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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20150421 released!
Changed packages:

==== biosdevname ====

- Fix fault in ignore-broken-BIOSes patch (boo#920054).

==== calibre ====
Version update (2.24.0 -> 2.25.0)

- Update to version 2>25.0:
* New Features
- Edit Book: Make embedding fonts using the manage fonts dialog
easier. You can now double click on a font family to see what
faces for that family area available on your computer and
install new fonts directly from the dialog.
- Book Details panel: Allow deleting tags/series/publisher/etc.
by right clicking on the link in the book details panel.
- E-book viewer: Allow expanding/collapsing all items in the
Table of Contents view by right clicking.
- When using the View specific format action add an 'Open With'
button to choose a specific program to view the specified
- Fetch News: Add API to allow recipe writers to easily resolve
internal links to point to the downloaded versions of
- DOCX Input: Add support for DOCX files created by Word 2013
in 'Strict' mode.
- When getting cover from comic files, use smart filename
sorting to find the first filename, recognizing numbers
inside the filenames.
* Bug Fixes:
- E-book viewer: When displaying multiple pages per screen fix
whole screen scrolling so that it works as expected even at
the end of the file, when their might be fewer pages left
than would fill the screen.
- DOCX Input: Automatically resize large images used as bullets
in lists, to compensate for the fact that HTML renderers do
not do this.
- Book list: Prevent yes/no columns from making the minimum row
height too large.
- Template language: Fix raw_field() function returning
incorrect values for lists
- Edit book: Fix book locale changing when OPF edited if OPF
contains a country code in addition to a language code.
- Edit Book: Fix escaped HTML tags in the comments metadata
being reported as mis-spelled words.
- Edit Book: Fix regression that caused copying of non-breaking
spaces to not work when using the keyboard shortcuts.
- en With: Fix open with not working for programs from the
Microsoft Office suite.
* New news sources:
- MIT Technology Review Magazine by Michael Marotta.
- The Codeless Code by April King.
* Improved news sources:
- Die Zeit.
- NZZ Webpaper.
- Arcamax.

==== cryptsetup ====
Subpackages: libcryptsetup4 libcryptsetup4-32bit

- Enable verbose build log.
- regenerate the initrd if cryptsetup tool changes
(wanted by 90crypt dracut module)

==== fipscheck ====
Subpackages: libfipscheck1

- Set RPM groups anew. Drop implicit cleaning parts.

==== glew-devel ====
Subpackages: libGLEW1_12

- Remove devel package from baselibs.conf (discussed in boo#894331)

==== goffice-lang ====
Version update (0.10.21 -> 0.10.22)
Subpackages: libgoffice-0_10-10

- Update to version 0.10.22:
+ Fix selection of axes using only part fo the plot area
+ Protect colored xy and bubble plots against NULL z values.
+ Update circular axis bounds after a unit change (bgo#746738).
+ Auto fill color made transparent for opened markers
+ Make manual scale really manual (bgo#700599).
+ Do not draw the line over the arrow head at start (bgo#745736).
+ Improve log axis bounds (bgo#745960).
+ Fix format used for stacked percentage graphs.
+ Don't force bar/col axis to include 0 for log axis.
+ Don't force radial plots to include 0 for log axis.
+ Rewrite pattern-fill rendering (bgo#747212).
+ Add go_cotpi and go_atan2pi.
+ Fix persistence of ring plot center size.

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-x86_64-efi

- Cleanup patch not applied
* remove grub2-enable-theme-for-terminal-window.patch
* grub2.rpmlintrc: remove addFilter("patch-not-applied")
- Merge changes from SLE12
- Do not pass root= when root is on nfs (bnc#894374)
* modified grub2-pass-corret-root-for-nfsroot.patch
* modified grub2-secureboot-provide-linuxefi-config.patch
* modified grub2-secureboot-use-linuxefi-on-uefi.patch
- Fix xen pvops kernel not appear on menu (bnc#895286)
* modified grub2-fix-menu-in-xen-host-server.patch
- Workaround grub2-once (bnc#892358)
* added grub2-btrfs-workaround-grub2-once.patch
* added grub2-once.service
* modified grub2-once
- Fix busy-loop and hang while network booting (bnc#870613)
* added grub2-netboot-hang.patch
- Add warning in grubenv file about editing it directly (bnc#887008)
* added grub2-editenv-add-warning-message.patch
- Fix broken graphics with efifb on QEMU/KVM and nomodeset (bnc#884558)
* added grub2-efi-disable-video-cirrus-and-bochus.patch
- Disable video support on Power (bnc#877142)
* added grub2-ppc64le-disable-video.patch
- Track occupied memory so it can be released on exit (bnc#885026)
* added grub2-ppc64le-memory-map.patch
- Fix grub.xen config searching path on boot partition (bnc#884828)
- Add linux16 and initrd16 to grub.xen (bnc#884830)
* added grub2-xen-linux16.patch
- VLAN tag support (fate#315753)
* added 0001-Add-bootargs-parser-for-open-firmware.patch
* added 0002-Add-Virtual-LAN-support.patch
- Use chainloader to boot xen.efi under UEFI (bnc#871857)
* added grub2-efi-xen-chainload.patch
- Use device part of chainloader target, if present (bnc#871857)
* added grub2-efi-chainloader-root.patch
- Create only hypervisor pointed by /boot/xen.gz symlink (bnc#877040)
* modified grub2-fix-Grub2-with-SUSE-Xen-package-install.patch
- Fix xen and native entries differ in grub.cfg (bnc#872014)
* modified grub2-linux.patch
- Fix install error on ddf md device (bnc#872360)
* added grub2-getroot-treat-mdadm-ddf-as-simple-device.patch
- Fix booting from NVMe device (bnc#873132)
* added grub2-getroot-support-NVMe-device-names.patch
- Document peculiarities of s390 terminals
* added README.ibm3215
- Grub2 for System z (fate#314213)
* added grub2-s390x-02-kexec-module-added-to-emu.patch
* added grub2-s390x-03-output-7-bit-ascii.patch
* added grub2-s390x-04-grub2-install.patch
* added grub2-s390x-05-grub2-mkconfig.patch

==== gthumb ====
Version update (3.3.4 -> 3.4.0)
Subpackages: gthumb-lang

- Update to version 3.4.0:
+ Media player: smoother volume change.
+ History: do not remove other occurrences of the current
+ Don't merge translations into gschema file.
+ Facebook: fixed the authorization process.
+ Contact sheet: fixed header color not set when creating a new
+ Updated translations.

==== libgdiplus0 ====
Version update (3.8 -> 3.12)

- Update to version 3.12
- Enable unit tests

==== libgpg-error-devel ====
Version update (1.18 -> 1.19)
Subpackages: libgpg-error0 libgpg-error0-32bit

- update to 1.19:
* New set of error codes for use with LDAP.
* New options --help and --defines for gpg-error.
* Allow building with gcc 5.
(replacing patch libgpg-error-1.18-gcc5.patch now removed)
* Interface changes relative to the 1.18 release:

==== libixion-0_10-0 ====
Version update (0.9.0 -> 0.9.1)

- Version bump to 0.9.1:
* various triv bugfixes
* Build with tests and work this time

==== lilo ====

- move yaboot and lilo-ppc into github and merge all patches there
Drop patches from the spec:

==== nbd ====
Version update (3.9 -> 3.10)
Subpackages: nbd-doc

- Update to 3.10
* There really is only one change since 3.9: drop of the
"oldstyle" support from nbd-server and nbd-client.

==== pam_ssh ====
Version update (2.0 -> 2.01)
Subpackages: pam_ssh-32bit

- Update to version 2.01
* pam_ssh.1: updated man page to reflect the current implementation
- Remove gpg-offline require and verification; OBS handles it
- Use download Url as source

==== perl-File-Tail ====
Version update (1.0 -> 1.1)

- updated to 1.1
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-File-Tail/Changes

==== perl-HTML-Parser ====

- regnererate spec file to be in line with current template

==== perl-IPC-Run ====
Version update (0.92 -> 0.94)

- updated to 0.94
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-IPC-Run/Changes
0.94 Sun Dec 14 2014
- RT 100858 - Update License discrepancies.
0.93_01 Wed Dec 10 2014
- Many typo corrections from David Steinbrunner via github
- RT 20105 - t/pty.t fails on Solaris 10
0.93 Wed Dec 10 2014
- RT 100711 - Add aggressive exit to t/signal.t after skip_all to prevent
- RT 97926 - Fix for run argument with spaces in path
- skip t/win32_compile.t on Android
- RT 86133 - TODO failing POD tests for IPC::Run

==== perl-Image-Size ====

- endian.patch: use proper endian-agnostic extractor

==== perl-Package-DeprecationManager ====
Version update (0.13 -> 0.14)

- updated to 0.14
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Package-DeprecationManager/Changes
0.14 2015-04-18
- Use any() from List::Util 1.33+ instead of List::MoreUtils.

==== gvim ====
Version update (7.4.683 -> 7.4.694)
Subpackages: vim vim-data

- Updated to revision 694, fixes the following problems
* When starting several Vim instances in diff mode, the temp files
used may not be unique. (Issue 353)
* When there are illegal utf-8 characters the old regexp engine may
go past the end of a string.
* "zr" and "zm" do not take a count.
* There is no way to use a different in Replace mode for a terminal.
* When "$" is in 'cpo' the popup menu isn't undrawn correctly.
(Issue 166)
* Memory access errors when changing indent in Ex mode. Also missing
redraw when using CTRL-U. (Knil Ino)
* Can't build with MzScheme.
* Session file is not correct when there are multiple tab pages.
* Running tests changes the .viminfo file.

==== xev ====
Version update (1.2.1 -> 1.2.2)

- update to version 1.2.2:
* configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
* Add event filter for button events
* Add -version option to print program version
* Print which option was in error along with usage message
* man: Add -event to the command synopsis
- add tarball signature and keyring
- refresh u_Add-event-filter-for-motion-and-button-events.patch:
partially merged upstream

==== xf86-video-qxl ====
Version update (0.1.3 -> 0.1.4)

- Update to version 0.1.4:
+ Added smartcard support to XSpice.
+ Memleak fix which could cause X to run out of memory.
+ Expose randr properties for suggested display positions if
kernel supports it.
- Add pkgconfig(libcacard) and pkgconfig(libpcsclite)
BuildRequires and pass --enable-ccid to configure in order to
build the new smartcard support.
- Add pkgconfig(libudev) BuildRequires: Build with udev support.

==== xine-ui ====
Version update (0.99.8 -> 0.99.9)

- delete xine-ui-array-overflow.diff, it was not applied anyway
since 0.99.8 because it's included upstream now
- add upstream download URL
- update to 0.99.9
* Handle building using libreadline 6.3 and libcaca 0.99 beta 19.
* More shutdown fixes.
* Show DVD & BluRay menu names.
* More *BSD support ? NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD.

Removed packages:

Added packages:
> xfce4-panel-plugin-notes-lang
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