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Re: [opensuse-factory] Release without a Release Manager
On 02/05/2014 09:12 AM, Marcus Moeller wrote:
Hi all,

This also leads to the question if releases in the form we know, still
make sense.

I think they do. In some of the discussions toward the end of last year we had a number of people pipe up for longer, even longer than 12 month, release cycles. I think we have a good group of users, that are mostly "just users" and as such are looking for something that is stamped as a release. Thus, putting a stamp on our efforts every now and then (12 month as it stand at the moment) and calling it a release is IMHO a worth while exercise. I do not think we want to be a distribution for developers only. But this doe not preclude us from thinking about what a release is.

There are many models we can come up with. For example we could have a release every time one of the supported desktops has a new major release. But these are things to consider when we gain experience with Factory as a more "stable" integration area.

Rolling would also bring the benefit that SUSE developers
can step in and help, whenever they got some time to do so.

Yes, potentially, but I am not certain that just changing the openSUSE development model provides sufficient incentive to do so.

Even more classic users could use factory for their setups as long as
it's stable enough and they install updates on a regular basis (which
could be communitcated clearly on the download page).

Doing both, a stable rolling and regular releases, might lead to even
more work then it's now. But maybe I am wrong here and a stable rolling
might make releases easier.

I think that's the idea and from experience I have to say that it is correct. When the development tree is more stable popping out releases becomes a lot easier. Getting there is difficult and we'll see how far the new approach takes us.


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