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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: openldap packages
Hello Werner.

It is a very good argument, in fact apart from SAP I do not know of any
software that still depends on the ancient 2.3 library.

I think there has been a recommendation to use openSUSE code as much as
possible in SLES product. Since the 2.3 ldap library is not used much, there
shouldn't be much effort required to keep it in openSUSE.

Kind regards,

On Thu, 1 Oct 2015, Werner Flamme wrote:

Howard Guo [01.10.2015 12:53]:
Hello All.

Sorry for a delayed response.

I just spoke with Peter and Peter reaffirms that the 2.3.x openldap
client libraries are indeed in-use, but only by SAP products as far
as we know.

Due to the super-long life cycle of SAP products, the 2.3.x library
cannot yet be removed from openSUSE. But it would be a great idea to
totally split 2.3.x source code from openldap2 package.

How do you like this idea?

Kind regards, Howard


sorry, but who uses openSUSE to host a SAP system? My 13 SAP systems all
use a SLES as base. It is stable, and of course I have a support
contract for my productive systems and the others are covered with this
contract as well.

Isn't it possible to create a package like openldap{_client,}_legacy as
an optional package for those who need it?

Just my 2 ¢


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