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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20150702 released!
Changed packages:

==== android-tools ====

- 51-android.rules: Use TAG+="uaccess" instead of using
group/mode access control.

==== ant ====
Subpackages: ant-jmf ant-scripts ant-swing

- Do better quoting to get better error messages when it fails

==== ant-junit ====

- Do better quoting to get better error messages when it fails

==== clamav ====

- Make clamd and clamav-milter services depend on freshclam as
they need it

==== cron ====
Subpackages: cronie

- revert last change, it is a bug in sssd.service, fixed in
- add support for MAILFROM, MAIL_CONFIG and different mailer binaries
in run-crons (bnc#812367, bnc#366762)
- Start cron after sssd.service bnc#926961
- Redo the post/pre update approach to fix migration from SLE11.
Should fix bnc#919028
- update to 1.5.0
* crond: Job environment variables are set also when executing
* crond: Adding duplicate orphans on reload is now prevented.
* crond: The regular crond shutdown is now logged.
* crontab: PAM is not called in crontab command if the caller's
uid is 0.
* crond: PAM is not called from crond for system cron jobs
(/etc/crontab, /etc/cron.d) which are run for uid 0.
* crond: The existence of an user is checked at time when job is
run and not when the crontab is parsed on database reload.
- use spec-cleaner

==== ipset-kmp-default ====
Version update (6.24_k4.0.5_3 -> 6.25.1_k4.0.5_3)
Subpackages: ipset-kmp-desktop ipset-kmp-xen

- Update to new upstream release 6.25.1
* Add element count to all set types header
* Add element count to hash headers
* Support linking libipset to C++ programs
* When a single set is destroyed, make sure it cannot
be grabbed by dump
* Check CIDR value only when attribute is given
* Permit CIDR equal to the host address CIDR in IPv6

==== libedit0 ====
Version update (3.1.snap20141030 -> 3.1.snap20150325)

- Cleanup a bit with spec-cleaner
* remove pkg_name variable which is equal to name variable
- Update to 20150325-3.1
* version info: 0:53:0
* all: sync with upstream source

==== libetonyek-0_1-1 ====
Version update (0.1.2 -> 0.1.3)

- Version bump to 0.1.3:
* Various small fixes
* More imported now imported
* Now use mdds to help with some hashing
- Remove included patch:
* 0001-fix-test-on-i386.patch

==== libgcrypt-devel ====
Subpackages: libgcrypt20 libgcrypt20-32bit

- Fix gpg2 tests on BigEndian architectures: s390x ppc64

==== mate-desktop-gsettings-schemas ====
Version update (1.8.1 -> 1.10.0)

- Update to version 1.10.0
* Bugfixes release
- Remove mate-desktop-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch.patch; fixed
on upstream release
- Update to version 1.9.90 (unstable)
* Bugfixes release
- Update to version 1.9.4 (unstable)
* Turn MateRRScreen, GnomeRRConfig and GnomeOutputInfo into a GObject.
* Add gobject introspection
* Many RANDR fixes
* interface: add automatic-mnemonics key for Gtk xsetting
* use GDK_WINDOW_XID for inter-GTK compatibility
- Update to version 1.9.3 (unstable)
+ Updated mpaste for website change
- Update to version 1.9.2 (unstable)
+ Added org.mate.debug GSettings schema
- Changes from version 1.9.1 (unstable)
+ Added MateColorButton class to have traditional color selection
dialog with GTK3
- Changes from version 1.9.0
+ Removed desktop-docs
+ Removed user guide
+ Removed libunique optional dependency
+ Added MateAboutDialog class to have traditional about dialog with
GTK3 too
- Remove pkgconfig(unique-1.0) BuildRequires; upstream removed

==== osc ====
Version update (0.151.2 -> 0.152.0)

- 0.152.0
- add support searching for groups via "group:" prefix
- show possible used incident projects on "maintained" command
OBS 2.7 only:
- support buildtime source services
- support maintenance_incident requests with acceptinfo data
- support maintenance_release requests with acceptinfo data

==== p7zip ====

- fixed CVE-2015-1038 [bnc#912878]
+ p7zip-CVE-2015-1038.patch

==== perl-Archive-Zip ====
Version update (1.46 -> 1.48)

- updated to 1.48
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.48 Thu 18 Jun 2015
- Wrap skip in a SKIP: block [github/plicease]
1.47 Wed 17 Jun 2015
- zip file with a deflated directory cannot be written out again
- add missing test data to MANIFEST

==== perl-CPAN-Changes ====
Version update (0.400001 -> 0.400002)

- updated to 0.400002
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CPAN-Changes/Changes
0.400002 - 2015-06-21
- revert whitespace changes that were inadvertantly included in previous
- escape curly brackets in test to avoid warning in perl 5.22

==== perl-Config-IniFiles ====
Version update (2.86 -> 2.87)

- updated to 2.87
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Config-IniFiles/Changes

==== perl-DBD-SQLite ====
Version update (1.46 -> 1.48)

- updated to 1.48
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-DBD-SQLite/Changes
1.48 2015-06-12
- Switched to a production version. (ISHIGAKI)
1.47_05 2015-05-08
- Updated to SQLite 3.8.10
1.47_04 2015-05-02
- Used MY_CXT instead of a global variable
1.47_03 2015-04-16
- Added :all to EXPORT_TAGS in ::Constants
1.47_02 2015-04-16
- Updated to SQLite 3.8.9
- Added DBD::SQLite::Constants, from which you can import any
"useful" constants into your applications.
- Removed previous Cygwin hack as SQLite 3.8.9 compiles well again
- Now create_function/aggregate accepts an extra bit
(SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC) for better performance.
1.47_01 2015-02-17
- Commented OPTIMIZE out of WriteMakefile (RT #94207).
If your perl is not compiled with -O2, your DBD::SQLite may
possibly behave differently under some circumstances.
(This release is to find notable examples from CPAN Testers).
- Set THREADSAFE to 0 under Cygwin to cope with an upstream
regression since 3.8.7 (GH #7).
- Updated to SQLite
- Resolved #35449: Fast DBH->do (ptushnik, ISHIGAKI)

==== polkit-default-privs ====

- polkit-default-privs: PackageKit (bnc#929212)

==== gvim ====
Version update (7.4.729 -> 7.4.763)
Subpackages: vim vim-data

- Updated to revision 763, fixes the following problems
* Appending in Visual mode with 'linebreak' set does not work
properly. Also when 'selection' is "exclusive". (Ingo Karkat)
* Using CTRL-A in Visual mode does not work well. (Gary Johnson)
* It is not easy to count the number of characters.
* Cannot detect the background color of a terminal.
* When 'conceallevel' is 1 and quitting the command-line window
with CTRL-C the first character ':' is erased.
* Spelling mistakes are not displayed after ":syn spell".
* The request-background termcode implementation is incomplete.
* Comment for may_req_bg_color() is wrong. (Christ van Willegen)
- Updated to revision 752, fixes the following problems
* When setting the crypt key and using a swap file, text may be
encrypted twice or unencrypted text remains in the swap file.
* The tab menu shows "Close tab" even when it doesn't work.
* The cursor line is not always updated for the "O" command.
* ml_get error when using "p" in a Visual selection in the last line.
* Wrong argument for sizeof().
* In a string "\U" only takes 4 digits, while after CTRL-V U eight
digits can be used.
* ":1quit" works like ":.quit". (Bohr Shaw)
* When using += with ":set" a trailing comma is not recognized. (Issue 365)
* Cannot specify a vertical split when loading a buffer for a quickfix
* "p" in Visual mode causes an unexpected line split.
* No tests for Ruby and Perl.
* The entries added by matchaddpos() are returned by getmatches()
but can't be set with setmatches(). (Lcd)
* ":[count]tag" is not always working. (cs86661)
* ":cnext" may jump to the wrong column when setting 'virtualedit=all'
* For some options two consecutive commas are OK. (Nikolay Pavlov)
* It is not obvious how to enable the address sanitizer.
* Unicode 8.0 not supported.

==== vsftpd ====

- Fix logrotate script to not fail when vsftpd is not running,

==== x11-tools ====

- Xim script: Allow to simply touch an empty ~/.i18n to override
~/.profile or ~/.login. Also make sure that all bourne shells
are able to export the variables like INPUT_METHOD.
- Xim script: Allow background processes in ~/.profile and ~/.login
(bsc#934720) also use ~/.i18n of exist instead of ~/.profile or

Removed packages:

Added packages:
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