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[opensuse-factory] Re: Re: Timeline and roadmap V2
Richard Brown - 13:51 30.01.14 wrote:

So, for now, this will be a 'community release'. This might mean less QA but
also no security updates provided by SUSE! Especially if it comes to the
case we should communicate this carefully to our users as it will be more
a slightly more stabilized milestone than a successor to openSUSE 13.1. How
call it, how to communicate and what exactly it will look like - August.

A very strong - 1 from me - Why would the SUSE Maintenance Team not be
able to support a single openSUSE release in 2014?

Well, we just haven't discussed it with them yet, so we can't promise anything
on behalf of them. We are not saying that there will be support and we are not
saying that there will be not. Simply it's too far and uncertain. Depends on
the final state of things we will release and I guess there will be some
discussion about what to do next by that time and we will have to talk to them
about the plans...

When exactly we will be fully back to working on Factory, releasing
and working on the release we will hopefully be able to determine in August

While I understand the need for your team to defer any final decision
on their availability until August, I think the reality of mentoring
and 'spinning up' an increased involvement of non-openSUSE Team@SUSE
members in the release process means we need to assume that your teams
involvement in a November 2014 would be 'reduced' and therefore steps
should be made to start preparing our new volunteers in the release
process now.
If we leave too many decisions to August, the likelihood of being able
to teach people what they need to know and get a good release out in
Nov 2014 is going to be reduced.

Yes, definitely. We cannot let Factory rot. We would need some volunteers in
the meantime to start helping with Factory, making sure everything is Ok,
pinging people, releasing milestones and stuff. I guess coolo or scarabeus will
have more info about this part :-)

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