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Re: [opensuse-factory] Restoring support for KDE3 in LibreOffice
Dne Čt 9. dubna 2015 20:49:11, Ilya Chernykh napsal(a):
You put the package into separate sub that is right, but as you removed
hack that merged kde and kde4 you actually have to fix the split in the
upstream, because without it kde4 integration depends on kde3.

This is not the case. How kde4 integration can depend on kde3,
if kde3 integration was disabled? Look, I enable kde3 integration
and it builds some more files. I put those files into a new package.
How this can affect kde4 integration?

If there were any compliants prevuously, please point
me to them or to a bug report.

If there any files needed for both kde3 and kde4, they can be put in a
common package anyway (there is no such files actually).

Because it is broken upstream. And as we disabled the kde3 integration there
was no need to bother with it further.

If you want it really enabled, then you have to fix it upstream and we could
use it.

There were no complaints because simply it got broken and kde3 was disabled so
nobody gave a bit we have the hack in.

If you disable the hack you have to deal with the consequences, here being
fixing the lists and splitting the libs properly.

It might've been fixed in meantime but when i checked git log there was no
change on the distro-install-file-lists so I expect it to still be broken.

But back to my question. Are there really some people using it whom would
benefit from prolonging the build of Factory for ~1 hour on each run? As
libreoffice is tail package for the whole release... Apart from your desire of
course to have every possible kde3 thing still on...
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