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Re: [opensuse-factory] OT first PC (was: Adding SSDs?)
On 2014-03-11 08:17 (GMT+0100) Yamaban composed:

My first PC was a i386 / 25Mhz / 512kB-RAM /
40MB-ST506-HDD / VGA (640x480/256colors)
in spring 1990.

Close to my first self-built. Whether in Spring or January or February I can't recall. It might have been April, after tax day the 15th. I actually started with a 16MHz 386SX & 4MB RAM, but within mere weeks I sold it to my boss in order to upgrade to 386DX-25 with 8MB @ about $42/MB. My 512MB Trident would do 16 color 800x600 on my 14" NEC Multisync to run Quattro Pro for DOS 30 rows by 132 columns. Also I passed on IDE, instead going to 80MB Seagate SCSI-II on an IN-2000 ISA HBA. The month after the Seagate's warranty expired it took to refusing to spin up without tapping on it to shake the heads loose from the platters. I mostly kept it running to avoid the spin up problem until a long power outage from March of 1993's no-name storm, after which no amount of coaxing would make it spin up any more. I bought a 100MB Quantum for $519 the month the spin up problem developed, so for a couple of years I had 180MB, with 3 partitions on each HD. When the Quantum finally died I got a 200MB Maxtor SCSI for $349, giving me a whopping 300MB total to last me until I got a Pentium 75, 32MB RAM and OS/2 to replace the aging DX, DesqView and DOS 5. :-)
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words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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