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Re: [opensuse-factory] Releases going forward
Robert Schweikert - 12:54 30.01.14 wrote:
This brings about two questions:

- Given the current situation can we meet a May release date?
- Do we skip the May release and move to a yearly cycle and release
13.2 in November of 2014?

May is quite soon, would mean start freezing around now IIRC and conference is
in the middle of that and people will need to learn how to keep eye on Factory
and help. I think that if we want community to take over, giving them quite
short deadline at the beginning is not a good idea. Also oSC can be used to get
better organised and discuss what is needed to be done and how.

During last year's discussions there were a number of people
favoring a yearly release cycle. We have to make a decision,

- stick to 8 month or move to 12 month?

Good question to ask at this point, no real preferences. But regarding the
former paragraph I would go for 12.

Voice your opinion but stick to the point and please be concise. For
simplicity lets just assume that there will be no full time paid
help to turn the release crank and that the work is all on those
that are not part of the openSUSE Team.

Wouldn't dismiss that possibility altogether, but there is also something else.
We plan to work on improving tools around Factory and Factory itself. So with
every finished project, maintaining Factory should be easier and creating
release out of it as well. That is the whole point of our projects. We haven't
decided to go to do some random hacking :-)

I'll define "Release Manager" as:

The person or group that runs after people, keeps an eye on the
schedule and tries to herd the cats to get the stuff fixed that is

There is also checking in the Factory in correct order, keeping eye on OBS
load, making sure DVDs work, maintaining patterns, breaking build cycle and
such a stuff that is not responsibility of individual package maintainer or
which is hard to point to one package. But just a side note, don't know all the

So where do we go from here? Do we bootstrap an effort to get a
release out the door without openSUSE @SUSE or do we drift along in
the uncertainty of "maybe we know something in August"?

Well, the plan in [1] was bootstrap the effort. It's *not* about wait
for the August and see what openSUSE Team will do then. It's about start taking
over and get more involved, choose safer target (November) and hopefully our
efforts will help the release indirectly and maybe we will help even directly
once we are done.

btw. This is me wearing my contributor hat.

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