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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20150405 released!
Changed packages:

==== blender ====

- Enable build with cycles - see bnc#905649

==== calibre ====
Version update (2.22.0 -> 2.23.0)

- Update to version 2.23.9:
* New features:
- Allow adding an empty ebook in various formats to existing
book records by right clicking the Add Books button.
- Add ability to create additional empty formats to the 'Add
empty book' command.
- News download: Add API to cleanly abort the download of an
article during the preprocess stage based on the article's
* Bug Fixes:
- MOBI Input: Fix links not working in viewer for MOBI files
that contain anchors placed on linebreak elements.
- Book details panel: Fix copying Path link by right clicking
on it not working.
- Fix a regression that caused importing of a single book from
a directory to fail if the directory has no ebook files in
- Column Icons: Fix apostrophes in icon filenames causing
- Edit Book: Fix a regression that caused Remove unused CSS to
fail on invalid CSS selectors, instead of ignoring them.
* Improved news sources:
- Esquire
- Courrier International
- Tageschau

==== dejagnu ====
Version update (1.5.2 -> 1.5.3)

- Update to dejagnu 1.5.3
* More bugfixes

==== ghostscript ====
Version update (9.15 -> 9.16)
Subpackages: ghostscript-devel ghostscript-x11

- Version upgrade to 9.16. Primarily a maintenance release.
There are no recorded incompatible changes (as of this writing).
Highlights in this release include:
* "LockColorants" command line option for tiffsep and psdcmyk
* Improved high level devices handling of Forms.
For details see the News.htm and History9.htm files.
- fix.including.pread.pwrite.pthread_mutexattr_settype.diff
is no longer needed because it is fixed in the upstream sources.
- fix.including.pread.pwrite.pthread_mutexattr_settype.diff
fixes on SLE11 implicit declaration of function warnings
for 'pread' 'pwrite' 'pthread_mutexattr_settype' see
- ppc64le-support.patch is a remainder of the previous patch
now the hunk for LCMS (lcms/include/lcms.h) is removed
because LCMS 1.x is removed since Ghostscript 9.16
but the hunk for LCMS2 (lcms2/include/lcms2.h) is still needed
- Version upgrade to 9.16rc2 (second release candidate for 9.16).
For details see the News.htm and History9.htm files.
Regarding installing packages (in particular release candidates)
from the openSUSE build service development project "Printing"
- For SLE12 build it with traditional CUPS 1.5.4 to ensure
it works on SLE12 both with CUPS 1.7.5 and CUPS 1.5.4.

==== glibc-32bit ====
Subpackages: glibc-locale-32bit

- aarch64-sigstksz.patch: Increase MINSIGSTKSZ and SIGSTKSZ (BZ #16850)
- powerpc-software-sqrt.patch: Fix powerpc software sqrt (BZ #17964, BZ
- nss-separate-state-getXXent.patch: Separate internal state between
getXXent and getXXbyYY NSS calls (bsc#918187, BZ #18007)
- static-tls-dtv-limit.patch: Fix DTV race, assert, DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS
limit, and nptl_db garbage (bsc#919678, BZ #17090, BZ #17620, BZ #17621,
BZ #17628)

==== glibc ====
Subpackages: glibc-devel glibc-extra glibc-info glibc-locale nscd

- aarch64-sigstksz.patch: Increase MINSIGSTKSZ and SIGSTKSZ (BZ #16850)
- powerpc-software-sqrt.patch: Fix powerpc software sqrt (BZ #17964, BZ
- nss-separate-state-getXXent.patch: Separate internal state between
getXXent and getXXbyYY NSS calls (bsc#918187, BZ #18007)
- static-tls-dtv-limit.patch: Fix DTV race, assert, DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS
limit, and nptl_db garbage (bsc#919678, BZ #17090, BZ #17620, BZ #17621,
BZ #17628)

==== libgmime-2_6-0 ====

- Add --enable-mono/--disable-mono to configure call, based on the
build condition. This avoids random rebuild failures (outside
OBS) if mono happens to be installed on the building system.

==== librsync2 ====

- blake2-config.patch: add missing <config.h>

==== mercurial ====
Version update (3.3.2 -> 3.3.3)
Subpackages: mercurial-lang

- update to 3.3.3
This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.
+ adjustlinkrev: handle 'None' value as source
+ adjustlinkrev: prepare source revs for ancestry only once
+ amend: check for directory renames for both merge parents
+ annotate: reuse ancestry context when adjusting linkrev (issue4532)
+ dirstate: don't require exact case when adding dirs on icasefs
+ dirstate: make sure rootdir ends with directory separator
+ filemerge: clean up language in mergemarkertemplate help
+ forget: cleanup the output for an inexact case match on icasefs
+ hgweb: prevent loading style map from directories other than
specified paths
+ mergecopies: reuse ancestry context when traversing file history
+ templates: fix "log -q" output of default style
+ templates: fix "log -q" output of phases style
+ win32: 'raise ctypes.WinError' -> 'raise ctypes.WinError()'

==== psmisc ====

- Add patch psmisc-22.21-boo908063.patch to avoid to close files
which are never open (boo#908063)
- add patch to fix fuser -M option active all the time (bnc#874983)
- Update to version 22.21
* Missing comma in fuser(1) added Debian #702391
* pstree uses COLUMN env variable Debian #717017
* pstree shows proper thread names SF Bug#57
* pstree shows namespace options SF Patch#30
* killall.1 minor fixes SF Bug#59
* peekfd for m68k SF Patch#31
* Fixing some derefefed pointers SF Patch#32
* Minor typos in man pages SF Bug#61 Bug#60
* fuser -m and -M flags work either way Debian #606178
- Remove patch
psmisc-22.20-pstree.patch as now part of upstream
peekfd-m68k.patch as now part of upstream
- Port the patches
psmisc-22.20-upstream.patch which becomes psmisc-22.21-upstream.patch
psmisc-22.20.dif which becomes psmisc-22.21.dif
psmisc-22.12-pstree.patch which becomes psmisc-22.21-pstree.patch
- Remove %fillup_prereq %insserv_prereq PreReq; package provides
neither sysconfigfile or sysvinit script
- Use %lang_package instead of define a lang subpackage manually
- Use %configure instead of ./configure
- Don't define CC and CXX flags manually
- Remove redundant %clean section
- peekfd-m68k.patch: Port peekfd to m68k
- peekfd hasn't been ported to aarch64 yet
- Update to version 22.20 + upstream patch
* Make usage of linked lists of devices found in
/proc/self/mountinfo optional
* Make timeout() in timeout.c work with shared mmap to
reduce the load due write/read the stat buffers
* Add list_sort() to lists.h to be able to sort lists
* pstree sorts properly on names Debian #682014
* fuser -m regresion fixed SF #3559232, thanks to hanpt
* pstree finds orphaned processes SF#3537508
* fuser finds unix sockets again SF #3502649
* pstree finds pid 0 stops looping Debian #687829
* killall with no args exits again SF #3536526
* Added AC_CANONICAL_TARGET for target_os Debian #673485
* sed doesn't have [0-9]+ replace with [0-9][0-9]*
* assert in killall triggered for small lifetimes Debian #628617
* killall MAX_NAMES off by one Debian #677428
* Removed remaining parts of pidof
* fuser uses correct timeout_stat define Debian #661723
* fuser is not compiled on hurd-i386 Debian #673485
* No TEXTRELS in src/lists built as PIE on x86
* Fake pstree root for kernels with hidepid turned on
* More fixes for Cygwin SF Patch #3511920
* pstree can show PGIDs SF Patch #3471056
- This should fix the bug reported by Madhu
- Submit ASCII null fix in pstree upsrtream
- Submit support for static background process for stat system call
- Rebuild package with upstream patches
- Update to version 22.16
* Use strncpy for COMM_LEN and make it 18 characters to cover
brackets in name.
* don't change COMM_LEN, it breaks matching long commands
Debian #661145
* Enable some harden AM_CFLAGS by default, use configure option
- -disable-harden-flags to not use it.
* Use ENOENT not EBADE for FreeBSD Debian #631566
* Fix prstat typos
* Stop zombies by using waitpid Ubuntu #876387 by Peter Holik, SF#3429674
* Fixed minor older/younger typo in killall.1 thanks to Maikel Linke
* Correct defines for timeout in
- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
- Use __builtin___strcpy_ instead of __builtin___strcpy_chk to avoid
trouble with char path[0] tag in struct handle (bnc#723304)
- Make main fuser process more robust against broken pipe and check
for helper process within a SIGCHLD handler
- Handle internal size of structure stat by including config.h
to avoid size missmatch during copy result back (bnc#720882)
- Fix segfault in pstree, patch by Tetsuo Handa (bnc#718915).
- back out the timeout patch, it breaks fuser on i586 completely
- Update to pre version 22.15
+ Really apply patch for SF#31110178 RH#651794
+ Conditionally use fork before stat calls
+ Patch from Corrina Vinschen for compiling on cygwin
+ Remove doubled content in src/lists.h
+ Add another 2 for thread brackets in pstree.c
- Change fork before stat calls to be in best case a second process
using two pipes for bidirectional communication with main.
- Update to version 22.14:
+ Fix file descriptor as weel as memory leaks in fuser
+ Strip @ symbol from file names read from /proc/net/unix
+ Above 2 changes close openSuSE bugs #536209, #529520, and #417841
and provided by Werner Fink
+ Applied patch from Werner Fink to avoid stat(2) on NFS mounts
+ Zeros process group memory - Patch by jgorig SF#3152925 RH#666213
+ fuser -m -s flags work - Patch by jgorig SF#31110178 RH#651794
+ fuser silent if /proc/swaps not available SF#3072134
+ ppc 64 support for peekfd by jgorig SF#3166444
+ jiffies now ULL in killall SF#3138538
+ pstree can show parents of a process. Patch supplied by Curtis
Hawthorne SF#3135157
+ killall creates right size buffer instead of MAX_PATH Debian #623425
+ check for /proc/$$/stat not /proc/self/stat which is not available
on hurd platforms. Same Debian bug as above
+ fuser understands IPv6 addresses, removed comment in fuser.1 that it
doesn't Debian #609904
+ fuser -k only returns 0 if you kill something.
+ fuser doesn't complain if /proc/#/fd disappears SF#3310990
- Now use /proc/self/mountinfo to minimize the needs of running
stat(2) system calls. The remaining stat(2) system calls are
wrapped by an timeout function.
- Add fix from upstream for a crash in peekfd
- Update to version 22.13:
+ configure patch for x86_64 properly applied sf#3029302.
+ patch configure so pt_regs isn't used on SuperH. deb#588986
+ Fixed so only mipsel not mips compiles peekfd
- Remove part of psmisc-22.12.dif that is upstream.
- Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
- Update to psmisc-22.12
* In fuser, switched the ipv6 and ipv4 checks around Debian #581604
* peekfd configure patch for x86_64 SF#2986027
* peekfd works with ARM and MIPS thanks to patch by Arnaud Patard
* peekfd off-by-one patch applied SF#1948351
* pstree -a doesn't segfault on grsec kernels Debian #588152
* Another attempted at killall -SIGNAME Debian #573924
* fuser -k -m ... won't kill itself Debian #562767
* fuser -NAME fixed SF #2924691, Debian #563388, Gentoo #297423
* Added locale.h include for killall on non NLS SF #2922163
* Reversed normal file fuser -k check Debian #563387
* short option l returned in fuser Debian #539087
* long options terminated with 0s Debian #551833
* fuser only kills normal processes, patch thanks to Erik Li SF# 2892724
* New fuser -M if you REALLY want mount points, patch thanks to
Jeremie LE HEN SF#2899709
* Fixed killall options for VTALRM and ILL Debian #559011
* pstree -a does not compact threads Debian #525632
* new program prtstat which prints contents of /proc/<pid>/stat
Debian #281706
* killall restricts by date. Thanks to George Danchev Debian #544657
* long options terminated in pstree too to stop segfault
* Re-worked fuser getopt again so -KILL options work Gentoo #297423
* Fix off-by-one overflow in pstree SF# 2832375
* Applied patch from Kari Hautio for lazy umount'ed filesystems SF#2545632
* Applied patch from Anonymous SF submitter to fix killall -l
Fixes SF#2002570
* fuser will print mounts,nfs exports and swaps with -v Debian #356655
and SF#533958
* pstree and fuser have long options Debian #517412
* Fixed pstree -a off-by-one error in buffer, Debian #536243
* Changed to not use CXX SF# 2789801
- peekfd is not available on hppa
- use %_smp_mflags
- fix overflow crash in pstree: add 2 to COMM_LEN for {...}
brackets for threads
- enable parallel building
- do not package peekfd on SPARC (it is not built)
- Detect current cwd to be able to compare local files (bnc#540927)
- Yet an other fix for NFS based file detection in fuser
- fix pstree -a crash (bnc#545265) with patch backported from 22.8
by Björn Voigt <bjoern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
- For future use fix fd leak reported by David Binderman (bnc#536209)
- Close file descriptor leak (bnc#529520)
- Add ARM to nopeek
- Remove oldfuser from file list
- Update to psmisc-22.7
* Updated Polish, Russian, Swedish and Indonesian PO files
* Changed fuser.1 so signal is SIGNAL to reduce confusion about wether
or not it is a parameter Debian #517413
* fuser.1 references pkill(1) Debian #517414
* Added Chinese (traditional) PO file
* Updated Russian PO file
* Clarified -m and -c for fuser Debian #467289
* Patch from Arnaud Giersch to fix udp ports in fuser Debian #502208
* pstree man page mentions -Z may not be available Debian #478327
* pstree handles UTF-8 lengths much better Debian #413503
* killall says no process found when process not found Debian #500097
* pstree makes a bigger buffer for -al flags Debian #352603
* Dynamically reallocate buffer for fuser patch from Don Armstrong
* Updated Indonesian PO file
* peekfd off by one problem in fds Debian #460530
* Patch from Marcus Watts for better comm handling in pstree
* Updated Hungarian po file
* Updated French and German po files
* Fuser -m detects more open sockets SF patch #1728412 Thnks marienz
* Updated Italian, Chinese simplified, Dutch, Swedish and Polish po files
* Removed old fuser
- Adapt our patches
- nfs4fuser: do not match on shadow mounts
- resolve some memory leaks in fuser
- nfs4fuser: be able to detect the root file system (bnc#464295)
- nfs4fuser: make sure not to stumble on short named mount points
to avoid to terminate processes on wrong mount points

==== info ====
Subpackages: makeinfo

- Add gpg signature

==== xf86-input-evdev ====
Version update (2.9.1 -> 2.9.2)

- Update to version 2.9.2
* Two fixes in this release, one to support Android MT devices,
one to avoid an array index overflow.

==== xf86-input-synaptics ====
Version update (1.8.1 -> 1.8.2)

- Update to version 1.8.2:
* One significant change here: an artificial delay is now used
between the button events of a doubletap. Some applications
previously dropped the events because they had the same
timestamp, with the delay this should now work fine.

==== yast2-pkg-bindings ====
Version update (3.1.22 -> 3.1.23)

- Pkg::ResolvableProperties(): "version" value contains a full
edition (in form "[epoch:]version[-release]"), additionaly return
also "version_epoch", "version_version" and "version_release"
with the parts of the edition (needed for FATE#318505)
- 3.1.23

Removed packages:

Added packages:
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