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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Maintainers wanted for Dracut and Plymouth
On 02/04/2014 10:01 PM, Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le mardi 04 février 2014 à 11:41 +0100, Ludwig Nussel a écrit :
Frederic Crozat wrote:
Le mardi 04 février 2014 à 11:13 +0100, Ludwig Nussel a écrit :
Ok, that sentence compares plymouth to other splash solutions but it
makes no statement about the situation compared to a boot with no splash
at all.

Isn't it simply
bootloader -> resolution switch -> black screen -> X
rather than
bootloader -> resolution switch -> fancy screen -> X
Not everybody is lucky to have an SSD and a system booting in 5s.
Are you saying systemd didn't make your system boot fast? ;-P
As a Project (and Release) Manager and as somebody who has been
contributing on Desktop Linux distributions for almost 15 years, I'm
trying to not apply just my own feelings and stuff I'm seeing on my
system as a general rule to take a decision.

In that regard, even if I've recently switched to SDD on some of my
systems, I also know a lot of people don't have SSD systems and usually
have a boot time around 30s (to sometime one minute).

Seriously, what big offenders in the boot time of a desktop installation
are left?
Disk access and slow CPU, usually, something we can't fix :(

How many seconds are the pain threshold of staring at a black screen?
For any regular user, if you don't see anything happening after 5s,
something is wrong, I'd say (can't find studies on that matter, I'm
speaking from memory there).

I still run openSUSE on a old laptop that takes 30+ seconds to boot, my work box needs to mount several network drives and network authentication on start up which is a slow process over a minute. For the second system it is defiantly the reason you would want to keep it, unless of course you can detect or use the previous boot time to enable / disable it.


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