foobar.service" and container from
/var/lib/container/foobar" will be booted.
+ systemd-cgls has new --machine parameter to list processes from
one container.
+ ConditionSecurity= can now check for apparmor and SMACK.
+ /etc/systemd/sleep.conf has been introduced to configure which
kernel operation will be execute when "suspend", "hibernate" or
"hybrid-sleep" is requrested. It allow new kernel "freeze"
state to be used too. (This setting won't have any effect if
pm-utils is installed).
+ ENV{SYSTEMD_WANTS} in udev rules will now implicitly escape
passed argument if applicable.
- Regenerate some patches for this new release.
- Rename hostname-setup-shortname.patch to
ensure-shortname-is-set-as-hostname-bnc-820213.patch to be git
format-patch friendly.
- Update apply-ACL-for-nvidia-device-nodes.patch to apply ACL to
/dev/nvidia* (bnc#808319).
- Remove Ensure-debugshell-has-a-correct-value.patch, doable with a
configure option.
- Add systemctl-does-not-expand-u-so-revert-back-to-I.patch: avoids
expansion errors.
- Add ctrl-alt-del
should be irreversible for reliability.
- Drop Add-bootsplash-handling-for-password-dialogs.patch bootsplash
support has been removed from the kernel.
- Drop ensure-systemd-udevd-is-started-before-local-fs-pre-for-lo.patch
fixed in systemd v199, commit 89d09e1b5c65a2d97840f682e0932c8bb499f166
- Apply rules-add-lid-switch-of-ARM-based-Chromebook-as-a-power-sw.patch
only on ARM, patch rejected upstream because is too generic.
- no such define TARGET_SUSE exists but it is used in
use HAVE_SYSV_COMPAT instead.
- Do no ship defaults for sysctl, they should be part of aaa_base
(currently in procps).
- Add hostname-setup-shortname.patch: ensure shortname is set as
hostname (bnc#820213).
- Rebase
parse-etc-insserv.conf-and-adds-dependencies-accordingly.patch to
fix memory corruption (thanks to Michal Vyskocil) (bnc#820454).
- Add sysctl-handle-boot-sysctl.conf-kernel_release.patch: ensure
/boot/sysctl.conf-<kernel_release> is handled (bnc#809420).
- Update handle-SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS-environment-variable.patch: don't
free variable whose content is still be used (bnc#819970).
- Add configure flags to ensure boot.local/halt.local are run on
- Fix firmware loading by enabling --with-firmware-path (bnc#817551).
- Fix systemd-sysv-convert, so empty runlevel folders don't lead
to "line 44: [: too many arguments"
- Fix handle-etc-HOSTNAME.patch to properly set hostname at startup
when using /etc/HOSTNAME.
- Rename remaning udev patches (clean-up).
- Generate %{_libexecdir}/modules-load.d/sg.conf so we load sg module at
boot time not from udev (bnc#761109).
- Drop unused patches:
- Use drop-in file to fix bnc#804158.
- add some more conflicts to make bootstrap work
- Do not provide %{release} for systemd-analyze
- Add more conflicts to -mini packages
- Disable Predictable Network interface names until it has been
reviewed by network team, with /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/network.conf.
- Don't package /usr/lib/firmware/update (not used)
- Fix packaging error, there is no anymore
do not pretend there is one.
- Update to release 202:
+ 'systemctl list-jobs' got some polishing. '--type=' argument
may now be passed more than once. 'systemctl list-sockets' has
been added.
+ systemd gained a new unit 'systemd-static-nodes.service'
that generates static device nodes earlier during boot, and
can run in conjunction with udev.
+ systemd-nspawn now places all containers in the new /machine
top-level cgroup directory in the name=systemd hierarchy.
+ bootchart can now store its data in the journal.
+ journactl can now take multiple --unit= and --user-unit=
+ The cryptsetup logic now understands the "luks.key=" kernel
line switch. If a configured key file is missing, it
will fallback to prompting the user.
- Rebase some patches
- Update handle-SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS-environment-variable.patch to
properly handle SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS
- Fix regression in the default for tmp auto-deletion
(systemd-tmp-safe-defaults.patch, FATE#314974).
- Update to release 201:
+ udev now supports different nameng policies for network
interface for predictable names.
+ udev gained support for loading additional device properties
from an indexed database. %udev_hwdb_update macro should be
used by packages adding entries to this database.
+ Journal gained support for "Message Catalog", indexed database
to link up additional information with journal entries.
%journal_catalog_update macro should be used by packages adding
%entries to this database.
+ "age" field for tmpfiles entries can be set to 0, forcing
removal of files matching this entry.
+ coredumpctl gained "gdb" verb to invoke gdb on selected
+ New rpm macros has been added: %udev_rules_update(),
%_udevhwdbdir, %_udevrulesdir, %_journalcatalogdir,
%_tmpfilesdir, %_sysctldir.
+ In service files, %U can be used for configured user name of
the service.
+ nspawn can be invoked without a controlling TTY.
+ systemd and nspawn can accept socket file descriptors when
started for socket activation. This allow socket activated
nspawn containers.
+ logind can now automatically suspend/hibernate/shutdown system
on idle.
+ ConditionACPower can be used in unit file to detect if AC power
source is connected or if system is on battery power.
+ EnvironmentFile= in unit files supports file globbing.
+ Behaviour of PrivateTmp=, ReadWriteDirectories=,
ReadOnlyDirectories= and InaccessibleDirectories= has
changed. The private /tmp and /var/tmp directories are now
shared by all processes of a service (which means
ExecStartPre= may now leave data in /tmp that ExecStart= of
the same service can still access). When a service is
stopped its temporary directories are immediately deleted
(normal clean-up with tmpfiles is still done in addition to
this though).
+ Resource limits (as exposed by cgroup controlers) can be
controlled dynamically at runtime for all units, using
"systemctl set-cgroup-attr foobar.server cgroup.attribute
value". Those settings are stored persistenly on disk.
+ systemd-vconsole-setup will now copy all fonts settings to all
allocated VTs.
+ timedated now exposes CanNTP property to indicate if a local
NTP service is available.
+ pstore file system is mounted by default, if available.
+ SMACK policies are loaded at early boot, if available.
+ Timer units now support calendar time events.
+ systemd-detect-virt detect xen PVs.
+ Some distributions specific LSB targets has been dropped:
$x-display-manager, $mail-transfer-agent,
$mail-transport-agent, $mail-transfer-agent, $smtp, $null. As
well and has been
+ systemd-journal-gatewayd gained SSL support and now runs as
unprivileged user/group
+ systemd-analyze will read, when available, boot time
performance from EFI variable from boot loader supporting it.
+ A new generator for automatically mounting EFI System Partition
(ESP) to /boot (if empty and no other file system has been
configured in fstab for it).
+ logind will now send out PrepareForSleep(false) out
unconditionally, after coming back from suspend.
+ tmpfiles gained a new "X" line type, that allows
configuration of files and directories (with wildcards) that
shall be excluded from automatic cleanup ("aging").
+ udev default rules set the device node permissions now only
at "add" events, and do not change them any longer with a
later "change" event.
+ A new bootctl tool has been added that is an interface for
certain EFI boot loader operations.
+ A new tool kernel-install has been added to install kernel
images according to Boot Loader Specification.
+ A new tool systemd-activate can be used to test socket
+ A new group "systemd-journal" is now owning journal files,
replacing "adm" group.
+ journalctl gained "--reverse" to show output in reverse order,
"--pager-end" to jump at the end of the journal in the
pager (only less is supported) and "--user-unit" to filter for
user units.
+ New unit files has been addedto ease for systemd usage in
+ "systemctl start" now supports "--irreversible" to queue
operations which can be reserved. It is now used to make
shutdown requests more robust.
+ Auke Kok's bootchart has been merged and relicensed to
+ nss-myhostname has been merged in systemd codebase.
+ some defaults sysctl values are now set by default: the safe
sysrq options are turned on, IP route verification is turned
on, and source routing disabled. The recently added hardlink
and softlink protection of the kernel is turned on.
+ Add support for predictable network naming logic. It can be
turned off with kernel command line switch: net.ifnames=0
+ journald will now explicitly flush journal files to disk at the
latest 5 min after each write and will mark file offline until
next read. This should increase reliability in case of crash.
+ target has been added to pull in
specific services when at least one remote file system is to be
+ and have been added as canonical
targets to pull user timer and path units, similar to
+ udev daemon now sets default number of worker processes in
parallel based on number of CPUs instead of RAM.
+ Most unit file settings which takes likst of items can now be
reset by assigning empty string to them, using drop-in.
+ Add support for drop-in configuration file for units.
+ Most unit file settings which takes likst of items can now be
reset by assigning empty string to them, using drop-in.
+ improve systemg-cgtop output.
+ improve 'systemctl status' output for socket, drop-in for units.
+ 'hostnamectl set-hostname' allows setting FQDN hostnames.
+ fractional time intervals are now parsed properly.
+ localectl can list available X11 keymaps.
+ systemd-analyze dot can filter for specific units and has been
rewritten in C.
+ systemctl gained "list-dependencies" command.
+ Inhibitors are now honored no only in GNOME.
- Many patches has been dropped, being merged upstream.
- Many patches has been renamed and regenerated with git, to have
consistent naming, authorship and comments embedded.
- Add
re-add support for boot.* initscripts until they are all migrated
to systemd unit files.
- Merge patches for nss-myhostname package to this package.
- Add chromebook lid switch as a power switch to logind rule to
enable suspend on lid close
- Add improve-readahead-spinning.patch: improve readahead
performance on spinning media with ext4.
- Add fix-journal-vacuum-logic.patch: fix vacuum logic in journal
- Add fix-lsb-provides.patch: ensure LSB provides are correctly
handled if also referenced as dependencies (bnc#809646).
- Add fix-loopback-mount.patch: ensure udevd is started (and
therefore static devices are created) before mounting
- Update systemd-sysv-convert to search services files in new
location (bnc#809695).
- Add logind-nvidia-acl.diff: set ACL on nvidia devices
- Add do-no-isolate-on-fsck-failure.patch: do not turn off services
if fsck fails (bnc#812874)
- Add wait-for-processes-killed.patch: wait for processes killed by
SIGTERM before killing them with SIGKILL.
- Update systemctl-options.patch to only apply SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS to
systemctl command (bnc#801878).
- Fixed disabling CapsLock and enabling NumLock (bnc#746595,
- Explicitly require libgcrypt-devel to fix build failure.
- udev: ensure that the network interfaces are renamed even if they
exist (bnc#809843).
add: 1027-udev-always-rename-network.patch
- udev: re-add persistent network rules (bnc#809843).
add: 1026-re-add-persistent-net.patch
- rebase all patches, ensure that they apply properly.
- Add rbind-mount.patch: handle rbind mount points correctly
- Ensure journal is flushed on disk when systemd-logger is
installed for the first time.
- Add improve-journal-perf.patch: improve journal performance on
- Add support-hybrid-suspend.patch: add support for hybrid suspend.
- Add forward-to-pmutils.patch: forward suspend/hibernation calls
to pm-utils, if installed (bnc#790157).
- udev: usb_id: parse only 'size' bytes of the 'descriptors' buffer
add: 1024-udev-usb_id-parse-only-size-bytes-of-the-descriptors.patch
- udev: expose new ISO9660 properties from libblkid
add: 1025-udev-expose-new-ISO9660-properties-from-libblkid.patch
- Create getty@tty1.service to restore traditional SUSE behavior
of not clearing tty1. (bnc#804158)
- Better use of find -exec
- Add early-sync-shutdown.patch: start sync just when is beginning
- Update parse-multiline-env-file.patch to better handle continuing
- Add handle-HOSTNAME.patch: handle /etc/HOSTNAME (bnc#803653).
- Add systemctl-print-wall-on-if-successful.patch: only print on
wall if successful.
- Add improve-bash-completion.patch: improve bash completion.
- disable nss-myhostname warning (bnc#783841)
=> disable-nss-myhostname-warning-bnc-783841.diff
- rework patch:
- udev: use unique names for temporary files created in /dev.
add: 1022-udev-use-unique-names-for-temporary-files-created-in.patch
- cdrom_id: add data track count for bad virtual drive.
add: 1023-cdrom_id-add-data-track-count-for-bad-virtual-drive.patch
- usb_id: ensure we have a valid serial number as a string (bnc#779493).
- cdrom_id: created links for the default cd/dvd drive (bnc#783054).
add: 1021-create-default-links-for-primary-cd_dvd-drive.patch
- Add cryptsetup-accept-read-only.patch: accept "read-only" in
addition to "readonly" in crypttab
- Update parse-multiline-env-file.patch to correctly handle
commented lines (bnc#793411)
- udev: Fix device matching in the accelerometer
add: 1019-udev-Fix-device-matching-in-the-accelerometer.patch
- keymap: add aditional support for some keyboard keys
add: 1018-keymap-add-aditional-support.patch
- journalctl: require argument for --priority
add: journalctl-require-argument-for-priority
- dropped useless patches:
- rename udev-root-symlink.service to systemd-udev-root-symlink.service.
- fix in udev package missing link in for
- Add tmpfiles-X-type.patch: allow to clean directories with
removing them.
- Add systemd-fix-merge-ignore-dependencies.patch: fix merging with
- -ignore-dependencies waiting for dependencies (bnc#800365).
- Update systemd-numlock-suse.patch: udev-trigger.service is now
called systemd-udev-trigger.service.
- Add improve-man-environment.patch: improve manpage regarding
Environment value.
- Add systemctl-options.patch: handle SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS internaly
- Update crypt-loop-file.patch to correctly detect crypto loop
files (bnc#799514).
- Add journalctl-remove-leftover-message.patch: remove debug
message in systemctl.
- Add job-avoid-recursion-when-cancelling.patch: prevent potential
recursion when cancelling a service.
- Add sysctl-parse-all-keys.patch: ensure sysctl file is fully
- Add journal-fix-cutoff-max-date.patch: fix computation of cutoff
max date for journal.
- Add reword-rescue-mode-hints.patch: reword rescue prompt.
- Add improve-overflow-checks.patch: improve time overflow checks.
- Add fix-swap-behaviour-with-symlinks.patch: fix swap behaviour
with symlinks.
- Add hostnamectl-fix-set-hostname-with-no-argument.patch: ensure
hostnamectl requires an argument when called with set-hostname
- Add agetty-overrides-term.patch: pass correctly terminal type to
- Add check-for-empty-strings-in-strto-conversions.patch: better
check for empty strings in strto* conversions.
- Add strv-cleanup-error-path-loops.patch: cleanup strv on error
- Add cryptsetup-handle-plain.patch: correctly handle "plain"
option in cryptsetup.
- Add fstab-generator-improve-error-message.patch: improve error
message in fstab-generator.
- Add delta-accept-t-option.patch: accept -t option in
- Add highlight-ordering-cycle-deletions.patch: highlight ordering
cycle deletions in logs.
- Add core-interpret-escaped-semicolon-as-escaped.patch: accept \;
in ExecStart.
- Add hostnamectl-fix-parsing-no-ask-password.patch: accept
no-ask-password in hostnamectl.
- Add systemd-cgls-fix-piping-output.patch: fix piping output of
- Add core-load-fragment-improve-error-message.patch: improve error
message when parsing fragments.
- Add fix-potential-bad-mem-access.patch: fix potential bad memory
- Add socket-improve-error-message.patch: improve error message in
socket handling.
- Add journal-send-always-send-syslog_identifier.patch: always send
syslog_identifier if available for journal.
- Add crypsetup-handle-nofail.patch: handle nofail in cryptsetup.
- Add crypsetup-generator-state-file-name-in-error-message.patch:
add filename in error message from crypsetup-generator.
- Add fstab-generator-error-message-on-duplicates.patch: improve
error message on duplicate in fstab-generator.
- Add systemctl-verbose-message-on-missing-install.patch: reword
missing install error message in systemctl.
- Add shutdown-improvements.patch: various improvements at
- Add localectl-fix-assertion.patch: fix assertion in localectl.
- Add path-util-fix-potential-crash.patch: fix potential crash in
- Add coredumpctl-fix-crash.patch: fix crash in coredumpctl.
- Add socket-verbose-error-message.patch: add more verbose error
message in socket handling.
- Add pam-properly-handle-ssh-logins-without-pam-tty-field.patch:
handle properly ssh-logins without pam tty field.
- Add fstab-generator-properly-detect-bind-mounts.patch: properly
detect bind-mounts in fstab-generator.
- Add localectl-support-systems-without-locale-archive.patch:
localectl now supports systemd without locale-archive file.
- Add logind-capability-making-seats-without-fb.patch: allows
capability of making seats without fb.
- Add service-forking-ignore-exit-status-main-process.patch: ignore
exit-statis of main process when forking, if specified in unit
- Add systemctl-no-assert-on-reboot-without-dbus.patch: don't
assert on reboot if dbus isn't there.
- Add logind-ignore-non-tty-non-x11-session-on-shutdown.patch:
ignore non tty non-x11 session on shutdown.
- Add journalctl-quit-on-io-error.patch: fix journalctl quit on io
- Add do-not-make-sockets-dependent-on-lo.patch: do not make
sockets dependent on lo interface.
- Add shutdown-dont-force-mnt-force-on-final-umount.patch: don't
force MNT_FORCE on final umount at shutdown.
- Add shutdown-ignore-loop-devices-without-backing-file.patch:
ignore loop devices without backing file at shutdown.
- Add fix-bad-mem-access.patch: fix bad memory access
- Add parse-multiline-env-file.patch: correctly parse multiline
environment files (bnc#793411).
- Add multiple-sulogin.patch: allows multiple sulogin instance
- udev: path_id - handle Hyper-V devices
add: 1008-udev-path_id-handle-Hyper-V-devices.patch
- keymap: Update the list of Samsung Series 9 models
add: 1009-keymap-Update-the-list-of-Samsung-Series-9-models.patch
- keymap: Add Samsung 700T
add: 1010-keymap-Add-Samsung-700T.patch
- libudev: avoid leak during realloc failure
add: 1011-libudev-avoid-leak-during-realloc-failure.patch
- libudev: do not resolve $attr{device} symlinks
add: 1012-libudev-do-not-resolve-attr-device-symlinks.patch
- libudev: validate 'udev' argument to udev_enumerate_new()
add: 1013-libudev-validate-udev-argument-to-udev_enumerate_new.patch
- udev: fix whitespace
add: 1014-udev-fix-whitespace.patch
- udev: properly handle symlink removal by 'change' event
add: 1015-udev-properly-handle-symlink-removal-by-change-event.patch
- udev: builtin - do not fail builtin initialization if one of
them returns an error
add: 1016-udev-builtin-do-not-fail-builtin-initialization-if-o.patch
- udev: use usec_t and now()
add: 1017-udev-use-usec_t-and-now.patch
- udevd: add missing ':' to getopt_long 'e'.
add: 1007-udevd-add-missing-to-getopt_long-e.patch
- clean up systemd.spec, make it easy to see which are udev and
systemd patches.
- make 'reload' and 'force-reload' LSB compliant (bnc#793936).
- detect-btrfs-ssd.patch: Fix btrfs detection on SSD.
- timedated-donot-close-bogus-dbus-connection.patch: Avoid
closing an non-existent dbus connection and getting assertion
- add conflicts between udev-mini and udev-mini-devel to libudev1
- revert-of-9279749b84cc87c7830280b7895a48bed03c9429.patch:
do not consider failure to umount / and /usr an error.
- Add fix-devname-prefix.patch: fix modules.devname path, it isn't
in /usr.
- Move post script to fix symlinks in /etc/systemd/system to a
trigger to run it after old systemd is uninstalled.
- Add fix-debugshell.patch: use /bin/bash if sushell isn't
installed (bnc#789052).
- Add handle-root-uses-lang.patch: handle ROOT_USES_LANG=ctype
- Ensure libudev1 and libudev-mini1 conflicts.
- Fix creation of /dev/root link.
- Add remount-ro-before-unmount.patch: always remount read-only
before unmounting in final shutdown loop.
- Add switch-root-try-pivot-root.patch: try pivot_root before
overmounting /
- links more manpages for migrated tools (from Christopher
- disable boot.localnet service, ypbind service will do the right
thing now (bnc#716746)
- add xdm-display-manager.patch: pull xdm.service instead of
display-manager.service (needed until xdm initscript is migrated
to native systemd service).
- Add fix-permissions-btmp.patch: ensure btmp is owned only by root
- Have the udev package create a tape group, as referenced by
50-udev-default.rules and 60-persistent-storage-tape.rules
- Add fix-bad-memory-access.patch: fix crash in journal rotation.
- Add fix-dbus-crash.patch: fix D-Bus caused crash.
- Add sync-on-shutdown.patch: ensure sync is done when initiating
- Add mount-efivars.patch: mount efivars if booting on UEFI.
- Ship a empty systemd-journald initscript in systemd-logger to
stop insserv to complain about missing syslog dependency.
- Update
with bug fixes from Debian.
- /var/log/journal is now only provided by systemd-logger (journal
won't be persistent for people using another syslog
- install README in /var/log (in systemd-logger) and /etc/init.d
- create adm group when installing systemd.
- fix path in udev-root-symlink.systemd.
- Enforce Requires(post) dependency on libudev in main systemd
package (help upgrade).
- Ensure configuration is reloaded when upgrading and save random
seed when installing.
- Create /lib/udev symlink, if we do a fresh install.
- Add fix-build-glibc217.patch: fix build with latest glibc.
- Add libgcrypt.m4: copy of autoconf macro from libgcrypt, only
used to bootstrap systemd-mini.
- adding a package systemd-logger that blocks syslog implementations
from installation to make an installation that only uses the journal
- Don't hardcode path for systemctl in udev post script.
- Ensure systemd-udevd.service is shadowing boot.udev when booting
under systemd.
- Fix udev daemon upgrade under both systemd and sysvinit.
- Add fix-logind-pty-seat.patch: fix logind complaining when doing
su/sudo in X terminal.
- add libudev1 to baselibs.conf
- udev is GPL-2.0, the rest remains LGPL-2.1+ (bnc#787824)
- Add var-run-lock.patch: make sure /var/run and /var/lock are
handled as bind mount if they aren't symlinks.
- Update storage-after-cryptsetup.patch with new systemctl path.
- Migrate broken symlinks in /etc/systemd/system due to new systemd
- Update to release 195:
+ journalctl agained --since and --until, as well as filtering
for units with --unit=/-u.
+ allow ExecReload properly for Type=oneshot (needed for
iptables.service, rpc-nfsd.service).
+ journal daemon supports time-based rotation and vaccuming.
+ journalctl -F allow to list all values of a certain field in
journal database.
+ new commandline clients for timedated, locald and hostnamed
+ new tool systemd-coredumpctl to list and extract coredumps from
+ improve gatewayd: follow mode, filtering, support for
HTML5/JSON Server-Sent-Events.
+ reload support in SysV initscripts is now detected when file is
+ "systemctl status --follow" as been removed, use "journalctl -fu
+ journald.conf RuntimeMinSize and PersistentMinSize settings
have been removed.
- Add compatibility symlink for systemd-ask-password and systemctl
in /bin.
- Create and own more systemd drop-in directories.
- Improve mini packages for bootstrapping.
- do not mount /tmp as tmpfs by default.
- Fix install script when there is no inittab
- Create a systemd-mini specfile to prevent cycle in bootstrapping
- udev and its subpackages are now generated by systemd source
- migrate udev and systemd to /usr
- Update to version 194:
+ if /etc/vconsole.conf is non-existent or empty and if
/etc/sysconfig/console:CONSOLE_FONT (resp
/etc/sysconfig/keyboard:KEYTABLE) set, console font (resp
keymap) is not modified.
- Changes from version 44 to 193:
+ journalctl gained --cursor= to show entries starting from a
specified location in journal.
+ Size limit enforced to 4K for fields exported with "-o json" in
journalctl. Use --all to disable this behavior.
+ Optional journal gateway daemon
(systemd-journal-gatewayd.service) to access journal via HTTP
and JSON. Use "wget http://localhost:19531/entries"; to get
/var/log/messages compatible format and
'curl -H"Accept: application/json"
http://localhost:19531/entries' for JSON formatted content.
HTML5 static page is also available as explained on
+ do not mount cpuset controler, doesn't work well by default
+ improved nspawn behaviour with /etc/localtime
+ journald logs its maximize size on disk
+ multi-seat X wrapper (partially merged in upstream X server).
+ HandleSleepKey has been splitted into HandleSuspendKey and
+ systemd and logind now handle system sleep states, in
particular suspending and hibernating.
+ new cgroups are mounted by default (cpu, cpuacct,
net_cls, net_pri)
+ sync at shutdown is now handled by kernel
+ imported journalctl output (colors, filtering, pager, bash
+ suffix ".service" may now be ommited on most systemctl command
involving service unit names.
+ much improved nspawn containers support.
+ new conditions added : ConditionFileNotEmpty, ConditionHost,
+ tmpfiles "w" supports file globbing
+ logind handles lid switch, power and sleep keys all the time,
unless systemd-inhibit
- -what=handle-power-key:handle-sleep-key:handle-lid-switch is
run by Desktop Environments.
+ support for reading structured kernel message is used by
default (need kernel >= 3.5). /proc/kmsg is now used only by
classic syslog daemons.
+ Forward Secure Sealing is now support for Journal files.
+ RestartPrevenExitStatus and SuccessExitStatus allow configure
of exit status (exit code or signal).
+ handles keyfile-size and keyfile-offset in /etc/crypttab.
+ TimeoutSec settings has been splitted into TimeoutStartSec and
+ add SystemCallFilters option to add blacklist/whitelist to
system calls, using SECCOMP mode 2 of kernel >= 3.5.
+ systemctl udevadm info now takes a /dev or /sys path as argument:
- udevadm info /dev/sda
+ XDG_RUNTIME_DIR now uses numeric UIDs instead of usernames.
+ systemd-loginctl and systemd-journalctl have been renamed
to loginctl and journalctl to match systemctl.
+ udev: RUN+="socket:..." and udev_monitor_new_from_socket() is
no longer supported. udev_monitor_new_from_netlink() needs to
be used to subscribe to events.
+ udev: when udevd is started by systemd, processes which are left
behind by forking them off of udev rules, are unconditionally
cleaned up and killed now after the event handling has finished.
Services or daemons must be started as systemd services.
Services can be pulled-in by udev to get started, but they can
no longer be directly forked by udev rules.
+ For almost all files, license is now LGPL2.1+ (from previous
GPL2.0+). Exception are some minor stuff in udev (will be
changed to LGPL2.1 eventually) and MIT license sd-daemon.[ch]
+ var-run.mount and var-lock.mount are no longer provided
(should be converted to symlinks).
+ A new service type Type=idle to avoid ugly interleaving of
getty output and boot status messages.
+ systemd-delta has been added, a tool to explore differences
between user/admin configuration and vendor defaults.
+ /tmp mouted as tmpfs by default.
+ /media is now longer mounted as tmpfs
+ GTK tool has been split off to systemd-ui package.
+ much improved documentation.
- Merge BuildRequires from udev package:
gobject-introspection-devel, gtk-doc, libsepol-devel,
libusb-devel, pkgconfig(blkid), pkgconfig-glib-2.0),
pjgconfig(libcryptsetup), pkgconfig(libpci),
pkgconfig(libqrencode), pkgconfig(libselinux),
- Add pkgconfig(libqrencode) and pkgconfig(libmicrohttpd)
- Merge sources from udev package: boot.udev, write_dev_root.rules,
- Merge patches from udev package: numbered started from 1000):
- Remove following patches, merged upstream:
fixppc.patch, logind-logout.patch, fix-getty-isolate.patch,
fix-swap-priority.patch, improve-restart-behaviour.patch,
fix-dir-noatime-tmpfiles.patch, journal-bugfixes.patch,
ulimit-support.patch, change-terminal.patch,
fix-tty-startup.patch, fix-write-user-state-file.patch,
fix-analyze-exception.patch, use_localtime.patch,
- Rebase the following patches:
dm-lvm-after-local-fs-pre-target.patch, fastboot-forcefsck.patch,
fix-enable-disable-boot-initscript.patch, modules_on_boot.patch,
new-lsb-headers.patch, storage-after-cryptsetup.patch,
support-suse-clock-sysconfig.patch, support-sysvinit.patch,
sysctl-modules.patch, systemd-numlock-suse.patch, tty1.patch.
- Add use_localtime.patch: use /etc/localtime instead of
/etc/timezone (bnc#773491)
- Add support-suse-clock-sysconfig.patch: read SUSE
/etc/sysconfig/clock file.
- Add drop-timezone.patch: drop support for /etc/timezone, never
supported on openSUSE.
- Add journalctl-pager-improvement.patch: better handle output when
using pager.
- Add fix-enable-disable-boot-initscript.patch: support boot.*
initscripts for systemctl enable /disable (bnc#746506).
- Ensure systemd macros never fails (if systemd isn't install)
- Add fix-analyze-exception.patch: prevent exception if running
systemd-analyze before boot is complete (bnc#772506)
- Fix NumLock detection/set race condition (bnc#746595#c47).
- Move systemd-analyse to a subpackage, to remove any python
dependencies from systemd main package (bnc#772039).
- Add fastboot-forcefsck.patch: ensure fastboot and forcefsck on
kernel commandline are handled.
- Add fix-write-user-state-file.patch: write logind state file
- Disable logind-logout.patch: cause too many issues (bnc#769531).
- Add fix-tty-startup.patch: don't limit tty VT to 12 (bnc#770182).
- Fix SUSE specific sysconfig numlock logic for 12.2 (bnc#746595).
- Add fix-dir-noatime-tmpfiles.patch: do not modify directory
atime, which was preventing removing empty directories
(bnc#751253, rh#810257).
- Add improve-restart-behaviour.patch: prevent deadlock during
try-restart (bnc#743218).
- Add journal-bugfixes.patch: don't crash when rotating journal
(bnc#768953) and prevent memleak at rotation time too.
- Add ulimit-support.patch: add support for system wide ulimit
- Add change-terminal.patch: use vt102 instead of vt100 as terminal
for non-vc tty.
- Package various .wants directories, which were no longer packaged
due to plymouth units being removed from systemd package.
- Fix buildrequires for manpages build.
- Do not ship plymouth units, they are shipped by plymouth package
now (bnc#769397).
- Fix module loading (bnc#769462)
- Add fix-swap-priority: fix default swap priority (bnc#731601).
- Re-enable logind-logout.patch, fix in xdm-np PAM file is the real
- Update new-lsb-headers.patch to handle entries written after
description tag (bnc#727771, bnc#747931).
- Disable logind-logout.patch: it crashes sudo session (if called
after su -l) (bnc#746704).
- Add fix-getty-isolate.patch: don't quit getty when changing
runlevel (bnc#746594)
- Implemented SUSE specific sysconfig numlock logic (bnc#746595).
- Add dbus-1 as BuildRequires to fix build.
- apply ppc patch to systemd-gtk too (fixes build)
- Update fixppc.patch with upstream patches
- Add comments from upstream in
- Add logind-logout.patch: it should fix sudo / su with pam_systemd
- Add 0001-add-sparse-support-to-detect-endianness-bug.patch: fix
endianness error, preventing journal to work properly on ppc.
- Add fixppc.patch: fix build and warnings on ppc.
- Add 0001-util-never-follow-symlinks-in-rm_rf_children.patch: fix
CVE-2012-1174 (bnc#752281).
- Update to version 43:
+ Support optional initialization of the machine ID from the KVM
or container configured UUID.
+ Support immediate reboots with "systemctl reboot -ff"
+ Show /etc/os-release data in systemd-analyze output
+ Many bugfixes for the journal, including endianess fixes and
ensuring that disk space enforcement works
+ non-UTF8 strings are refused if used in configuration and unit
+ Register Mimo USB Screens as suitable for automatic seat
+ Reorder configuration file lookup order. /etc now always
overrides /run.
+ manpages for journal utilities.
- Drop fix-c++-compat.patch, no-tmpfs-fsck.patch,
- Requires util-linux >= 2.21 (needed to fix fsck on tmpfs).
- Add fix-c++-compat.patch: fix C++ compatibility error in header.
- Add systemd-journald-fix-endianess-bug.patch: fix journald not
starting on ppc architecture.
- Add correct_plymouth_paths_and_conflicts.patch: ensure plymouth
is correctly called and conflicts with bootsplash.
- Remove rsyslog listen.conf, handled directly by rsyslog now
- Update to version 43:
+ requires /etc/os-release, support for /etc/SuSE-release is no
longer present.
+ Track class of PAM logins to distinguish greeters from normal
user logins.
+ Various bug fixes.
- Use pkgconfig symbols for BuildRequires and specify version
- Enable Plymouth integration.
* Bootsplash related files will be moved to the bootsplash
- Update to version 42:
+ Various bug fixes
+ Watchdog support for supervising services is now usable
+ Service start rate limiting is now configurable and can be
turned off per service.
+ New CanReboot(), CanPowerOff() bus calls in systemd-logind
- Dropped fix-kmod-build.patch, fix-message-after-chkconfig.patch,
is-enabled-non-existing-service.patch (merged upstream)
- Add libxslt1 / docbook-xsl-stylesheets as BuildRequires for
manpage generation
- Update to version 41:
+ systemd binary is now installed in /lib/systemd (symlink for
/bin/systemd is available now)
+ kernel modules are now loaded through libkmod
+ Watchdog support is now useful (not complete)
+ new kernel command line available to set system wide
environment variable: systemd.setenv
+ journald capabilities set is now limited
+ SIGPIPE is ignored by default. This can be disabled with
IgnoreSIGPIPE=no in unit files.
- Add fix-kmod-build.patch: fix build with libkmod
- Drop remote-fs-after-network.patch (merged upstream)
- Add dm-lvm-after-local-fs-pre-target.patch: ensure md / lvm
/dmraid is started before mounting partitions, if fsck was
disabled for them (bnc#733283).
- Update lsb-header patch to correctly disable heuristic if
X-Systemd-RemainAfterExit is specified (whatever its value)
- Add fix-message-after-chkconfig.patch: don't complain if only
sysv services are called in systemctl.
- Add is-enabled-non-existing-service.patch: fix error message when
running is-enabled on non-existing service.
- Update to version 40:
+ reason why a service failed is now exposed in the"Result" D-Bus
+ Rudimentary service watchdog support (not complete)
+ Improve bootcharts, by immediatly changing argv[0] after
forking to to reflect which process will be executed.
+ Various bug fixes.
- Add remote-fs-after-network.patch and update insserv patch:
ensure is enabled and started before network
mount points (bnc#744293).
- Ensure journald doesn't prevent syslogs to read from /proc/kmsg.
- Ensure systemd show service status when started behind bootsplash
- Disable core dump redirection to journal, not stable atm.
- Update modules_on_boot.patch to not cause failed state for
systemd-modules-load.service (bnc#741481).
- Update to version 39:
+ New systemd-cgtop tool to show control groups by their resource
+ Linking against libacl for ACLs is optional again.
+ If a group "adm" exists, journal files are automatically owned
by them, thus allow members of this group full access to the
system journal as well as all user journals.
+ The journal now stores the SELinux context of the logging
client for all entries.
+ Add C++ inclusion guards to all public headers.
+ New output mode "cat" in the journal to print only text
messages, without any meta data like date or time.
+ Include tiny X server wrapper as a temporary stop-gap to teach
XOrg udev display enumeration (until XOrg supports udev
hotplugging for display devices).
+ Add new systemd-cat tool for executing arbitrary programs with
STDERR/STDOUT connected to the journal. Can also act as BSD
logger replacement, and does so by default.
+ Optionally store all locally generated coredumps in the journal
along with meta data.
+ systemd-tmpfiles learnt four new commands: n, L, c, b, for
writing short strings to files (for usage for /sys), and for
creating symlinks, character and block device nodes.
+ New unit file option ControlGroupPersistent= to make cgroups
+ Support multiple local RTCs in a sane way.
+ No longer monopolize IO when replaying readahead data on
rotating disks.
+ Don't show kernel threads in systemd-cgls anymore, unless
requested with new -k switch.
- Drop systemd-syslog_away_early_on_shutdown.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add fdupes to BuildRequires and use it at build time.
- Make the systemd journal persistent by creating the
/var/log/journal directory
- Update to version 38 :
- Bugfixes
- Implementation of a Journal Utility Library
- Implementation of a 128 Bit ID Utility Library
- 11 Patches integrated upstream
- Add systemd-syslog_away_early_on_shutdown.patch: make sure
syslog socket goes away early during shutdown.
- Add listen.conf for rsyslog. This will ensure that it will still
work fine with rsyslog and the new journal.
- Add fix-is-enabled.patch: ensure systemctl is-enabled work
properly when systemd isn't running.
- Add logind-console.patch: do not bail logind if /dev/tty0 doesn't
exist (bnc#733022, bnc#735047).
- Add sysctl-modules.patch: ensure sysctl is started after modules
are loaded (bnc#725412).
- Fix warning in insserv patch.
- Update avoid-random-seed-cycle.patch with better upstream
- Update storage-after-cryptsetup.patch to restart lvm before, not after it (bnc#740106).
- Increase pam-config dependency (bnc#713319).
- Remove storage-after-cryptsetup.service, add
storage-after-cryptsetup.patch instead to prevent dependency
cycle (bnc#722539).
- Add delay-fsck-cryptsetup-after-md-lvm-dmraid.patch: ensure
fsck/cryptsetup is run after lvm/md/dmraid have landed
- Add cron-tty-pam.patch: Fix cron filling logs (bnc#731358).
- Add do_not_warn_pidfile.patch: Fix PID warning in logs
- Add mount-swap-log.patch: Ensure swap and mount output is
redirected to default log target (rhb#750032).
- Add color-on-boot.patch: ensure colored status are displayed at
boot time.
- Update modules_on_boot.patch to fix bnc#732041.
- Replace private_tmp_crash.patch with log_on_close.patch, better
upstream fix for bnc#699829 and fix bnc#731719.
- Update vconsole patch to fix memleaks and crash (bnc#734527).
- Add handle-racy-daemon.patch: fix warnings with sendmail
- Add new-lsb-headers.patch: support PIDFile: and
X-Systemd-RemainAfterExit: header in initscript (bnc#727771).
- Update bootsplash services to not start if vga= is missing from
cmdline (bnc#727771)
- Add lock-opensuse.patch: disable /var/lock/{subsys,lockdev} and
change default permissions on /var/lock (bnc#733523).
- Add garbage_collect_units: ensure error units are correctly
garbage collected (rhb#680122).
- Add crypt-loop-file.patch: add support for crypt file loop
- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
- Fix rpm macros to only call presets on initial install
- Add no-tmpfs-fsck.patch: don't try to fsck tmpfs mountpoint
- Add avoid-random-seed-cycle.patch: fix dependency cycle between
cryptsetup and random-seed-load (bnc#721666).
- Add crash-isolating.patch: fix crash when isolating a service.
- Fix bootsplash being killed too early.
- Fix some manpages not being redirected properly.
- Add storage-after-cryptsetup.service to restart lvm after
cryptsetup. Fixes lvm on top of LUKS (bnc#724238).
- Recommends dbus-1-python, do not requires python (bnc#716939)
- Add private_tmp_crash.patch: prevent crash in debug mode
- Add systemctl-completion-fix.patch: fix incorrect bash completion
with some commands (git).
- Shadow single sysv service, it was breaking runlevel 1.
- Add modules_on_boot.patch to handle /etc/sysconfig/kernel
MODULES_ON_BOOT variable (bnc#721662).
- Update to release 37:
- many bugfixes
- ConditionCapability added, useful for containers.
- locale mechanism got extend to kbd configuration for
both X and the console
- don't try to guess PID for SysV services anymore (bnc#723194)
- Drop detect-non-running.patch, logind-warning.patch.
- Rewrite systemd-sysv-convert in bash (bnc#716939)
- make sure updaters get in the /sbin/init from here - the sub package
of the split package will decide which init wins in update case
- under openSUSE if it's not systemd, chances are good it's
- do not list specific sbin_init providers
- Add logind-warning.patch: fix pam warning (bnc#716384)
- Update to version 36 :
- many bugfixes
- systemd now requires socket-activated syslog implementations
- is no longer needed in .service files
- X-Interactive is ignored in LSB headers (was not working)
- Enable back insserv.conf parsing in systemd core and fix added
dependencies (bnc#721428).
- Fix detection of LSB services status when running daemon
- Drop 0001-execute-fix-bus-serialization-for-commands.patch,
- Add services to stop bootsplash at end of startup and start it at
beginning of shutdown.
- Fix bootsplash call and ensure dependencies are set right.
- Add detect-non-running.patch: fix assertion when running
systemctl under non systemd system (git).
- Requires presets branding package.
- Improve macros a little bit.
- Merge migration rpm macros into service_add/service_del macros.
- Use systemd presets in rpm macros
- Add fix-reload.patch: handle daemon-reload and start condition
properly (bnc#719221).
- Add systemd-splash / bootsplash-startup.service: enable
bootsplash at startup.
- Create -32bit package (bnc#713319)
- Do not mask localnet service, it is not yet handled by systemd.
- Add revert_insserv_conf_parsing.patch and systemd-insserv_conf:
remove insserv.conf parsing from systemd and use generator
- put back creation at package install and remove
inittab generator, Yast2 is now able to create it.
- Update to version 34:
* Bugfixes
* optionaly apply cgroup attributes to cgroups systemd creates
* honour sticky bit when trimming cgroup trees
* improve readahead
- Add libacl-devel as BuildRequires (needed for systemd-uaccess)
- Add some %{nil} to systemd.macros to fix some build issues.
- Fix dbus assertion
- move gtk part to its own package, to reduce bootstrapping
- Update compose_table patch to use two separate loadkeys call,
compose table overflows otherwise (spotted by Werner Fink).
- Add tty1.patch: ensure passphrase are handled before starting
gettty on tty1.
- Add inittab generator, creating at startup based
on /etc/inittab value.
- No longer try to create /etc/systemd/system/ at
initial package install (bnc#707418)
- Fix configuration path used for systemd user manager.
- Ensure pam-config output is no display in install script.
- Remove buildrequires on vala, no longer needed.
- Handle disable_capslock, compose table and kbd_rate
- Add rpm macros.systemd file.
- Do not disable klogd, it has its own service now.
- Handle kexec correctly (bnc#671673).
- Disable preload services, they are conflicting with systemd.
- enable pam_systemd module, using pam-config.
- Fix crash with systemctl enable.
- Fix localfs.service to no cause cycle and starts it after
- Remove root-fsck.patch, mkinitrd will use the same path as
- Add systemd-cryptsetup.patch: don't complain on "none" option in
- Add systemd-cryptsetup-query.patch: block boot until passphrase
is typed.
- Add root-fsck.patch: do not run fsck on / if it is rw
- Ship a non null localfs.service, fixes static mount points not
being mounted properly.
- Update to version 33:
* optimizations and bugfixes.
* New PrivateNetwork= service setting which allows you to shut off
networking for a specific service (i.e. all routable network
interfaces will disappear for that service).
* Merged insserv-parsing.patch and bash-completion-restart.patch
- Add insserv-parsing.patch: read/parse insserv.conf.
- Add bash-completion-restart.patch: fix restart service list
- Split up devel package.
- restart logind after upgrade.
- Adjust rpmlintrc for changes.
- Update to version 32:
* bugfixes
* improve selinux setup
- Update to version 31:
* rewrite of enable/disable code: New features systemctl --runtime,
systemctl mask, systemctl link and presets.
* sd-daemon is now shared library.
- Update to version 30:
+ Logic from pam_systemd has been moved to new systemd-login.
+ VT gettys are autospawn only when needed
+ Handle boot.local/halt.local on SUSE distribution
+ add support for systemctl --root
- Make sure to not start kbd initscript, it is handled by systemd
- version 29:
+ enable chkconfig support in systemctl for openSUSE.
+ systemctl: plug a leak upon create_symlink mismatch
+ mount /run without MS_NOEXEC
+ dbus: fix name of capability property
+ systemctl: fix double unref of a dbus message
+ cryptsetup-generator: fix /etc/cryptsetup options
+ selinux: selinuxfs can be mounted on /sys/fs/selinux
+ readahead-common: fix total memory size detection
+ systemctl: fix 'is-enabled' for native units under /lib
+ systemctl: fix a FILE* leak
+ pam-module: add debug= parameter
+ do not order after
- update tarball url.
- Use RPM macros instead of $RPM_FOO variables
- Don't require %{version}-%{release} of the base package,
%{version} is sufficient
- new snapshot
- mount /run without MS_NOEXEC
- readahead-common: fix total memory size detection
- enable chkconfig support in systemctl for openSUSE
- selinux: selinuxfs can be mounted on /sys/fs/selinux
- cryptsetup-generator: fix /etc/cryptsetup options
- systemctl: fix double unref of a dbus message
- drop merged chkconfig patch
- Add sysv chkconfig patch to be able to enable / disable sysv
initscripts with systemctl.
- Ensure plymouth support is buildable conditionnally.
- version 28
- drop hwclock-save.service
- fix segfault when a DBus message has no interface
- man: update the list of unit search locations
- readahead-collect: ignore EACCES for fanotify
- rtc in localtime: use settimeofday(NULL, tz)
instead of hwclock(8)
- new snapshot
- fix crash in D-Bus code
- new snapshot
- socket: always use SO_{RCV,SND}BUFFORCE to allow larger values
- util: use new VT ESC sequence to clear scrollback buffer
- sd-daemon: move _sd_hidden_ from .h to .c file
- missing: add IP_TRANSPARENT
- version 27
- util: use open_terminal() in chvt() too
- socket: expose SO_BROADCAST
- git: add .mailmap
- exec: expose tty reset options in dbus introspection data
- socket: expose IP_TRANSPARENT
- exec: hangup/reset/deallocate VTs in gettys
- socket: use 666 socket mode by default since neither fifos,
nor sockets, nor mqueues need to be executable
- socket: add POSIX mqueue support
- README: document relation to nss-myhostname
- hostnamed: check that nss-myhostname is installed
- new snapshot
- sysctl: apply /etc/sysctl.conf last
- systemd-analyze: print hostname, kernelversion and arch at
the top of the plot
- pam: downgrade a few log msgs
- hostnamed: SetPrettyHostname() should check PK action
- user-sessions: ignore EROFS when unlinking /etc/nologin if
the file doesn't exist anyway
- unit: make ignoring in snapshots a per unit property,
instead of a per unit type property
- vconsole: use open_terminal() instead of open()
- units: enable automount units only if the kernel supports them
- remove policy filter
- add missing buildrequires dbus-1-devel, vala, libxslt-devel
- touch vala files for rebuilding to unbreak Factory
- also delete plymouth files
- disable plymouth sub-package until plymouth gets into Factory
- new snapshot
- binfmt, modules-load, sysctl, tmpfiles: add missing
- binfmt, modules-load, sysctl, tmpfiles: read /usr/local/lib
and where appropriate /lib directories
- version 26
- plymouth: introduce plymouth.enable=0 kernel command line
- util: don't AND cx with cx
- man: typo in sd_daemon reference
- util: conf_files_list() return list as parameter
- dbus: make daemon reexecution synchronous
- new snapshot
- service: properly notice when services with a main process
that isn't a child of init die
- unit: fix assert when trying to load unit instances for
uninstanciable types
- def: lower default timeout to 90s
- manager: fix serialization counter
- new snapshot
- dbus: don't hit assert when dumping properties
- cryptsetup: fix keyfile size option processing
- socket: improve warning message when we get POLLHUP
- mount: failure to mount cgroup hierarchies should not be fatal
- configure: add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE
- new snapshot
- tmpfiles.d: switch to stacked config dirs in /lib, /etc, /run
- sysctl.d, binfmt.d, modules-load.d: switch to stacked config
dirs in /lib, /etc, /run
- manager: mkdir /run/systemd/system when starting up
- man: Spelling fixes
- version 25
- mount: Allow creating mount units for /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs
and /proc/fs/nfsd.
- socket: support ListeSpecial= sockets
- vconsole: don't set console font/keymap if settings are empty
- nspawn: don't fail when we receive SIGCHLD
- cgroup: don't accidentaly trim on reload
- units: set capability bounding set for syslog services
- socket: log more information about invalid poll events
- man: fix specification of default timeouts
- mount,crypto: rework meaning of noauto/nofail
- fsck: don't fsck against in order to properly
allow automount /home
- manager: when running in test mode, do not write generated
unit files to /run/systemd/generator
- mount: properly parse timeouts options in the middle of
the string
- hostnamed: drop all caps but CAP_SYS_ADMIN
- execute: when we run as PID 1 the kernel doesn't give us
CAP_SETPCAP by default. Get that temporarily when dropping
capabilities for good
- mount: make device timeout configurable
- cryptsetup: do not order crypto DM devices against the
cryptsetup service
- socket: reuse existing FIFOs
- socket: guarantee order in which sockets are passed to be
the one of the configuration file
- systemctl: always consider unit files with no
[Install] section but stored in /lib enabled
- job: also print status messages when we successfully started
a unit
- hostnamed: add reference to SMBIOS specs
- man: runlevel 5 is usually more comprehensive, so use it
instead of 3 to detect whether a sysv service is enabled
- polkit: follow the usual syntax for polkit actions
- hostnamed: introduce systemd-hostnamed
- units: order quotacheck after remount-rootfs
- hostname: split out hostname validation into util.c
- dbus: split out object management code into dbus-common,
and simplify it
- strv: properly override settings in env_append()
- strv: detect non-assignments in env blocks properly in
- strv: handle empty lists in strv_copy() properly
- util: truncate newline inside of read_one_line_file()
- util: modernize get_parent_of_pid() a bit
- crypto: let the cryptsetup binary handles its own
configurable timeouts
- logger,initctl: use global exit timeout
- ask-password: use default timeout
- manager: drop all pending jobs when isolating
- manager: introduce IgnoreOnIsolate flag so that we can keep
systemd-logger around when isolating
- units: never pull in sysinit from utmp, so that we can
shutdown from emergency mode without pulling in sysinit
- manager: downgrade a few log messages
- units: require syslog.socket from the logger because we
simply fail if we don't have it
- logger: adjust socket description to match service
- units: set stdout of kmsg syslogd to /dev/null
- units: add --no-block when starting normal service after
shell exited
- ask-password: use kill(PID, 0) before querying a password
- ask-password: support passwords without timeouts
- ask-password: always send final NUL char
- ask-password: properly accept empty passwords from agent
- unit: skip default cgroup setup if we have no hierarchy
- units: isolate instead of emergency.service
when we fail to mount all file systems
- mount: don't pull in stdio logger for root mount unit
- cgroup: be nice to Ingo Molnar
- pam: use /proc/self/sessionid only with CAP_AUDIT_CONTROL
- pam: use /proc/self/loginuid only with CAP_AUDIT_CONTROL
- socket: try creating a socket under our own identity if we
have no perms to consult the selinux database
- socket: fix check for SEQPACKET
- execute: don't fail if we cannot fix OOM in a container
- unit: fix dump output
- socket: be a bit more verbose when refusing to start a
socket unit
- socket: support netlink sockets
- local-fs: invoke emergency.service mounting at boot fails
- path: optionally, create watched directories in .path units
- tmpfiles: don't warn if two identical lines are configured
- man: add man page for ask-password
- dbus: expose monotonic timestamps on the bus
- manager: no need to use randomized generator dir when running
as system manager
- don't make up buffer sizes, use standard LINE_MAX instead
- unit: disallow configuration of more than one on_failure
dependencies if OnFailureIsolate= is on
- unit: pull in logger unit only when running in system mode
- manager: serialize/deserialize max job id and /usr taint flag
- manager: don't garbage collect jobs when isolating, to change
global state
- unit: introduce OnFailureIsolate=
- mount: relabel both before and after a mount, just in case
- cmdline: we actually want to parse the kernel cmdline in VMs,
just not in containers
- units: rename to and pull it
in by hwclock-load.service
- job: fix deserialization of jobs: do not ignore ordering
- systemctl: properly parse JobNew signals
- service: fix units with more than one socket
- systemctl: make most operations NOPs in a chroot
- manager: don't show PID for incoming signals if it is 0
- man: fix description of systemctl reload-or-try-restart
- mount: block creation of mount units for API file systems
- units: call the logger a bridge too
- build-sys: always place user units in /usr/lib/systemd
- pkgconfig: update .pc file accordingly
- lookup: always also look into /usr/lib for units
- exec: support unlimited resources
- selinux: relabel /run the same way as /dev after loading
the policy since they both come pre-filled and unlabelled
- manager: fd must be int, not char
- change remaining /var/run to /run
- units: move user units from /usr/share to /usr/lib since
they might be arch-dependent
- man: document /etc/sysctl.d/
- binfmt: add binfmt tool to set up binfmt_misc at boot
- tmpfiles: create leading directories for d/D instructions
- condition: add ConditionSecurity
- load-fragment: unify config_parse_condition_{kernel, virt}
- condition: fix dumping of conditions
- initctl: /dev/initctl is a named pipe, not a socket
- kmsg-syslogd: pass facility value into kmsg
- move /var/lock to HAVE_SYSV_COMPAT
- tmpfiles: split off rules for legacy systems into legacy.conf
- general: replace a few uses of /var/run by /run
- tmpfiles: enforce new /var/lock semantics
- man: document ConditionPathIsDirectory=
- mount: also relabel pre-mounted API dirs
- log: don't strip facility when writing to kmsg
- build-sys: create a number of drop-in config dirs
- random: do not print warning if random seed doesn't exist
- plymouth: use PID file to detect whether ply is running
- build-sys: install systemd-analyze by default
- analyze: improve output
- analyze: add plotter
- unit: when deserializing do reconnect to dbus/syslog when
they show up
- analyze: beautify output a bit
- add systemd-analyze tool
- unit: don't override timestamps due to state changes when
- plymouth: don't explicitly enable status message when
plymouth is up
- status: show status messages unconditionally if plymouth
is around
- taint: add missing cgroups taint flag
- locale: don't access misinitialized variable
- quota: do not pull in quota tools for mounts that do not
originate in neither /etc/fstab nor fragment files
- manager: fix taint check for /usr
- unit: never apply /etc/rcN.d/ priority to native services
- unit: fix parsing of condition-result
- unit: don't complain about failed units when deserializing
- exec: drop process group kill mode since it has little use
and confuses the user
- cgroup: explain when we cannot initialize the cgroup stuff
- systemctl: don't truncate description when using pager
- ask-password: also accept Backspace as first keypress as
silent mode switch
- unit: when deserializing jobs, don't pull in dependencies
- locale: fix LC_MESSAGES variable name
- plymouth: Remove the calls to plymouth message
- udev: systemd-tag all ttys
- tmpfiles fix /run/lock permissions
- ask-password: use TAB to disable asterisk password echo
- execute: socket isn't abstract anymore
- use /run instead of /dev/.run
- man: explain a couple of default dependencies
- mount: pull in quota services from local mountpoints with
usr/grpquota options
- service: pull in sysv facility targets from the sysv units,
not the other way round
- units: pull in from syslog.socket
- units: don't ever pull in SysV targets from other SysV
- units: document that some targets exists only for compat
with SysV
- man: document pidns containers
- units: deemphesize Names= settings, and explain why nobody
whould use them
- units: on mandriva/fedora create single.service alias via
symlink, not Names=
- units: get rid of runlevel Names=, the symlinks in
/lib/systemd/system are much more useful
- rework syslog detection so that we need no compile-time
option what the name of the syslog implementation is
- man: document .requires/ directories
- special: get rid of
- exec: properly apply capability bounding set, add inverted
bounding sets
- dbus: add service D-Bus property "Sockets"
- dbus: consolidate service SysV conditionals
- unit: serialize condition test results
- def: centralize definition of default timeout in one place
- chkconfig: check against runlevel 5 instead of 3, since it is
a superset of the latter
- systemctl: accept condstop as alias for stop
- dbus: allow LoadUnit to unprivileged users
- umount: make sure skip_ro is always correctly initialized
- create /run (link it to /var/run)
- refresh splash password patch
- conflict with old mkinitrd version (we need /run)
- conflict with old udev (we need /run)
- new snapshot
- man: fix systemctl try-restart description
- Add Frugalware display-manager service
- main: revert recognition of "b" argument
- main: interpret all argv[] arguments unconditionally when
run in a container
- loopback: downgrade an error to warning
- nspawn: bind mount /etc/localtime
- nspawn: make tty code more robust against closed/reopened
- util: make touched files non-writable by default
- nspawn: allocate a new pty instead of passing ours through
to avoid terminal settings chaos
- main: parse the whole arv[] as kernel command line
- main: check if we have a valid PID before getting the name
- ask-password: reset signal mask after we are done
- cgroup: don't recheck all the time whether the systemd
hierarchy is mounted, to make strace outputs nicer and save
a few stat()s
- man: document systemd-nspawn
- cgls: don't strip user processes and kernel threads from
default output
- umount: don't try to remount bind mounts ro during shutdown
- getty: move automatic serial getty logic into generator
- container: skip a few things when we are run in a container
such as accessing /proc/cmdline
- cgls: by default start with group of PID 1
- pam: determine user cgroup tree from cgroup of PID 1
- nspawn: move container into its own name=systemd cgroup
- manager: don't show kernel boot-up time for containers
- manager: show who killed us
- units: add console-shell.service which can be used insted of
the gettys to get a shell on /dev/console
- new snapshot
- build-sys: move remaining tools from sbin/ to bin/ since they
might eventually be useful for user execution
- hostname: don't override the hostname with localhost if it
is already set and /etc/hostname unset
- audit: give up sending auditing messages when it failed due
- nspawn: don't require selinux on if it is compiled in
- main: remove AF_UNIX sockets before binding
- shutdown: print a nice message when terminating a container
- nspawn: mount /selinux if needed
- shutdown: just call exit() if we are in a container
- umount: assume that a non-existing /dev/loop device means it
is already detached
- socket: use 777 as default mode for sockets
- main: log to the console in a container
- main: don't parse /proc/cmdline in containers
- util: add detect_container()
- nspawn: reset environment and load login shell
- core: move abstract namespace sockets to /dev/.run
- nspawn: add simple chroot(1) like tool to execute commands
in a namespace container
- util: return exit status in wait_for_terminate_and_warn()
- util: properly identify pty devices by their major
- new snapshot
- polkit: autogenerate polkit policy with correct paths
- systemctl: support remote and privileged systemctl access
via SSH and pkexec
- gnome-ask-password-agent: fix path to watch
- fix broken sysctl.service linking
- new snapshot
- units: move the last flag files to /dev/.run
- util: close all fds before freezing execution
- dbus: timeout connection setup
- main: properly handle -b boot option
- pam: do not leak file descriptor if flock fails
- disable sysv services natively provided by systemd
- new snapshot
- main: refuse system to be started in a chroot
- main: don't check if /usr really is a mount point, since it is
fine if it is passed pre-mounted to us from the initrd
- condition: take a timestamp and store last result of conditions
- dev: use /dev/.run/systemd as runtime directory, instead of
- machine-id: move machine-id-setup to /sbin
- pkconfig: export full search path as .pc variable
- selinux: bump up error level when in non-enforcing mode
- dbus: fix dbus assert due to uninitialized error
- dbus: properly generate UnknownInterface, UnknownProperty
and PropertyReadOnly errors
- mount: use /dev/.run as an early boot alias for /var/run
- version 20
- service: prefix description with LSB only if script has LSB header,
use 'SysV:' otherwise
- unit: don't accidently create ordering links to targets when
default deps are off for either target and unit
- mount: support less cumbersome x-systemd-xxx mount options
- unit: distuingish mandatory from triggering conditions
- dbus: return DBUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_OBJECT when an object
is unknown
- systemctl: when forwarding is-enabled to chkconfig
hardcode runlevel 3
- job: introduce new job result code 'skipped' to use when pre
conditions of job did not apply
- job: convert job type as early as we can, to simplify things
- Keep emacs configuration in one configuration file.
- syslog: make sure the kmsg bridge is always pulled in and
never terminated automatically
- mount: make /media a tmpfs
- new snapshot
- add org.freedesktop.DBus.Properies.Set method
- main: introduce /etc/machine-id
- systemctl: fix exit code when directing is-enabled
to chkconfig
- dbus: add 'Tainted' property to Manager object
- dbus: expose distribution name and features on manager
object as properties
- man: document changed EnvironmentFile= behaviour
- main: add link to wiki page with longer explanation of the
/usr madness
- execute: load environment files at time of execution, not
when we load the service configuration
- path: after installing inotify watches, recheck file again
to fix race
- path: don't use IN_ATTRIB on parent dirs when watching a
file, since those cannot be removed without emptying the dir
first anyway and we need IN_ATTRIB only to detect the link
count dropping to 0
- kill: always send SIGCONT after SIGTERM
- readahead: disable collector automatically on read-only media
- sysctl: use scandir() instead of nftw() to guarantee
systematic ordering
- support DT_UNKNOWN where necessary for compat with reiserfs
- systemctl: always null-terminate the password
- call systemd-machine-id-setup at installation
- version 19
- udev: don't ignore non-encrypted block devices with no
- udev: expose ttyUSB devices too
- udev: mark hvc devices for exposure in systemd
- cryptsetup: add a terse help
- agent: don't print warnings if a password was removed or
timed out
- systemctl: shutdown agent explicitly so that it can reset
the tty properly
- never clean up a service that still has a process in it
- label: udev might be making changes in /dev while we
iterate through it
- systemctl: properly handle job results
- job: also trigger on-failure dependencies when jobs faile
due to dependencies, timeout
- job: when cancelling jobs, make sure to propagate this
properly to depending jobs
- job: start job timeout on enqueuing not when we start to
process a job
- unit: increase default timeout to 3min
- logger: leave the logger longer around and allow it do
handle more connections
- dbus: pass along information why a job failed when it
failed (dbus api change!)
- general: unify error code we generate on timeout
- units: synchronize gettys to plymouth even if plymouth is
killed by gdm
- job: start job timer when we begin running the job, not
already when we add it to the queue of jobs
- cryptsetup: try to show the mount point for a crypto disk
if we can
- rescue: terminate plymouth entirely when going into
rescue mode
- ask-password: fix handling of timeouts when waiting
for password
- ask-password: supported plymouth cached passwords
- main: print warning if /usr is on a seperate partition
- ensure we start not a single getty before plymouth is
gone because we never know which ttys plymouth still controls
- unit: introduce ConditionVirtualization=
- new snapshot
- dbus: don't rely that timer/path units have an initialized
unit field (bnc#671561)
- new snapshot
- order network mounts after (bnc#672855)
- new snapshot
- kmsg-syslogd: increase terminate timeout to 5min to generte
less debug spew
- shutdown(8) - call kexec if kexec kernel is loaded (bnc#671673)
- unit: don't timeout fsck
- man: fixed typo in SyslogIdentifier=
- tmpfiles: never clean up block devices
- main: refuse --test as root
- new snapshot
- units: order fsck@.service before
instead of to relax things a little
- readahead: remove misleading error messages
- man: don't do more reloads than necessary in spec files
- util: retry opening a TTY on EIO
- util: beef up logic to find ctty name
- tmpfiles: kill double slashes in unix socket names
- drop vhangup patch, it is fixed in login(3) by forwarding the
SIGHUP to the child process
- revert back to conflicts: sysvinit
- Add temporary workaround for bnc#652633, that is do a vhangup
to all processes on a tty line used for a getty
- version 18
- systemctl: introduce --ignore-dependencies
- systemctl: introduce --failed to show only failed services
- systemctl: introduce --failed to show only failed services
- rescue: make 'systemctl default' fail if there is already
something running when the shell exited
- util: seperate welcome line from other output by empty lines
- manager: don't consider transaction jobs conflicting with
queued jobs redundant
- udev: ignore block devices which no known contents, to avoid
trying of mounts/swapons when devices aren't set up full yet
- swap: handle "nofail" from fstab
- mount,swap: properly add dependencies to logger if needed
- service: change default std output to inherit
- exec: introduce global defaults for the standard output
of services
- udev: use SYSTEMD_READY to mask uninitialized DM devices
- fsck: output to /dev/console by default in addition to syslog
- execute: optionally forward program output to /dev/console in
addition to syslog/kmsg
- socket: refuse socket activation for SysV services
- fsck: do not fail boot if fsck returns with an error code that
hasn't 2 or 6 set
- shutdown: execute all binaries in /lib/systemd/system-shutdown
as last step before invoking reboot()
- job: make status message printing more verbose
- cryptsetup: fix unit file description
- tmpfiles: never delete AF_UNIX sockets that are alive
- getty: don't parse console= anymore, use
/sys/class/tty/console/active instead
- properly resolve /dev/console if more than once console=
argument was passed on the kernel command line
- getty: do not auto-spawn getty's on VC ttys if console=ttyN
- fsck: skip root fsck if dracut already did it
- util: when determining the right TERM for /dev/console
consult /sys/class/tty/console/active
- pam: introduce whitelist and blacklist user list feature
- systemctl: minor optimizations
- systemctl: don't unnecessarily close stdin/stdout/stderr for
tty agent so that locking by tty works
- readahead: disable readahead in virtual machines
- tmpfiles: move binary to /bin to make it publicly available
- tmpfiles: take names of tmpfiles configuration files on the
command line
- tmpfiles: log to stderr if possible
- tmpfiles: support globs
- units: introduce and hook up
- dbus: allow all clients access to org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer
- consider udev devices with SYSTEMD_READY=0 as unplugged
- systemctl: don't start agent for --user
- systemctl: make sure the tty agent does not retain a copy
of stdio
- new snapshot
- plymouth: move plymouth out of TARGET_FEDORA
- build-sys: fix AC_COMPILE_IFELSE tests
- build-sys: ensure selinux configure check follows logic of
other optional features
- build-sys: autodetect and use pkg-config for libselinux
- dbus: use ControlGroup as property name to match config option
- pam: optionally reset cgroup memberships for login sessions
- load-fragment: properly parse Nice= value
- automount: use unit_pending_inactive() where appropriate
- Removed unecessary workaround for plymouth startup.
- Split plymouth support into systemd-plymouth package.
- new snapshot
- clang: fix some issues found with clang-analyzer
- gcc: make gcc shut up
- version 17
- vala 0.10 seem to work fine
- cryptsetup: fix ordering loop when dealing with encrypted
swap devices
- main: don't warn if /etc/mtab is a symlink to /proc/mounts
- socket: don't crash if the .service unit for a .socket unit
is not found
- mount: ignore if an fsck is requested for a bind mount,
so that we don't wait for the bind 'device' to show up
- automount: fix segfault when shutting down
- man: give an example for vconsole.conf
- dbus: don't try to connect to the system bus before it is
actually up
- service: make chain of main commands and control commands
independent of each other, so that both can be executed
simultaneously and independently
- service: don't allow reload operations for oneshot services
- vala: convert from dbus-glib to gdbus
- systemctl: highlight failed processes in systemctl status
- systemctl: show process type along process exit codes
- service: when reloading a service fails don't fail the entire
service but just the reload job
- new snapshot
- shutdown: use correct kexec options
- serial-getty: do not invoke /sbin/securetty; recent
pam_securetty looks for console= in /proc/cmdline
- systemctl: before spawning pager cache number of columns
- pam: optionally keep processes of root user around
- service: if a reload operation fails, don't shut down
the service
- execute: make sending of SIGKILL on shutdown optional
- mount: do not translate uuids to lowercase
- man: document missing KillSignal= and swap options
- require recent util-linux
- drop mtab symlink creation which is done in util-linux
- version 16
- device: don't warn if we cannot bump the udev socket buffer
- logger: when passing on PID info, fall back to our own if
originating process is already gone
- service: don't hit an assert if information in LSB headers is
incorrectly formatted
- execute,util: fix two small memory leaks
- getty: unset locale before execution
- execute: drop empty assignments from env blocks on execution
but keep them around otherwise to make them visible
- umount: don't try to detach the dm device the root dir is on,
to minimize warning messages
- locale: fix variable names
- fragment: allow prefixing of the EnvironmentFile=
path with - to ignore errors
- util: don't pass invalid fd to fdopendir() on error to avoid
corruption of errno
- tmpfiles: nicer message when two or more conflicting lines
are configured for the same file
- fragment: properly handle quotes in assignments in
EnvironmentFile= files
- sysctl: don't warn if sysctls are gone
- readahead: ignore if files are removed during collection or
before replay
- serial: use TERM=vt100 instead of TERM=vt100-nav
- cryptsetup: call mkswap on dm device, not on source device
- mount-setup: mount /dev/pts with mode=620,gid=5 by default
and make GID overridable via configure switch
- systemctl: implement auto-pager a la git
- shutdown: drop redundant sync() invocation
- util: invoke sync() implicitly on freeze()
- tmpfiles: do no follow symlinks when cleaning up dirs
- Add support for building plymouth support with openSUSE
- new snapshot
- pam: do not sort user sessions into their own cgroups in
the 'cpu' hierarchy
- mount-setup: drop noexec flag from default mount options
for /dev/shm
- systemd.pc: change 'session' to 'user'
- new snapshot
- ifdef suse-only sysv script lookup code
- add bootsplash handling patch to be able to enter e.g.
crypto passphrases (bnc#659885)
- new snapshot
- add LSB 'smtp' alias for
- new snapshot
- path: fix watching the root directory
- update README
- new snapshot
- gnome-ask-password-agent: also support libnotify < 0.7 for now
- udev: increase event buffer size
- require fsck -l
- version 15
- dbus: use the right data slot allocator
- manager: bump up max number of units to 128K
- build-sys: allow cross-compilation
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- revert fsck -l option requirement
- new snapshot
- units: simplify shutdown scripts
- logger: fix error handling
- swap: order file-based swap devices after remount-rootfs
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- revert fsck -l option requirement
- new snapshot
- systemctl: don't return LSB status error codes for 'show'
- mount: do not try to mount disabled cgroup controllers
- man: document /etc/modules-load.d/, /etc/os-release,
locale.conf, /etc/vconsole.conf, /etc/hostname
- units: move a couple of units from to
- man: reorder things to follow the same order everywhere
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- revert fsck -l option requirement
- version 13
- cryptsetup: actually show disk name
- cryptsetup: show udev device name when asking for password
- sysctl: implement native tool and support /etc/sysctl.d
- units: enable console ask-password agent by default
- introduce /etc/os-release distro description
- job: make sure we don't fail if a mount unit
failed to stop
- cgroup: after killing cgroup processes, ensure the group is
really dead gone. wait for 3s at max
- cgroup: if we couldn't remove a cgroup after killing
evertyhing in it then it's fine
- cryptsetup: automatically order crypt partitions before
- man: trivial BindTo description fix
- manager: make list of default controllers configurable
- build: expose libcryptsetup dependency in build string
- pam: document controllers= switch
- cgroup: by default, duplicate service cgroup in the cpu hierarchy
- pam: duplicate cgroup tree in the cpu hierarchy by default,
optionally more
- enable native crypto handling instead of boot.crypto
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- revert fsck -l option requirement
- version 12
- ask-password: add --console mode to ask /dev/console
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- new snapshot
- cryptsetup: reword questions a little
- units: order hwclock after readahead
- path: don't mention too many inotify msgs
- cryptsetup: include device name in password question
- cryptsetup: lock ourselves into memory as long as we deal
with passwords
- plymouth: use updated socket name
- units: set TERM for gettys again, since they acquire a TTY
- units: allow start-up of plymouth ask-password agent very early
- units: enable ask-paswword .path units early enough to be useful
for early mounts
- units: delay getty until logins are allowed
- pam: always rely on loginuid instead of uid to determine cgroup
- cgroup: call root cgroup system instead of systemd-1
- exec: determine right TERM= setting based on tty name
- pam: rename master user cgroup to 'master'
- drop support for MANAGER_SESSION, introduce MANAGER_USER
- units: use ConditionDirectoryNotEmpty= where applicable
- unit: introduce ConditionDirectoryNotEmpty=
- delete tmp.mount which may conflict with an unrelated fstab
- revert too new libnotify code/requirement
- disable native crypto handling
- new snapshot
- load-dropin: add support for .requires directories
- manager: consider jobs already installed as redundant when
reducing new transactions
- manager: always pull 'following' units into transaction
- util: always highlight distro name
- units: make use of agetty mandatory
- manager: don't fail transaction if adding CONFLICTED_BY job fails
- job: make it possible to wait for devices to be unplugged
- tmpfiles: ignore files marked with the sticky bit
- cryptsetup: handle password=none properly
- cryptsetup: properly parse cipher= switch
- cryptsetup: support non-LUKS crypto partitions
- ask-password: enable password agent
- automatically start cryptsetup when looking for mount source
- log: add automatic log target
- cryptsetup: hook up tool with ask-password
- manager: hookup generators
- split mount_point_is_api() and mount_point_ignore()
- replace boot.crypto job with systemd native crypto handling
- enable readahead (requires 2.6.37+ kernel's fanotify to work)
- new snapshot
- tmpfiles: include reference to man page in tmpfiles files
- vconsole: support additional keymap for toggling layouts
- main: warn if /etc/mtab is not a symlink
- add bash completion for systemctl --system
- man: minor tmpfiles(5) updates and reindenting
- main: rename process on startup to 'systemd' to avoid confusion
- unit: add ConditionNull= condition
- ac-power: make ac-power a proper binary that scripts can call
- manager: parse RD_TIMESTAMP passed from initrd
- modules-load: fix minor race
- label: use internal utility functions wher epossible
- cryptsetup: minimal cryptsetup unit generator
- selinux: relabel /dev after loading policy
- log: downgrade syslog connection failure message
- service: delay automatic restart if job is pending
- manager: when isolating undo all pending jobs, too
- manager: only minimize impact if we are in fail mode
- replace /etc/mtab with link to /proc/self/mounts
- new snapshot
- man/tmpfiles.d.xml: add a manpage for tmpfiles
- do not overwrite other udev tags
- readahead: shortcut replay if /.readahead doesn't exist
- new snapshot
- fsck: return SUCCESS when we skip the check
- fsck: skip checking / if it is writable
- units: fix variable expansion
- mount: don't pull in nofail mounts by default, but use them
if they are around
- job: recursively fail BoundBy dependencies
- fsck: fix target name to check for
- units: rename fedora/single.service to rescue.service
- units: introduce plymouth-start and plymouth-kexec
- unit: get rid of IgnoreDependencyFailure=
- use util-linux:agetty instead of mingetty
- unit: replace StopRetroactively= by BindTo= dependencies
- automount: show who's triggering an automount
- units: run sysctl only if /etc/sysctl.conf exists
- systemctl: always show what and where for mount units
- shutdown: reword a few messages a little
- manager: show which jobs are actually installed after a transaction
- timer: when deserializing timer state stay elapsed
- device: set recursive_stop=true by default
- unit: suppress incorrect deserialization errors
- swap: there's no reason not order swap after sysinit
- socket: fix IPv6 availability detection
- new snapshot
- create /dev/stderr and friends early on boot
- run sysv related scripts with TERM=linux
- add only swaps listed in /etc/fstab automatically to
- errors: refer to systemctl status when useful
- swap: add default cgroup to swap exec env
- readahead: bump a device's request_nr when enabling readahead
- shutdown: properly handle sigtimedwait() timing out
- main: fix typo in kernel cmdline parameters help
- ord-tty: properly handle SIGINT/SIGTERM
- systemctl: automatically spawn temporary password agent
- ask-password: properly handle multiple pending passwords
- ask-password: enable plymouth agent by default
- ask-password: add minimal plymouth password agent
- new snapshot
- make sure to pass TERM=linux to all sysv scripts
- don't unset HOME/TERM when run in session mode
- mount: add nosuid,nodev,noexec switches to /var/lock and /var/run
- tmpfiles: Don't clean /var/lock/subsys
- tmpfiles: Make wtmp match utmp perms, and add btmp
- umount: Make sure / is remounted ro on shutdown
- unset HOME and TERM set from the kernel
- activate wall agent automatically
- ask-password: add basic tty agent
- new snapshot
- rename ask-password-agent to gnome-ask-password-agent
- fsck: suppress error message if we cannot change into single
user mode since
- dbus: epose FsckPassNo property for service objects
- man: document systemctl --force
- introduce 'systemctl kill'
- new snapshot
- syslog: enable kmsg bridge by default
- fsck: add initial version of fsck and quotacheck wrappers
- tmpfiles: remove forcefsck/fastboot flag files after boot
- swap: listen for POLLPRI events on /proc/swaps if availabled
- tmpfiles: integrate native tmpwatch
- shutdown: loop only as long as we manage to unmount/detach devices
- umount: disable dm devices by devnode, not by path name
- introduce
- replace distro-specific shutdown scripts with native services
- try to get rid of DM devices
- log to console by default
- introduce kexec.service, and
- hook in fsck@.service instance for all mount points with passno > 0
- systemctl: warn if user enables unit with no installation instructions
- dbus: add introspection to midlevel paths
- look for dynamic throw-away units in /dev/.systemd/system
- major rework, use /sbin/swapon for setting up swaps
- introduce Restart=on-failure and Restart=on-abort
- units: enable utmp for serial gettys too
- rename 'banned' load state to 'masked'
- optionally, create INIT_PROCESS/DEAD_PROCESS entries for a service
- use systemd-native fsck/mount
- use systemd-native tmpfiles.d/ instead of tmpwatch
new snapshot
- fix 'systemctl enable getty@.service'
- properly support 'banning' of services
- handle nologin
- add native reboot/shutdown implementation
- version 11
- new snapshot
- readahead fixes
- /etc/modules.d was renamed to modules-load.d
- only include tmpfiles.d/*conf files
- don't create sysv order deps on merged units
- fix Provides: handling in LSB headers (
- native (optional) readahead
- Do not package man pages twice.
- new snapshot
- basic services are enabled by default now
- new snapshot
- vconsole and locale setup
- hook up tmpwatch
- new snapshot
- add new utility to initialize the virtual console
- initialize locale from /etc/locale by default
- ask-password: allow services query SSL/harddisk passphrases
- version 10
- logger: support SOCK_STREAM /dev/log sockets
- make sure the file system is writable before we write utmp data
- systemctl: use isolate when called as telinit for a runlevel
- initctl: properly use isolate when activating runlevels
- set HOME=/root when running shells
- make sure we don't crash if there's an automount unit without
mount unit
- start logger only after syslog is up
- version 9
- units: don't add shutdown conflicts dep to
- dbus: don't send cgroup agent messages directly to system bus
- dbus: don't accept activation requests anymore if we are going
down anyway
- systemctl: fix return value of systemctl start and friends
- service: wait for process exit only if we actually killed
- version 8
- mount cgroup file systems to /sys/fs/cgroup instead of /cgroup
- invoke sulogin instead of /bin/sh
- systemctl: show timestamps for state changes
- add global configuration options for handling of auto mounts
- apply /etc/fstab mount options to all api mounts
- properly handle LABEL="" in fstab
- do not consider LSB exit codes 5 and 6 as failure
- prefix sysv job descriptions with LSB:
- add native sysctl + hwclock + random seed service files
- properly fallback to if is hosed
- rename ValidNoProcess= to RemainAfterExit=
- add systemd-modules-load tool to handle /etc/modules.d/
- add support for delayed shutdown, similar to sysv in style
- rename Type=finish to Type=oneshot and allow multiple ExecStart=
- don't show ENOENT for non exitent configuration files
- log build time features on startup
- rearrange structs to make them smaller
- move runlevel[2-5] links to /lib
- create link to /lib not /etc
- handle random-seed
- write utmp record before we kill all processes
- create /var/lock/subsys, /var/run/utmp
- add audit messages for service changes
- update utmp with external program
- all to refuse manual service starting/stopping
- version 7
- hide output if quiet is passed on the kernel cmdline
- fix auto restarting of units after a configuration reload
- don't call bus_path_escape() with NULL unit name
- version 6
- man page update
- new snapshot
- downgrade a few log messages
- properly handle devices which are referenced before they exist
- new snapshot
- fix dependency cycle of boot.* by splitting
- sort boot.* before other sysv services
- start getty for serial console
- add licence to subpackages
- version 5
- selinux fixes
- fix hanging 'reboot' started from vc
- enable by default
- at install, read old inittab for the defaul target/runlevel
- disable services on package uninstall
- version 4
- merge systemd-install into systemctl
- create config files in /etc in %post
- mark files in /etc as config
- remove nodev from /dev/pts
- add selinux support
- version 4 (pre)
- require newer vala
- add [Install] section to and
- re-enable post-build check
- do not add sysv services that are not enabled in /etc/rcN.d/
- allow symlinking unit files to /dev/null
- remove only pam sessions we ourselves created
- unit files in /etc/ always take precedence, even over link targets
- fix access mode verification of FIFOs
- fix default mode of /var/run and /var/lock
- force /var/run and /var/lock to be on tmpfs
- always enable udev and dbus until we can require systemd from
packages providing systemd service files
- drop systemd-units.rpm
- version 3
- treat non-existing cgroups like empty ones, to deal with races
- replace --running-as= by --session and --system
- always allow stopping of units that failed to load
- update
- drop libcgroup
- trim cgroups for services that are "active" but "exited"
- drop /bin/init hack and require now fixed mkinitrd
- fix reboot issue
- fix abstract namespace name handling (needs udev update)
- prefer private D-Bus socket wherever possible
- D-Bus 1.3.2 support
- use COLD_BOOT=1 on reboot to skip sysv boot.d/ handling
- fix typo in spec file
- provide /bin/init to be found by 'too simple' mkinitrd, and work
around mindless relinking of relative links in the buildsystem
- add rpmlintrc to silent warnings about intentional behavior
- version 2
- fix 'reboot -w' to skip the actual reboot
- fix segfault in D-Bus code
- use unique instead of multiple keys in config file
- support continuation lines in config files
- support multiple commands in a single key in config files
- adapt log level of some messages
- version 1
- default log level to INFO
- show welcome message
- add systemd-install --start option
- add more documentation
- new snapshot with extended D-Bus support
- new snapshot with default unit dependency handling
- new snapshot
- add more documentation
- new snapshot
- split off systemd-units.rpm which can be pulled-in by other
packages without further dependencies
- add more documentation
- more man pages and documentation
- conflict with upstart
- include all installed doc files
- provide pam module
- use private D-Bus connection
- properly handle replacing a running upstart
- implement wall message in halt/reboot/...
- speak /dev/initctl to old /sbin/init after installing
- drop no longer needed -fno-strict-aliasing
- add README and examples
- enable pam and libwrap
- provide systemd-sysvinit.rpm with /sbin/init and friends
- libwrap / pam support
- initial packaging of experimental version 0

==== libv4l ====
Version update (1.6.3 -> 1.8.0)
Subpackages: libv4l-devel libv4l1-0 libv4l1-0-32bit libv4l2-0 libv4l2-0-32bit
libv4l2rds0 libv4lconvert0 libv4lconvert0-32bit v4l-utils

- Add gpg signature
- Switch to qt5 on recent releases
- Split language packages
- Update to 1.8.0
* See ChangeLog for full list of changes
- Add -devel pkg to baselibs to build Wine on 64bit only distros

==== virt-install ====
Subpackages: virt-manager virt-manager-common

- bsc#947129 - Error launching manager: 'URI' is not in list
- bsc#919420 - virt-manager: installation of vm on pp64le: Couldn't
find hvm kernel for SUSE tree.
- Upstream bug fix to console if running on Xen
- bsc#945832 - virt-manager is missing a dependency on
- Detect opensuse42 and use grub.xen
- bsc#944670: virt-install does not work on SLES 12 SP1 beta3 xen

==== virt-viewer ====

- bsc#946816 - virt-viewer: version 2.0 can't connect to Xen VMs

==== libwayland-client0 ====
Version update (1.8.1 -> 1.9.0)
Subpackages: libwayland-client0-32bit libwayland-cursor0 libwayland-server0
libwayland-server0-32bit wayland-devel

- Update to new upstream release 1.9.0
* This release brings fixes and modest refactoring.
- License was changed from MIT X11 to MIT Expat upstream.

==== xf86-input-vmmouse ====

- Add gpg signature

==== xf86-video-ast ====
Version update (1.0.1 -> 1.1.5)

- Update to version 1.1.5:
+ Support AST2500.
+ Fixed Failed to Init when ASPEED Graphics is Secondary.
+ Fixed Transient Noise While System Resume from Hibernate.
+ Use same search mode criteria with ast drm driver.
+ Use proper type.

==== xf86-video-siliconmotion ====

- Add gpg signature

==== xf86-video-sis ====

- Add gpg signature

==== xfce4-panel-plugin-places ====
Subpackages: xfce4-panel-plugin-places-lang

- add -fgnu89-inline fix undefined symbol: places_bookmark_destroy

==== yast2-drbd ====
Version update (3.1.16 -> 3.1.17)

- BSC#946596. Support both hostname and hostname+domain
- Version 3.1.17

==== yast2-storage ====
Version update (3.1.66 -> 3.1.69)

- avoid unnessasary steps if no packages need to be installed
(bsc#907331 and bsc#915097)
- 3.1.69
- install storage related packages before commit (bsc#907331 and
- 3.1.68
- Expert partitioner does not forget logical volumes (bsc#944492)
- 3.1.67

==== zypper ====
Version update (1.12.12 -> 1.12.16)
Subpackages: zypper-aptitude zypper-log

- ps: add options --short/--print to retrieve services which may
need to be restarted (FATE#318827)
- fix reserved identifier violation (fixes #79)
- BuildRequires: libzypp-devel >= 15.17.0
- version 1.12.16
- Update sle-zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update sle-zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update sle-zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- patch-check --updatestack-only: Check only for patches which
affect the package management itself (FATE#319407)
- version 1.12.15
- patch --updatestack-only: Install only patches which affect the
package management itself (FATE#319407)
- version 1.12.14
- Update sle-zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- man: mention new zypp.conf solver.dupAllow* config options
- add apt-get alias for aptitude
- BuildRequires: libzypp-devel >= 15.14.0
- version 1.12.13
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update sle-zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2

Removed packages:
> bbswitch-kmp-desktop
> bbswitch-kmp-xen
> drbd-kmp-default
> drbd-kmp-desktop
> drbd-kmp-xen
> libsuitesparseconfig-4_4_4
> virtualbox-guest-kmp-default
> virtualbox-guest-kmp-desktop
> virtualbox-guest-tools
> virtualbox-guest-x11
> virtualbox-host-kmp-default
> virtualbox-host-kmp-desktop
> virtualbox-qt

Added packages:
> typelib-1_0-LibvirtGLib-1_0
> libsuitesparseconfig-4_4_5
> libsystemd0-32bit
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