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Re: [opensuse-factory] removal of obsolete packages (here: gstreamer-0_10)
On Mon, 2015-04-20 at 09:58 +0200, Marc Dietrich wrote:

this is about gstreamer-0_10 but may also relate to other packages,
libraries. The current version in factory is 1.4 and the 0.10 series
is no
longer maintained upstream since 2013 (source: homepage). There are
still lots
of packages which directly or indirectly depend on the old version. I
like to
discuss how to proceed to get factory free of the 0.10 version.

I started to file some bug reports against packages which directly
depend on
the old library - wine was the most obvious and easily fixable.
Other packages
are harder to fix because newer versions break ABI and for some
upstream wasn't ported.

There are several possibilities:
(1) package can easily build against new ABI
(2) package can be build against new ABI, but patch is only in
(3) upstream does not have a patch but porting is easy
(4) upstream does not have a patch because it is unmaintained or
willing to port
(5) package/pattern suggests/recommends (does not depends on it)
gstreamer-0_10 for no good reason
(6) other reasons

To solve (1), every maintainer of a package/pattern in question
should check
if a rebuild is possible. For (2), a new package version would be
required. I
don't have experience in porting to the new ABI, so (3) is up to the
maintainer (port yourself or remove the package). The latter is the
option for (4). (5) can be subtle because you also have to check
suggests/recommands. I ran the following command to get a primarily

zypper if --recommends --suggests "*?" | grep -B20 "gstreamer-0_10"

There are likely better methods the generate such a list.

From there I can see that e.g. patterns-openSUSE-gnome_multimedia
gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base but it does not depend on it. Still
zypper will
install it during "zypper up" so you'll get a bunch of packages
which you
don't need.

Before I start another mass bug filing attempt, I thought it was a
good idea
to first bring this topic to this list.


Thanks for bringing this up again - it is appreciated that I am not
alone with this wish.

It's actually been a long standing issue, as far back as in 13.1 we
declared it as a goal:

There were way too many at the time still depending on Gst 0.10
Luckily, the situation changed by now and it got better.

Would it be possible to get an overview just as the one above with
respective links wherever upstream has patches (if you find them that
is). Once we know exactly what packages we really have to care for, we
can take the decision much easier, instead of a meta-discussion that
it would be good to get rid of it (off my head I know that pidgin's
patch set is in a terrible state - we had that for a while, but
reverted, and xfce still has an applet that depends on it - there were
plans to get a PA frontend, not sure what the situation is there by

Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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