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Re: [opensuse-factory] Is it possible to submit packaged RC versions to factory?
On Tue, 2014-09-30 at 23:01 +0200, jcsl wrote:

The other day, chatting with one of the developers of LXDE, he ask me if I
could submit a RC version of one of the desktop components to get feedback
before the release. I have tried to submit it to X11:lxde but it has been
rejected because they only accept stable packages. This is fine and I don't
have any complaints about it.

Hi, First off: there is no strict rule to not have RC submitted to
Factory. It is at the discretion of the component maintainer(s) to
decide if/when they deem a component ready for a larger userbase.

You seem to have tried that route and were denied it though (submitted
to the devel repo). This is, frankly speaking, the only way to get a
package into Factory (through the respective devel repositories).

My question is, could I submit this package to Factory via
for example? I see git and beta versions of some packages there and that
me think it is possible. On the other hand, with the movement to Factory
Rolling I suppose the contrary because the objetive now is stability. So I
really don't know if it is allowed or not. Having two package sources
(X11:lxde and the other repo that I could choose) makes me think that the
answer is "no".

It is not my intention to make a rule of this and start submitting RC
packages, but this one is going to be a 1.0.0 release and it is supposed to
an important milestone. Currently I have the package hosted in my home
but It doesn't have the same visibility that it could have in a more

If the answer is definitely "no", what ways do you know to help testing small
projects like LXDE that doesn't have a big user base?

If you're after testing of a component that you consider worthy to be
tested, roll the blog posts, get it out on, tweet
about it; you might be surprised on how many users test your things.
Obviously, the feedback is important for upstream as well.

Just a hint on how we handle GNOME packages / workflows:
- openSUSE Factory get's the 'stable' releases
- GNOME:Factory is the devel repository. We check in things at around
'beta' (3.x.90+)
- GNOME:Next is our unstable branch. It get's the bleeding edge. We even
have an active user base on this one. But everybody is aware of its
status; communication is key. The users as well as the devs (if there is
a distinction possible after all) commonly sit in the IRC channels and
bash on each other :)
Not to say this is the perfect way - but for the project area GNOME this
seems to work out pretty well so far.

Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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