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[opensuse-factory] How to name the baby
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Oh no, not another lengthy thread.... I am afraid it is going to be,
but hopefully we can stick to the topic and only focus on the name.

A brief summary:

Stephan as the release manager has decided that he will concentrate on
building a distribution around the project known as openSUSE:42. In
[1] he also tried to start the discussion about the naming of the new
distro. However, this did get sidetracked rather quickly, thus, please
focus on naming only.

- - Not all questions for the new release have been answered, we do not
need to revisit this. Some answers will only emerge as the baby starts
to crawl and then walk....
- - Just because Stephan will take on the release manager
responsibilities of a distro around the SLE sources does not preclude
another person or team to build/release... a distro based on Factory

As the distribution is a representation of the project as a whole,
i.e. all contributors, I think it is fair that people get an
opportunity to weigh in with their concerns. This view may not be
shared by everyone, so please bare with the rest of us as your mailbox
once again fills up ;) However, to those participating in the
discussion please focus on the name not on side issues.

It has been advocated in other threads that a vote on the name should
be considered as the final solution. There are reasonable arguments
for and against such a direction. Thus, lets not focus on the voting
part at this point either, lets just focus on the name and see where
the discussion goes. If this should or should not be voted on can be a
separate discussion once we collectively understand the concerns
people have with respect to the name.

In a "thread renaming" post we have had the following suggestion:

* openSUSE Oak

So how about Oak? It's a solid tree, it fits with the green theme and it
will give us:

* openSUSE Tumbleweed
* openSUSE Oak

"openSLES" has also been suggested a few times but lets just say that
we will probably run afoul with a number of legal restrictions. Plus
it is not really SLES, it is based on SLES sources and not a verbatim
build of the SLES sources.

My suggestion would be to focus on the name while considering that we
should not create a name that would produce a potential conflict as
described in [2], also consider the reply [3]

So please lets focus on the name the child might have. State your case
for the name you propose, include in the proposal a numbering scheme,
if you think we should stick with numbers.

Staring at 1 for a numbering scheme has rather obvious disadvantages,
all other numbers are probably equally arbitrary, but you can
certainly state the case why the number being proposed is favorable.

I propose the above as the guidelines for the naming discussion. I
will add my personal opinion about the name as a follow up post. Lets
see if I can manage to stay within my own proposed guidelines ;)

I apologize to those that are subscribed to both the -factory and the
- -project list. However I know that there are a number of people that
are not following -project but follow -factory, thus the cross post.
As I mentioned, I believe that the distribution represents all of us
and thus everyone should have their chance to weigh in on the name
given to the baby that represents the community.

Let the fun begin.


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