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[opensuse-factory] Re: Timeline and roadmap V2
I wrote up a long expletive-filled email and then deleted it, making me
feel better about this topic, but lots of people keep asking me, in
person at FOSDEM, what my statement is on this whole matter.

I'd like to quote Andrew here, as he said it best so far:

On Sat, Feb 01, 2014 at 05:19:23PM +0100, Andrew Wafaa wrote:
I would like to personally take the opportunity to congratulate The
openSUSE Team and their illustrious leader Agustin, for their complete
and utter inability to learn how to communicate with the community!

Not only is the inability to know how to communicate with the community
visible here, the total lack of understanding as to what the community
actually does and provides for openSUSE is visible here.

I say this as an openSUSE community member who helps to provide a
service (Tumbleweed) that is used by a very large subset of openSUSE
users. That service, if this announcement were to be actually what
happens, would be totally and completely overloaded and cause massive
problems for me and the others that create it.

It's enough to make me seriously consider switching to be a developer of
a different community-based distro, as their members have easily
convinced me that their community would never do such a foolish thing as
what is happening here.

I'm totally disgusted right now, and have yet to see _anything_ in these
threads to make me feel better[1].

greg k-h

The Slaby Team

[1] Having to go off and spend 2 days to regroup in private and draft a
clarifying statement is foolish and silly, further driving home the
deep misunderstanding about how communities actually work.
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