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Re: [opensuse-factory] Releases going forward
Torsdag den 30. januar 2014 12:54:19 skrev Robert Schweikert:
- Given the current situation can we meet a May release date?
- Do we skip the May release and move to a yearly cycle and release 13.2
in November of 2014?

The 8 month cycle was November -> July -> March -> November -> July -> March
and so forth.

So keeping the existing schedule would mean a release of 13.2 in July 2014.

During last year's discussions there were a number of people favoring a
yearly release cycle. We have to make a decision,

- stick to 8 month or move to 12 month?

I say keep the 8 months.

I think 12 months will be off-putting for users and contributors alike. For
contributors it means it's too damn long before your work gets into the hands
of users, and for users 12 months means the distro gets quite outdated, before
a new release is available.

Of course my only contributions to factory are translations and some
bugreports, so...

Also, users and contributors are finally starting to learn and understand the
cycle after a few years, so freeze dates and release dates don't take them by
surprise as much anymore. Changing it would put us back to square one.
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