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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Maintainers wanted for Dracut and Plymouth
On 4 February 2014 10:47, Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfgang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 04.02.2014 10:41, schrieb Ludwig Nussel:

How long does the average system nowadays take until X starts up? If
there is a black screen for a few seconds, so what? That's the time the
initrd takes to load if plymouth is in there anyways ;-)

since 13.1 it takes around 2 minutes until my X comes up on my desktop machine
and nobody can (or want to) help/tell me why. But I agree it was not long for


I'm rather torn on this topic myself - as one of the maintainers of
our branding packages I want the distribution to look slick and a nice
boot process is part of that experience.

On the flipside, I own a machine that boots so fast, every time I
change the branding package for Plymouth, I need to build a second
version with enforced delays to purposefully slow the boot process
down in order to test whether or not the changes I've made are
working, because normally plymouth is finished and X is launching
before my LCD has changed it's resolution from Grub2 to Plymouth.. so
in my case, Plymouth is actually adding needless seconds to my boot
process and causing more flickers than if it wasn't there

But as wolfgangs reply shows, my situation is not universal.

If someone steps up and maintains it, great

Wolfgang - have you installed systemd-analyze and run "systemd-analyze
blame" and "systemd-analyze plot > output.svg" to get a picture of
what is taking so long on your boot?
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