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Re: [opensuse-factory] messages: too many vs. too few
Andrei Borzenkov composed on 2015-04-23 21:38 (UTC+0300):

Wed, 22 Apr 2015 04:49:53 -0400 Felix Miata composed:

In every combination tried I have had



If only that line is uncommented, simply logging on tty3 in results in 10
audit/PAM messages spit out before Have a lot of fun... on just dup'd TW,

Installing missing audit package seems to have solved this. Since installing,
the only messages I've not "expected" happened during zypper -v dup.

none of which show up on tty10, where last message of 10 lines in total is a
10th systemd-fsck... line.

Using default TW installation after setting


I get quite a lot of messages on tty10 - except kernel ones. If you get
audit messages on active console, you most likely removed "quiet" from
kernel command line.

Can't remove what was never there to start with. As the installation choices
are limited to Grub2 and none, TW gets installed here sans bootloader, and
boot is via a copy and edit of one of the previous decade's working stanzas
that have it not, living on a partition TW does not depend on for its

kernel writes messages to active console and has
always been doing it; nothing has changed.

NAICT, quiet only affects default tty and only during init....

In the past console log
level was often set to suppress them somewhere in startup scripts
(dmesg -n or similar); today using "quiet" by default effectively does
the same.

....I tried it once minutes ago. It results in nothing but black on screen
between initrd loading and initial shell prompt.

This thread seems to be primarily about audit rpm not being required by
anything. has more to say.
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