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[opensuse-factory] Re: [ANN] zypper-cron: zypper package updates reporter
Christian Boltz <opensuse <at>> writes:

It runs zypper ref and zypper -x list-patches, parses the XML output
and, if patches are missing, summarizes them on the standard output.
I am not aware on any other similar open source effort, so I decided
to scratch my own itch.

I didn't check your tool in detail, but the description sounds somewhat
similar to my patch2mail

Definitely! We wrote the same thing, but with different approaches. You use
XSLT to do parsing and rendering, I instead used a Ruby XML Parser (Nokogiri)
to build an object model of the updates, and a Ruby templating engine (Erubis)
to render the e-mail.

Both approaches are valuable - yours is definiely more language-agnostic, OTOH
I think that mine can evolve more easily. Once the object model is built, it
can be used to build web services on top of it. Think about having a OAuth'ed
REST API endpoint that can be queried from a single dashboard: you'd have a
patch management solution with web and mobile clients.

It sounds fun to me, so I think I'll embark in implementing it in my spare time
in the future - also because we need it at work ;-).

What do you others? Does it sound like a reasonable effort or am I
reinventing a wheel that's already rolling somewhere?



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