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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Proposal] Drop twinkle
On 2014-02-12 08:31:47 +0100, Michal Kubecek wrote:
On Tuesday 11 of February 2014 21:59:29 Marcus Rueckert wrote:
That package is bit rotting since almost 5 years.

I must admit I hate this term; in my experience, it's only an empty
phrase frequently used when someone is short of technical arguments.
Bits don't rot. There are only unfixed (known) bugs, incompatible
API/ABI changes and new requirements not addressed.

So what exactly is wrong with twinkle?

- are there serious known and unfixed bugs?
- do we plan to drop Qt3 in the near future?
- does it lack IPv6 support? (I don't know if it does - but I'm pretty
sure there is a lot of other applications which do and noone accuses
them of "bit rotting")
- does it lack support for some important SIP features or audio codecs?

i will answer this mail and try to pick up the points from the others

0. replacements in no particular order
any telepathy client via telepathy-rakia

personally i had good experience with yate.

1. bit rot. yes the term sucks a bit.
but bit rot doesnt only affect bugs.
a) As you mentioned already Qt4 port would become necessary in the not
too far future.
b) libzrtpcpp is already a problem. currently we need to keep the old
version around as libzrtpcpp2, so that we can build twinkle at
all. While searching for patches to build it with the newer libzrtpcpp
I stumbled over the fact that Fedora e.g. dropped it already.

2. IPv6 support. havent tested it. might actually work

3. audio quality: as most if not all SIP clients on linux should use the
same libraries for codecs. i cant see how they would really differ.
They might differ in things like voice normalization or echo
cancellation. but codec wise...

4. KDE dependencies. those can actually be disabled at build time.
Debian does that already.

A question to all the people who raised their hand to keep the package:

Would you step up to do the needed work to use the newer libraries?

With kind regards,


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