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Re: [opensuse-factory] Release without a Release Manager
On 5 February 2014 07:45, Marcus Moeller <marcus.moeller@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I have read the current news on the openSUSE team and the plans to step back
from the development.

In general, I don't see a big problem here, but one thing really makes me a
bit anxious: As Coolo is also part of the team, is it even possible to
release a new version of openSUSE without him?

Yes, you are correct. Coolo is indeed under the openSUSE Team org, but
he has himself stated that he is releasing 13.2 in November. So in
short, Coolo is not going away from his role as Release Field Marshall

From what I know for now, nobody except Coolo knows all the stuff that is
necessary for releng.

Not entirely true, yes he is the fountain of knowledge but there are
others that have some knowledge. Granted most are in the same team

One option I could see is to setup a Release Team with members from the
Community and maybe someone from SUSE and do a hackweek together with Coolo
to instruct the team. So Coolo, if you read this, do you thing that could be
an option? Would you offer your help to hand over the tasks to such a team?

It would be a great idea to have more of the knowledge spread around.
The only issues there is finding the time for mentoring the new
people, and actually getting people to stand up and take the load. Our
community sadly tends to talk the walk, but fails to walk the walk -
N.B. I'm *not* saying the whole community. Other than that, I'm all
for it.


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