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Re: [opensuse-factory] Restoring support for KDE3 in LibreOffice
On Thu, 9 Apr 2015 17:28:36 +0300
"Ilya Chernykh" <anixxsus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some time ago the support for KDE3 was disabled in our LibreOffice
allegedly to "reduce dep graph".
But a lot of openSUSE users still use KDE3.

The LibreOffice package provides well the KDE3 support feature and
openSUSE has all necessary packages needed to build it.

Yet my submit-request to re-enable KDE3 support has been rejected.

Why people just cannot let us use the desktop we like to? This
feature is provided by upstream
and openSUSE is one of the remaining distributions that provides KDE3.

Why do not we enable the feature?

Well, maybe it will be nice to point also to submit request so we can
make picture. I search it on build service and it is this one:

For me argument with braking kde4 sounds quite strong. Regarding
cycles, well maybe some numbers showing usage of KDE3 will be good to
see if it deserve that build cycles? I have no idea how many users
still use and prefer KDE3.

But even if it is small number of users you have option how to do it.
You can add to kde3 project link to libreoffice with modified spec file
to build your kde3-extension and offer it to users. If users have
priority on KDE repo, then it gets it automatic.

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