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[opensuse-factory] The future of Tumbleweed
Hi all,

This came up on the linux-kernel mailing list in a side thread, and I
have since had a few people ask me about this on IRC, so I'd like to
just consolidate all of the questions here into one thread.

I no longer run openSUSE Tumbleweed on my main machines as it is not
useful to me anymore.

This is not to say that I am no longer maintaining Tumbleweed, thanks to
the magic of obs, I am able to keep it up to date just fine by using the
obs command line tools from any Linux distro. In fact, most of all of
the updates in the past 6 months have been made from a server running
Gentoo[1] :)

But what this does mean is while I keep checking to see if I made any
_major_ mistakes with it, by keeping a virtual machine up to date, and a
spare laptop working with it, I am much less likely to notice any
problems that occur when running the distro.

So, what's my future plans with it? I don't know. I can keep on
keeping it up to date as-is, which seems to work as I haven't had any
complaints in the past 3-4 months, as no one seems to have noticed...

Ideally, Tumbleweed will die with the use of Factory in its place.
Factory is a great goal, and one that I really want to see happen, as it
fits into my working model (constantly updating stable distro), but from
what I have been told, it's just not quite there yet.


greg k-h
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