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[opensuse-factory] Re: Action plans for Plasma 5 as default in openSUSE
  • From: Luca Beltrame <lbeltrame@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 10:21:49 +0200
  • Message-id: <mgfuau$ava$>
Felix Miata wrote:

foundational packages had names starting with kf- or libkf- instead of
plasma* or qt* or system*. Names like kf5-snapshot or kf5-konqueror would
be nice too.

For Frameworks (which are just libraries), packages have the name of the
upstream libs, e.g. libKF5GuiAddons5. Devel packages (unneded by most users)
are instead frameworkname-devel.
For Plasma itself, the packages have more or less the name of the upstream
projects: plasma-workspace5, plasma-desktop5.
For applications, they have the name of the upstream application, followed
by the number 5: kate5, dolphin5...

been horrific. It took me months stabbing at it off and on before I had
success generating anything more than crashes or black screens on session

There is no upgrade path yet in the same way as Fedora as the existing KF5
packages do not obsolete the old 4.x packages yet. (yast, enroute to
virgin KF5 installation)
Yast should display the free space warning only when something is going to
be installed there

Those are dealt by the YaST team, I suppose.
panel spontaneously disappears

I haven't been able to reproduce this in what will become Plasma 5.3 (beta
out this week).
flatten menu to a single level produces no perceptible effect

There are plans to change the menu structure to upstream default, so I'm not
sure this applies (or will apply differently).
[a11y][u7y] kcmshell5 fonts - > Choose (Select Font) initial window size
much too small (DPI>96)

Upstream Qt bug (see latest comment).

Post-OP comments in still existing old bugs I filed originally:
bad spacing between main selections

A long-term plan of revamping System Settings' UI is ongoing [1] and
everyone is invited to provide feedback.

I cannot set my short date to YYYY-MM-DD, nor my time to HH:MM

This may be an upstream Qt bug (Qt's locale and date formatting features in
Qt5 still pale in comparison to what kdelibs were able to do).
konsole5 crashes right after login

I don't use saved sessions so I can't really comment on this one.

Affects k3b, that although is usually part of installs, is not part of
either the workspace, or the applications (it's an extragear application).

This needs to be re-filed against plasma 5 if still appplicable.

This probably neeeds re-triaging.

Same as above wrt k3b.

Probably a WONTFIX, but I'm not part of the Plasma 5 dev team so I may be

As Dan said in the report, manual disabling of KScreen will do it.

2-distro vs. upstream default theming faults WRT A11Y & U7Y

Upstream branding will be used for Plasma 5. See the opensuse-kde ML for

3-compared to KDE3/4, too much mousing required to log off

Personal preference.

4-compared to KDE3/4, extra mouse click required to see recent *

Personal preference.

5-items from KDE4's application menu settings missing in KF5's

Can you elaborate on which?

6-application menu settings' "Show applications as:" select list much too
narrow until opened

Was a bug filed upstream?

7-where did "run command" menu selection go (RC only available if desktop
accessible to reach its context menu)?

You mean on desktop right click? Or do you mean a lack of shortcuts (Alt-F2
and Alt-Space are upstream defaults)?

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