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NVIDA - was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Road-map for openSuse 13.3?
On 30.04.2015 11:20, Bob Williams wrote: > I use the NVidia proprietary graphics drivers to control my twin
> screen display. When I read the following...

Quick question about this: I have a Macbook with an intel and nvidia graphics card. I used the nouveau driver and nvidia card for some time. But my laptop got really hot.
So recently I blacklisted the noveau driver. And only use intel card.

But then I realized: multiple monitor doesn't work with it!

So now I consider switching back to nvidia, is the proprietary driver better?

Also I read this: but it seems that won't help me cooling down my laptop, since I will use multiple monitors all the time I guess all the time it will also use the nvidia card, is this correct?

I understand bumblebee like this:
If I need not much good graphics, it switched to lower card (intel), if I need good graphic, it enabled the high card (nvidia).

But when I will need multi monitor, it will use nvidia all the time, right?

PS: Sorry for hijaking thread. Just was a good opportunity to ask, and get someone who might now!
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