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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Maintainers wanted for Dracut and Plymouth
On Tuesday 04 February 2014 10:41:15 Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le mardi 04 février 2014 à 06:14 +0100, Raymond Wooninck a écrit :
On Sunday 02 February 2014 12:24:29 sfalken@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Only package remaining is Plymouth and I guess that people rather see it
disappear than to help out.

No, I don't want to see it disappear at all (since it has replaced all
other boot splash alternative, for the good) but I don't have time to
maintain it.

To be honest, I also don't want to see it disappear. But sometimes a harsh
statement is required to get attention. And it worked in this case, however as
seems to be normal for this mailinglist, the discussion went into a different
direction. :(

How long does the average system nowadays take until X starts up? If
there is a black screen for a few seconds, so what? That's the time the
initrd takes to load if plymouth is in there anyways ;-)

As already has been indicated, not everyone has super deluxe systems with high
performance SATA and SSD drives. Let's also not forget why we implemented
Plymouth. It was a long time request from our users to implement it in order
to achieve a more seamless looking boot process from grub to login manager. We
managed to integrate plymouth in 12.3 and it was received very well. by our
users and also we got good reviews for it.

Yes, Plymouth might not be 100% optimal for all possible configurations and we
saw (and still see) issues with certain NVidia drivers and for some also using
encryption does not always show the required login prompt. Unfortunately I was
never able to reproduce the last issue, as that I don't have any LUKS or
encryption setup on my small laptop.

Ludwig is indicating that a black boot screen might be acceptable by our
users, but the question arises then, what is going to establish that black
boot screen ? I never tried it, but I guess with Plymouth disabled we will
just have the systemd status messages scrolling over the screen. Is this
really what we want to present to our users ?


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