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Re: [opensuse-factory] Plymouth maintainer-ship
I submitted it to the Freight Train team and will wait for their advice.

After talking some with Richard Brown i would like to apologize to all involved for my outburst. It's just really frustrating spending several days updating patches to match the upstream version adding patches for open bugreports rewriting the spec to match the changes upstream to find other people have been helping themselves creating double work (even they are in their full right todo so).

I still say that if this package is mission critical to them it's better for them to have maintenance and i can submit changes to them. It would make more sense to me.

I will hold of on making any changes until i hear further.

On Wed 12 Feb 2014 09:36:57 AM PST, İsmail Dönmez wrote:

On 12-Feb-14 7:15 PM, Mark van Tinteren wrote:
In all respect this is really not a Freight Train issue. But even if it
was the maintenance of said packages which are apparently mission
critical should lay with the team working on it for their day-job.

That said i do appreciate the information Richard But if we are all to
work together stuff like this needs to follow a agreed on set of rules.
It's just very counter productive.

Well the rule is if the package has active maintainer(s), you just SR
your change wait for maintainers to react. In this case this rule is
broken by a SUSE employee. This imho is a Freight Train issue.

So, please contact them and try to resolve the issue before giving up


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